70 of the Best Backyard Design Ideas

Your home is your sanctuary, and your backyard is one of the best places to kick your shoes off. Everyone wants their yard to be a place of relaxation and fun. Here we’ve compiled 70 of our favorite backyard design ideas to help you transform your space!

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Sheds: To Store Your Belongings

Sheds are a wonderful way to keep your possessions out of the elements, and your home free of clutter.

A shed is used primarily for storage and is great if you have a lot of holiday decorations, outdoor maintenance tools, or various other random outdoorsy items.

Not only can you declutter with a shed, but you can also add an elegant touch to your backyard, like the farmhouse-style shed in the photo above.

Birdbaths: To Bring Nature Closer to Home

If you enjoy the serenity of birds chirping and happily ruffling their feathers in water, then you may want to consider adding a birdbath to your yard.

Birdbaths are wonderful for anyone who loves getting close to nature, and children would delight in seeing the pretty birds play.

Like shown in the photo, they are a beautiful visual when surrounded by plants in a garden, and add a peaceful aura to the backyard space.

Outdoor Fireplaces: For a Cozy Outdoor Experience

If you love the beautiful scenery of the outdoors, but the comfy feel of indoors, then an outdoor fireplace may be a welcome addition to your patio.

Fireplaces outside, similar to the one in the photo by Sport Nobles Construction, create a homey environment with the rustic look of brick or stone, and the soothing crackling of a fire. These fireplaces would be perfect if you like spending some time outdoors during winter, as well.

Contemporary Deck: Lounging in Modern Style

Decks have always been the central gathering place of the backyard; a place where you and your family and friends can relax and chat on a Saturday afternoon.

Contemporary decks, like shown in the photo above, are perfect for anyone who prefers a chic, modern appearance alongside simple comforts.

Decks are an ideal place to gather with loved ones during cookouts, after the game, and virtually any other gathering when space in the house is limited.

If you want more deck ideas, check out our 21 Stunning Deck Design Ideas article!

Paver Patios:  Low-maintenance Outdoor Living

Paver patios like in the photo are not only appealing to the eye, but they are also delightfully low-maintenance. Paver, which is made of concrete, is incredibly resilient and easily washed with a hose when affected by the outdoor elements.

So if you have a messy outdoor family, pets who track mud all over the place, or unpredictable weather, a paver patio could possibly be the stylish and easy-to-care-for patio you’ve been dreaming of.

Sandboxes: Kiddy Playtime that Stays Up-to-Date for Mom

Sandboxes have been the highlight of every kid’s playtime for years. Even with all the awesome archeology discoveries and sandcastles, sandboxes can, unfortunately, add an unsightly look to mom and dad’s backyard. But there is hope!

Like the sandbox shown in the photo, you can turn any plastic, ordinary sandbox into a stunning roofed-sandbox. Not only will this pique the interest and imagination of your children, but it will keep your backyard looking lovely as well.

String Lights: Shedding Light in a Magical Way

String lights, similar to those in the photo, can make any backyard look magical and dreamy.

These string lights are perfect for those who have larger backyards, as they provide the homeowner with a way to light up their backyard without having to use multiple bulky solar lights like these.

They can be strung from the trees in your backyard to your patio or home, creating an enchanting webbed look.

Modern Birdfeeders: To Combine a Chic and Natural Backyard Theme

Birdfeeders are great for those who love watching birds gather in their backyards and peck at seeds, but the traditional birdfeeders can often be too old-fashioned for the modern-minded.

Modern birdfeeders like the ones in the photo are wonderful at creating a contemporary look in your outdoor sanctuary. These allow for nature and the present-day style to intertwine beautifully, while still giving the backyard a classic, homey feel.

Curtains on Porches: For a Beachy Feel

Screened-in porches are suitable for just about anyone, and they’re great for keeping bugs, other creatures, and the elements off of your outdoor furniture. Even though they are incredibly practical, screened-in porches don’t always look so great by themselves.

Adding curtains to your screened-in porch (like the one in the photo) creates an elegant, beachy environment. Semi-transparent, thin curtains similar to what’s shown above are amazing at giving an airy feel and delicate look to your patio and are most suitable for any outdoor space.

Tree Stump Tables: Woodsy and Trendy

Re-purposing cut or fallen down trees is a creative way of keeping your outdoor space up to date with a chic, pure aura. Tree stump tables similar to those in the photo are an adorable and charming piece for any outdoor living area.

They’re great if you live near woods where old trees lie around or if you just enjoy an earthy look. Not only are they eye-catching, but they also make a fun DIY project and are inexpensive to remodel.

Outdoor Chalkboards: A Place for Expressing Your Creativity

Outdoor chalkboards are a great way to share messages with your family, show your inventiveness, or simply give the kids something entertaining to do when they’re not inside playing with their toys.

Outdoor chalkboards like the one in the photo can make your backyard more interactive, while at the same time enhancing the overall look of the area it’s placed in.

Portable Serving Carts: Merging the Old with the New

Portable serving carts have been around for centuries. Serving carts like the one in the photo above are a classic and timeless piece, perfect for augmenting a more sophisticated outdoor living area.

They would make a useful appliance for anyone who is fond of spending their mornings, afternoons, or evenings sipping on their favorite drink while sitting on the back porch and watching the world around them.

Firewood Storage Sheds: For Frightful Weather and Starry Nights

There’s nothing like the cozy crackling of a fire during winter, or the scent of marshmallows roasting over flames on a warm summer night. A place to store firewood is essential for anyone who enjoys these pleasant, memorable moments by the fireside.

Firewood storage sheds like shown in the photo make wood-keeping convenient all year long, and are great for adding a rustic appearance to your property. You’ll never have to worry about running out of wood at the wrong time with one of these.

Over-sized Board Games: Because Regular-Sized Games Just Aren’t Enough

Everyone loves playing board games with their friends and family, and getting outdoors is necessary for a healthy lifestyle, so why not combine the two?

Over-sized yard games are a great way to get you and your family moving while having fun as they’re doing it. They give your backyard a carnival-like, amusing atmosphere that kids-at-heart (and actual kids) are sure to be enthusiastic about.

In-ground Trampolines: For Fun Without Fault

Trampolines have been in the backyards of homes since the 1960s. Can you imagine how many kids have giggled while bouncing up and down in the air since then? My guess is quite a few.

Trampolines have always been fun, but without netting, above-ground trampolines can be dangerous. Not to mention they stand out like a sore thumb in your backyard.

In-ground trampolines, like shown in the photo, decrease the likelihood of your kids seriously harming themselves as they jump through the air; and they take the bulky, silver trampoline legs out of the equation (that’s a great bonus).

 Gazebos: For an Elegant, Victorian Appearance

Gazebos are truly beautiful pieces of architecture. They’re often seen pictured in paintings depicting quintessential Victorian ladies and gentlemen of distinction, and the gazebos always contribute to the sophistication of the artwork.

Gazebos like in the photo above usually consist of elaborate detailing that would complete any colorful and picturesque garden. They’re wonderful for having brunch with your friends or simply enjoying the day lounging with your loved ones.

Decks Around Trees: Uniquely Preserving Nature

If your backyard is pretty barren and you have no place to relax when you’re outside, a deck is a great way to change that. However, there are many yards in which nature has more or less taken over the area, and occasionally you’ll find large trees close to the home.

Not only can large trees be expensive to remove, but you also risk damaging your property if they’re not removed properly. Building a deck around an already existing tree, as shown above in the photo, is a unique way to preserve the nature in your yard while also giving you the luxury you deserve.

Greenhouses: For the Green-Thumbed

If you have a green thumb, then you may want to consider a greenhouse. Greenhouses have been around since the 1800s, which means they’ve been successfully serving families for gardening purposes for centuries.

There are so many uses for a greenhouse: vegetable gardening, flower gardening, herb and fruit gardening – or a combination of all. They’re especially useful during the harsh winter months when it’s harder to maintain your gardens in the elements, as they protect your plants from extreme conditions – and give you fresh produce all year long.

Greenhouses are not only great for getting your hands dirty, but they also add an old-timey, sophisticated look to your backyard (like the beautiful glass greenhouse in the photo). For more on greenhouses, check out our Greenhouse Ideas article!

Waterfalls: Bubbling Brooks of Tranquility

We often see waterfalls in places of serenity: forest trails, secluded resorts, yoga studios… The soothing sound of gently falling water is a peace recognized by all. They calm our minds and quiet us to bring our thoughts close to our surroundings, and they’re unbelievably beautiful to look at.

Adding a waterfall, like the one in the photo, to the backyard is perfect if you’re attempting to create a place of ease that you can visit after a long and stressful day.

Arbors: A Lovely Accent for any Garden Walkway

Garden arbors have long been a feminine favorite. They can add privacy and shade to your flower gardens, and look particularly beautiful when the plants begin to wrap around the beams.

Arbors, like shown above in the photo, also act as a divider between two parts of a yard which helps to organize your garden while keeping it looking sophisticated and delicate.

Garden Sculptures: Contemporary and Artsy

I’m sure we can all agree that the dog in the photo is adorable, but let’s look past the sweet face and focus on the sculpture beyond it. Garden sculptures are a wonderful way of adding a modern, artistic, and innovative aura to your backyard or garden.

Not only are they interesting to look at, like the “dark planet” contemporary art piece in the photo, but they also encourage visitors in your garden to come up with their own interpretations of what the sculpture is trying to convey.

You may want to consider a garden sculpture if you’re fond of making others think critically or if you wish to add a deeper, mysterious personal meaning to your backyard.

House Uplighting: Softly Making Your Home More Noticeable

Uplighting a home has become increasingly popular in our modern era. It gives your home a soft glow at night, making it noticeable but without the harshness of multiple lights shining down from the upper parts of the home.

The lights used for uplighting are usually partially concealed by plants, like at the stunning home in the photo above, or slightly concealed by various parts of the home itself.

Home uplighting is suitable for anyone who prefers having outside lights that enhance the elegance of their home, rather than lights that stand out too jarringly in the evenings.

Outdoor Shelving: Adding Detail to Your Patio

Outdoor shelving can make decorating your patio a breeze. Similar to in the photo, shelving is an effortless way of displaying your most unique decor pieces. Not only are they useful for purposes of design, but they’re also perfect for outdoor kitchens.

With the shelves, you can store your kitchen utensils, and have a place to put your potted herbs for flavoring. Aside from decor or cooking, outdoor shelving is quite universal and can be used for a variety of things.

They’re great for anyone who spends a good amount of their time outside and can come up with handy ways to put the shelves to use.

Raised Vegetable Gardens: For Easy Picking

Growing your own vegetables is a healthy, enjoyable experience for anyone who loves getting their hands in the dirt. Unfortunately, ground-level gardens can become inconvenient to maintain as weeds overtake it, and furry critters pick at your goods.

Raised vegetable gardens, like those in the photo above, are a quaint and genius alternative to the back-breaking maintenance of ground-level gardens. They’re great if you have trouble bending over constantly to harvest your vegetables, they keep weeds at bay, and little woodland creatures can’t reach your yummy leafy-greens (unless they’re bugs or really high jumpers). Planetgarden.com has a great article on how to care for your garden.

There’s really no way to lose with these.

Fire Pits: For Safe Summer Nights

Fire pits, especially stone fire pits like shown in the photo, are a safe and appealing way of having a campfire in your backyard.

Unlike your old-fashioned “wood-set-on-sand” fire, fire pits are designed to safely contain the logs, ashes, and (most importantly, I think we can agree) the flames so that accidents are less likely to happen as the wood weakens and splits.

If your idea of fun is sitting without concern around a fire with your friends and family on summer evenings, then a fire pit may be something for you to consider.

Pergolas: For Intricate Garden Detail

Pergolas, as shown in the photo, have always been eye-catching frameworks because of their captivating lattices, or crossbeams. They’re very open and intricate garden features that create an airy, nonconfined backyard atmosphere. Even though they’re open structures, they still provide just enough shade without making you feel too enclosed.

Pergolas are suitable for anyone who doesn’t want a completely covered patio or those who love the complex look of vines wrapping around a structure – the multiple beams make the ideal home for climbing plants.

Children’s Playhouses: Imagination Throughout the Centuries

The imagination of a child is unmatched by any other and their energy is boundless. A colorful, interactable playhouse like shown above in the photo, are wonderful for entertaining your children.

Playhouses urge kids to explore their imaginations as they play, while also giving an innocent and cutesy appearance to your yard. They’re are great for anyone who has children that often play “house” and would like to bring their children’s vivid imagination to life.

Solar Lights: Saving Energy the Easy Way

Solar lights, similar to those by the steps in the photo, are very eco-friendly. During the day they get energy from the sun and store it until its light is needed for the nighttime. Here’s an article that explains more about how solar lights work.

These lights are not only easy to install in your yard compared to electric lights, but they also maintain themselves and save electricity while doing so. They’re great for anyone who wants to do their part to save a little energy or those who just don’t have the time to bother with electric lights all around their backyards.

 Rope Lights by Walkways: Lighting Your Path

Unlike individual ground lights, rope lights are long strands of light that you can line the entirety of your walkways with. These give your home a modern look as they light the ground beside your paths.

Not only are they appealing to look at, but they’re also less of a hassle than having to deal with multiple lights. You simply attach the stand of lights to the outer parts of your deck or footpath and voila – you have a well-lit area.

Patio Heaters: A Patch of  Outdoor Warmth During Winter

If you don’t like having to spend time feeding and maintaining a fire during the winter months, then a patio heater may be the perfect alternative for you. Patio heaters are great for warming up a small outdoor area, making them an ideal object to gather around when the days are chilly.

As I mentioned at the start, they don’t depend on you for energy near as much as a fire does, as they run on either electricity or natural gases. This makes them simple to manage so you only have to spend as much time as you can stand in the freezing weather.

Garden-Roof Doghouse: Bringing Gardening to the Dogs

Doghouses are generally boring and plain, which can definitely take away from a unique backyard space. If you’re a fan of the unusual, consider this doghouse with a garden on the roof.

The doghouse in the photo has the adorable overhang of the roof and rows of plant life making it look more decorative.

A doghouse with rows of brightly colored flowers would be a lovely sight and bring intrigue to your backyard. On the other hand, you could put the roof to good use by planting edibles. These would make a great project for the dog-lover and green-thumbed.

Modern Pools: Contemporary Comforts

Wading and splashing around in the backyard pool has been a staple summer activity for families for decades. There are endless choices for complex pool designs, but if you like keeping up with the times or just prefer a more simple backyard look, then a modern-style pool might just be what you’ve been searching for.

Modern pools as shown in the photo above, are primarily rectangular, giving the pool (and your backyard) a sharp, clean appearance.

Tree Swings: Old-School Playtime

For hundreds of years, children have swang on tree swings similar to the one in the photo. They’re easy to install and make your backyard look like a picture from a storybook, especially when vibrant flora is surrounding it.

Just the look of a rope tree swing brings me back to a more simple time, and it will surely bring your backyard there as well. They’re great for anyone who prefers the old-timey over the new and will give the kids something to do when they’re bored, too.

Koi Fish Ponds: For a Colorful Calmness

Koi fish are brilliantly colored creatures that bring a sense of tranquility to any space they’re present in. Not only are they beautiful, but they’re also a delight to feed on a peaceful day.

The sound of the gurgling water along with the soft splashing of happy tails is sure to bring stillness to any troubled heart. Koi fish ponds, similar to the one in the photo, would make a wonderful addition to any barren backyard.

Hot Tubs: Bubbling Comfort

We all know that feeling: a long day at work, you’re stressed and tired and simply wanting to relax – and hot tubs are probably the best way you can do that. Hot tubs are a place to rest your body as the warmth of the water soothes your muscles (the water jets make for a great massage, too). See how hot tubs can benefit your health.

They’re great for anyone who likes to kick their feet up and relax after a difficult day, and they can add a luxurious tropical feel to your backyard space. Hot tubs, similar to the one shown in the photo, can be decorated to enhance the calmness of your yard and put your mind at ease.

Vintage Signs: For the Old Souls

Not everyone likes the current modern style of 2019. If you’re someone who prefers the homey look and feel of the past, then you may want to consider hanging vintage signs on your patio.

Vintage signs are great at giving off that 0ld-school, retro vibe as they display the beloved brands of yesterday. These are perfect if you’re a collector who enjoys the hunt for rare items and decorating your space with your finds, or if you simply want to conserve “what was” in the face of the future.

Outdoor Kitchens: For the Chefs at Home

Outdoor kitchens are great to prepare and cook foods in that aren’t easy to prepare inside. They’re often very spacious, contrary to many indoor kitchens, which is useful because it allows enough room for multiple people to prepare meals in without overcrowding.

Similar to the photo, you can have multiple kitchens accessories such as an open-fire pizza oven, smoker, stovetop, and grill all in one general space. If you love preparing meals for your friend and family gatherings, then an outdoor kitchen might just be the ideal backyard addition for you.

Backyard Movie Theaters: Bringing the Big Screen to the Backyard

Outdoor movie theaters have been around since 1933 when drive-in movies became popular. Over the years we’ve seen fewer drive-ins as most people prefer the luxury of indoor theaters.

Backyard movie theaters, like shown in the photo, are a great way to bring the classic feel of an outdoor film to the present.

Not only do they give an alternative experience, but they let you watch movies on the big screen in privacy. This makes outdoor theaters perfect for those who prefer their own company over the hustle and bustle of the public.


 Blue Porch Ceilings: For a Coastal Design

Along the beautiful ocean coasts, vibrant and colorful homes are often seen to enhance the tropical and summery feel of the neighborhoods. Even if your home is not close to the beach, painting your porch ceiling blue (like in the photo above) will give your outdoor space the calm and bright feel of a coastal summer resort all year long.

So if your heart is on the beach and your mind is on the waves, a brilliantly-colored porch may be the perfect addition for your home.


Patio Ceiling Fans: Keeping Your Patio Cool

During the warmer months, patios can often become stuffy and uncomfortable places to lounge. Patio ceiling fans are one of the best ways to get the still air circulating throughout your outdoor space. Of course, they are practical, but they can also give a unique look to your patio.

Patio fans, like the sharpened blade fan shown in the photo, can give the area a contemporary, tropical look. Especially if the blades are contrary to the average elongated, rounded fans. These are great if you want to make your patio more comfortable, without taking away from its overall appearance.


Hanging TVs: Organization Without Frustration

Outdoor televisions are a must-have, especially for those who gather with their friends on the weekends to watch sports. They keep your guests from having to crowd themselves indoors and keep you from missing the game when you’re outside.

Televisions can often be bulky and take up quite a bit of room when sat on a TV stand. That’s why hanging TVs have become increasingly popular. Not only do hanging TVs take up less room, but they make the wires more organized, as well, so they’re not all over the floor tangling together.

Outdoor hanging televisions are perfect for those who usually have guests over and want to keep their patio spacious and put-together. Here are some tips for installing one.


Porch Swings: For Evening Ease

One of the fondest memories of the past consists of the ease of sitting on the front porch swing, snapping peas with Grandma for dinner. Too much in this modern life, we lose track of the things that made us sit back and watch the world go by. Porch swings are a way to bring the nostalgia of long-ago home back to reality.

The simple, farmhouse appearance they give to porches is hard to beat. Not only do they bring simplicity to your outdoor space, but they’re also the ideal place to relax after a long day on your feet.


Hanging Plants: For a Modern, Less Crowded Space

Hanging plants are the go-to style for those who love greenery, but don’t prefer the crowded look of multiple potted plants (or simply don’t have the space for bulky flowerpots).

Flowers add a feminine aura to every area they’re put in, and hanging plants put the colorful beauty of flowers in eye-catching positions to give your outdoor space a distinctive appearance.

Not only are hanging plants practical for smaller spaces, but hanging plants also keep the cat from getting in the pots so easily and destroying your petunias.


Adirondack Chairs: For Mountainous Amounts of Comfort

Since they were first designed in the northern Adirondack Mountains in 1903, Adirondack chairs have been a staple for alpine outdoor decor. Their oversized armrests and wide backs give plenty of space for those who want to lounge around, and their odd shape will give your guests something to talk about.

Wooden Adirondack chairs aren’t only design classics, but they’re also durable pieces of outdoor furniture that will last you and your family decades.


Hanging Herb Gardens: Easily Accessible Health

When keeping any type of greenery, the main worry is keeping your plants out of the tiny mouths of furry garden-destroyers. Herbs in particular hardly need massive spaces to grow in; so if you enjoy spicing up your home-grown meals, then a hanging herb garden may be a beneficial addition to your backyard.

Hanging herb gardens, like in the photo, take up far less of your yard than traditional gardens and effortlessly keep your edibles away from pests on the ground (and they’re cutesy little gardens, which is a plus).

Not to mention these gardens easily accessible, which is great for those who have a hard time constantly bending over to harvest their products (or for those who just want to make life simpler).


Flowerpot Makeovers: From Dull to Extravagant

While flowerpots themselves aren’t meant to be the center of attention, they can surely make or break the appearance of any outdoor space. Neutrally colored flowerpots can be monotonous and dull.

If your backyard could use some color, then maybe you should consider giving your flowerpots a makeover. Making use of wooden pallets by painting them and setting your flowerpots inside, as shown in the photo, is a great way to uniquely transform your potted flowers.

And let’s not ignore the ingenuity of painting that old, dead tree in your yard and hanging brightly-colored potted plants on it (seriously, what a way to make use of something seemingly useless).


Labeled Herb Gardens: For the Seasoned Chef

Previously we mentioned how much we loved the idea of a hanging herb garden. While this idea is similar, it’s still unique and would make the perfect addition to any outdoor kitchen.

Labeled herb gardens like shown in the photo are not only vintage and cute, but they’re also a helpful aid to the seasoned cook (pun intended).

The mason jar pots, wooden base, and hand-painted labels give a rustic look and are perfect for when you need to quickly grab an herb for that chicken you’re preparing, without needing to look carefully at the herb you’re picking.


Fountains: Sophisticated and Artistic

Fountains are known for their extravagant beauty and ability to enhance the sophistication of a home garden. They’re often quite complicated pieces, and attract the attention of guests with ease.

Fountains are not only pretty, but they take up space that otherwise would look odd and barren – which makes them great for those who have larger backyards that need filling. They bring a calmness and elegance that has been hardly matched for centuries.


Windchimes: Sharing Songs with Nature

Windchimes, as shown in the photo, have long brought a sense of serenity and peace to homes.

Along with the natural song of nature, windchimes sing a melody that is nothing less than harmonious, creating the ideal sanctuary for the lover of soothing noises and untainted scenery.

They’re simple to hang practically anywhere in your backyard – and they hardly take up any space, making their music more noticeable (rather than their actual appearance).


Trees Wrapped in Lights: For a Holly-Jolly Yard

Around the holidays we often notice spectacular lights lining the homes and trees of nearly every yard, from city to city. While trees wrapped in lights are the usual decor for Christmas, they’re not so often seen all year round.

Trees lit up with hundreds of small bulbs give a magical, uplifting tone to backyard areas, and they’re a unique decoration to have when everyone else goes dark after January. This type of decor is great if you enjoy the fairytale-feel of colorful lights and is sure wow your guests.


Rustic Outdoor Chandeliers: For the Magnate in You

When I think of chandeliers, my mind immediately wanders to the Queen of England and her palace – something expensive and over the top. Luckily for those of us who aren’t as fancy as Elizabeth II (or worth hundreds of millions), there exist the still-eye-catching (but less bejeweled) rustic outdoor chandelier.

Not only are these chandeliers affordable, but they can turn any dim area into a unique, rustic experience giving your space a relaxed and pale yellow glow. These old-timey chandeliers are simply great for those who enjoy an outdoorsy and woodsy look, along with muted sophistication.


Wooden Plank Walkways: Simplistic but Lovely

Occasionally the over-exaggerated, colorful, and detailed walkways of modern life are just too distracting from some outdoor spaces. For those who like to take a step back into simplicity, we have the classic and foresty look of a wooden plank walkway.

These walkways, like in the photo, are very muted and definitely allow the rest of your backyard space to shine. They’re durable and do well in the elements, especially if the proper precautions are taken, and bring your yard the inviting, homey feel and appearance of “yesterday”.


Garden Mirrors: Enchanting and Perplexing

Gardens are generally alluring and captivating with all of their uniquely bright colors and odd plant shapes. However, when mirrors are introduced to a lush garden, the area often becomes far more interesting and striking.

Mirrors, especially when there are multiple, give off the illusion of increased depth and expanding plant life in gardens – and are a wonderful addition for those who delight in the puzzling world of mirages. They give gardens a unique fullness and add to the imagination of any outdoor space.


Hammocks: Relaxation in Nature’s Realm

Hammocks are a fun way to relax after a long day. They bring the comfort of a couch to the outdoors as they support your entire body and slowly lull you to sleep with their gentle rocking.

The sounds of nature along with the comforting sway from the breeze is enough to put any busy mind to ease, giving you a weightless and floating relaxation.

Not only are they a great place to nap, but they’re the ideal space for uninterrupted reading – and the ideal place for the kids to occupy themselves with the cool, floating bed whenever you need a little “me time”.

DIY Direction Signs: Cute and Adventurous

If you have leftover wooden stakes lying around your house somewhere, or you just love creating unusual crafts for your backyard space, then you may want to consider a DIY direction sign. Like shown in the photo above, DIY direction signs give cutesy, no-so-specific directions to destinations away from your home.

These home-made signs are a fun way to add character to your backyard while also showing your guests what’s a few hundred miles east. These signs are perfect for those with a dry sense of humor and make for a great talking point. Here’s how to make your own.

Growing Ivy: Dramatic Natural Decor

Allowing the Ivy plant to grow massively and entwine around homes and other outdoor structures is a common occurrence in the United Kingdom. Ivy gives backyards an old-world, Victorian appearance as they blanket the sides of walls with their bright or deep green leaves.

Ivy is great for those who live in an area with a variety of flora to enhance the natural look of their home – or for those with waning plantlife who would like to bring more color to their backyard space.


Faux Grass Rugs: Natural Style for Your Concrete Jungle

Faux grass rugs are a wonderful addition to any backyard that is made primarily of concrete and rock. For those with smaller backyard spaces, or for those who aren’t fond of maintaining living grass, these false grass rugs are useful for bringing the natural appearance to your concrete, modern paradise.

Not only do they bring a natural look to your space, but they often come in unique shapes (like in the photo) which complements modern decor.


Square Stamped Concrete: Replicating the Look You Desire

Square stamped concrete as shown in the photo above, is a concrete design specifically used for replicating various stones. Laying individual stones for walkways is tedious work, and by simply stamping concrete you can create the textured appearance you desire while saving time and money.

Not only is square stamped concrete practical for those who aren’t too fond of the idea of laying individual stones, but it’s also visually appealing – bringing a rugged, more earthy appearance to your backyard space.


Gravel Patios: Unique and Low Maintenance

Patios often become annoying to maintain, especially during the wet or harsh seasons when mud and other elements gather themselves on your outdoor lounge area. Gravel patios are a great way to keep cleaning your outdoor space hassle-free.

The loose rock keeps mud from building up easily, so you won’t have to spend much time washing impurities away. Additionally, the range in tones and textures creates a modern and aesthetically appealing area for you to kick your feet up in.


Concrete Patios: Subdued and Basic

Concrete Patios similar to the one in the photo are a simple, monotone addition to any outdoor space.

While monotonous may not be the description you want for your yard, the simple appearance of concrete patios is simply perfect for keeping outdoor areas more visually calm – and although they can become dirty easily, a quick powerwash every now and again will keep it looking good as new.

So, not only are they quite effortless to maintain, but they are also muted so the rest of your outdoor decor can pop.


Stone Patios: Old-Fashioned, Unflashy Design

Stone patios are a classic patio design loved for their simple rectangular patterns and ranging stone colors. Even though they’re made up of multiple stones all varying in size appearance, stone patios are still soft enough as to not distract from the other decor in your outdoor space.

These patios are perfect if you prefer a more neutral, unbusy look like shown in the photo, or if you want a little more detail than your basic concrete patios.



Fenced-in Gardens: Privacy and Protection

Gardens are beautiful, and with all the greenery and flamboyant flowers, they’re impossible to keep out of – especially when it comes to our furry friends (and sometimes our non-furry friends).

Fences for your garden are a great way to keep curious little creatures from treading all over your pansies – or worse… eating them – and they can make your garden appear even more dainty and darling than it already is.

Not to mention, garden fences can be extraordinary in keeping nosy neighbors or strangers from peeking in your yard from time to time – which is especially useful if you live in quite the buzzing neighborhood.

Click here to see our full list of garden fence ideas!


Stepping Stone Walkways: Fun and Unusual

Stepping stone walkways remind me of when I used to hop from rock to rock as a child. These walkways make for a youthful stroll through your backyard as your feet reach for each stone and, moreover, they allow for creativity in design.

Since stepping stone walkways consist of several large, individual flat rocks, you can adjust your path however you like; making your walkway straight, abstract, rounded, or any other way your imagination takes you.

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Springfield Style Picket Fences: Patterned and Timeless

Everyone loves the quintessential “American Dream” – the comfortably sized home outlined in white picket fencing, the feathery green grass, and flowers as though they’re from a painting.

The Springfield Style picket fence is the epitome of this dream, with its modest height, graceful wave-like pattern, and old-style pointed posts.

This fence is perfect for anyone who is fond of clean, patterned fence styles while in the same breath keeping the uniformity and classic appearance of the traditional white picket fence.

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Brick Patio Stairs: Rural and Rustic

It’s not too often that you see homes with red brick stairs. Red bricks are great at giving outdoor spaces a rustic look – with their deep orangy-reds and copper colors, and cracked edges really enhancing the charming simplicity of the countryside.

Along with the charm of red brick stairs is the durability of them. These stairs will last for decades even in the harshest of weather conditions, which makes them perfect for practically any home.

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Picket fence Gates and Shrub Walls: A Storybook Entryway

Fences are one of the best ways to keep your property sectioned off from the rest of the outside world, but they can be expensive to install or build yourself and sometimes it’s not worth the time and money.

If you like your home to be more garden-focused, similar to the home in the photo, then adding an adorable picket fence gate alongside a wall of shrubs may be the perfect way to fence-in your backyard.

Not only will it look like your garden is straight from a fairytale, but you’ll have more privacy as well.

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DIY Outdoor Toy Storage: Organization in No Time

Having kids is rewarding and turns your house into a home. However, with kids comes messes and when they play outside, it’s a good idea to have a place for them to store their toys once it’s time to come inside.

DIY toy storage spaces, like in the photo above, are a stress-free way to organize your yard. The design we chose to feature is as simple and cute as painting a wooden side table whatever color you like and attaching a small decorative curtain to the front legs.

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Dry River Beds: Innovative and Transformative

Dry river beds are the most innovative way to give that unsightly ditch that you’ve had in your backyard for years some purpose.

They bring a foresty look to each yard they’re in, and they’re also useful if you’re having problems with water runoff. Pretty, and useful? Now that sounds like a winner to me.

This backyard addition may take you a couple days to complete, but the results are breathtaking.

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Tire Swing Planters: Nostalgic and Different

Tire swings have been the summer joy of many children throughout the decades. For those of us who long for the days of our youth, swinging on the big oak tree in the yard of our childhood home, the tire swing planter is the ideal decoration for our gardens.

Aside from the memories they may bring, these planters take only minutes to install with a rope or chain and painting the tire is only as tedious as the amount of time it takes to dry.

With the simplicity of installation and uncommon appearance, what better way to combine our nostalgia for childhood with our love of gardening?

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Crude Treehouses: A Childlike Project for Your Children

Treehouses bring out the best in children. Their imaginations run wild and the itch for exploration intensifies.

Crudely built treehouses like in the photo are an adorable way to showcase the mindset of children, as they add childlike character to your backyard. The rough appearance and undetailed build perfectly represent the physical limitations of kids – but most importantly gives credit to the extremely complex world of a child’s imaginary kingdom.

Without all the bells and whistles of more modern treehouses, crude treehouses allow your child to thrive in their own mind and create a world of unbelievable imagination.

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Which idea was your favorite? We hope you found a backyard design idea you love!