22 Beautiful Garden Fence Ideas, Pictures, and Designs for Your Home

When it comes to your garden, you may wonder, “How do I get started?” You make a list that includes soil, plants and a water hose along with gardening tools.

However, you forgot to include the fence. You assume that it’s not needed because that structure only works for the backyard. You have problems with a few animals but assume that building a fence is too much work. Not every garden needs a fence, but if you’re planning to build in a yard where you want some level of privacy, consider getting this addition and looking for garden fence ideas.


A fence keeps intruders out of your garden, whether it’s animals or humans. Your pets are deterred from trampling over your plants and leaving behind their droppings, which are not what you want in an edible garden. Insects will still invade, but know for a fact that the larger creatures will stay out.


A garden fence makes your yard more appealing to the eye. Visitors will see a brightly colored fence and show more interest in what’s inside. The fence can stand out on its own or match the colors of the garden. The more it stands out, though, the more that people are attracted to its contents.

A garden fence is not like a regular one that surrounds the entire house. It tends to be smaller and more decorative, so you have countless designs to choose from. The work is easy, too, so many people decide to build these structures by hand.

Building Tips

There are good and bad ways to build fences regardless of which type you are building. Although a small garden one is easy to build, it should be made sturdy and long lasting. Use good paint instead of the kind that chips off and plant the posts firmly to prevent them from being dislodged.


First, decide how deep you want the posts to go into the ground. Depth is important if you want to block out animals like rodents and insects that burrow underground. In addition to pests, you could live in a coastal area where there are constant issues with hurricanes. A few minutes of hurricane-strength winds will uproot a fence that is not secured properly into the ground. So, consider the impact that the wind or rain has on its stability.


The right height for a garden fence is not too tall. It’s not the same as a pool fence that is built to keep away onlookers. You want people to see inside of the garden and enjoy its view. Make a height that stops at the waist, or for more protection, have it stop at shoulder level. Do not make the posts stretch above the head so that viewing is impossible. As the gardener, you need to monitor the progress of your garden at eye level.

Length and Width

Like the height, the length and width should not be excessive. There are people with large gardens that build very long fences. Most people build only to protect their modest-sized gardens that contain edible plants. Having too much fencing could make any garden look cluttered.


Consider the gate design and construction. A lot of people complain about the gate more than the actual fence. In some yards, the door is too tight and difficult to open, while in others, it’s too loose. Be more cautious when you create the gate door and latch than with any other part of the fence.

After you build a garden, think about putting in a new fence or remodeling an old one. Here are at least 20 garden fence ideas that could look good in your yard.

Decorative Trellis

A trellis is a see-through structure that adds form and elegance to the garden. If you don’t want an open structure, you can build a fence with a trellis attached on the top. The lattice makes a plain fence look more elegant and attractive to visitors.


A trim is a decorative border that everyone notices. A trim enhances the look of a walkway or flowerbed, making it stand out more, just like a trim that enhances the look of your fence.

Growing Plants

Enhance your fence with long, overhanging plants like vines. The plants can grow naturally and rest on top of the fence or grow across the middle and poke through the openings. With this kind of plant, the structure looks greener, more natural and blends in with the garden.

Picket Fence

The picket fence is a symbol of modesty to add to a simple garden. There are many ways to decide how far you want the pickets placed apart. The space between each picket could vary from one millimeter to one foot. Then, choose the picket colors and shapes that could be rounded on the top, triangular or square shaped.

Uneven Posts

Everyone is used to seeing the perfectly symmetrical look of fences. The uneven look is a new style that is hard to get used to at first, but it’s unique and worth talking about. In addition to being a different length, every other post can be a different shape or color to match the contrasts.

Bright Colors

A fence should look as bright and vibrant as the flowers that it contains. Add a bright-colored fence that is easy to spot in the yard. One way to enhance the colors more is to place bright-colored flowers on or near the fence.

Metal Fence

Metal is a strong, durable material that is seen on many home roofs. Manufacturers make metal fences out of iron, steel or aluminum with a coating that prevents rusting. It’s a change from a traditional wooden fence that has a shorter lifespan.

Horizontal Design

Most people are used to seeing vertically aligned fences. Only a handful of garden fence ideas include horizontal designs, which are common on long, rustic fences in rural areas.

Diagonal Style

Like a horizontal fence, there is one in which the posts run diagonally. The diagonal look is unique and creative for an outdoor fence.

Bamboo Fence

Bamboo structures are common in Asia and one of a kind when used in any other part of the world. Outdoors, the bamboo is as sturdy and reliable as wood. Fencers like it because it’s all natural and strong, so it withstands heavy winds. Don’t worry about bamboo posts getting knocked down easily after one rainstorm.

Vinyl Fence

Vinyl is waterproof and damage resistant, making it the perfect material for the outdoors. It can be sealed and painted repeatedly and remain stable for decades. It’s a reliable material that builders use to construct walls, signs and windows, so it’s guaranteed to work for a small fence.

Fence Panels

Some fences are separated into panels that are held up by posts. An example is a wooden fence with concrete posts.

Elaborate Gate

There are some simple fences that are barely noticeable until you see the elaborate gate. Make yours provide a grand entrance into the garden. The gate could be a direct contrast to the fence itself. While the fence stands at only 3 feet tall, the gate stands at 10 feet tall, has double doors and a trellis.

Rustic Fence

The rustic look is a symbol of the countryside that fits well in urban and suburban yards, too. Building a fence out of wooden logs is the easiest construction to do. This style is right for people who don’t want their yards to be too perfect.

Wire Fence

A wire fence is not reserved for prison yards. The wire keeps animals out and remains standing after decades, unlike a wooden fence that loses one or more posts over time.

Crisscross Design

Similar to the trellis, the crisscross design is another interesting look for a fence. There can be a loose crisscross design or a tight one that makes it difficult for anyone to enter.


Consider hanging a sign on the front of your garden fence. The sign can declare that this is your garden or show a short personalized message to visitors.

Birdhouses and Other Attachments

Install various items like birdhouses on the inside or outside of your fence. It’s even possible to install shelves to place gardening tools, potted plants, etc.

Decorative Posts

The most creative-minded people make their fences as decorative as possible. For a shared garden, you can add each person’s name to a separate post. For a children’s garden, allow them to make drawings or paintings across the front.


A garden enclosure doesn’t have to be shaped like a square or rectangle. A fence can be shaped like any geometric shape from a circle to an octagon.

Select One of These Garden Fence Ideas

A fence is a beneficial asset to a garden of any type or size. Some people see a fence as a barrier, and gardeners may think that they’re blocking other people from enjoying their creations. In reality, you are enhancing the look of your garden and preventing unwanted access. Look over several garden fence ideas to find the right design, whether you choose to build the fence yourself or not.