25 Vinyl Fence Ideas For Your Yard, Garden, or Deck

Since its conception and later introduction in the 1980s, vinyl fences have become an increasingly popular alternative to wood, metal, and brick. With fencing in particular, vinyl has become one of the leading materials used both in commercial and home fences. Regarding the latter, there are countless vinyl fence ideas that have been incorporated into yards, patios, and gardens to provide protection, mark boundaries, and keep animals and children in as well as intruders out.

Compared to wood, vinyl fences last much longer, require almost zero maintenance, and aren’t susceptible to dry rot, termites or fungi. Furthermore, due to its flame-retardant properties, vinyl doesn’t combust and won’t hold a fire like a wood fence does.

Although initially more expensive, vinyl feces are generally considered the cheaper option over the long haul. And while you may need to hose them down every now and then to get the dust off, you won’t have to re-paint, re-stain, or replace warped boards.

For many, the look of wood is more aesthetically pleasing on the eyes, which is why manufacturers have developed vinyl fences that look and feel almost identical to real wood. Vinyl fences come in private, semi-private, and ornamental designs, and can be reinforced with metal and concrete for added strength.

With tongue-and-groove construction, interlocking fasteners, as well as post, rail, and picket styles, there are a wide variety of styles and construction methods used for vinyl fences. Whether you’re looking for a long partition to enclose and protect your land or a simple wall to act as a property marker, vinyl fences are a great option that deserve an in-depth consideration.

Sleek And Modern


Shiney and white, this Vinyl fence could add both privacy and aesthetic appeal to any backyard or garden. And with the hinged fence gate providing easy access, owners and occupants can come and go at their leisure.

Ornate Vinyl Posts


With its decorative tapered posts, a vinyl fence such as this brings class and sophistication to your property. It draws inspiration from the late victorian era, a time when conspicuous displays of wealth and regal imitation imbued all aspects of fashion, architecture, and interior design.

Sinusoidal Top


The smooth and repeated wave-like effect of this fence is created by using posts of differing heights. By gradually shortening and then lengthening the posts in a specific pattern, a sloping curvature is created that adds originality and differentiation to an otherwise average vinyl fence.

Precision Geometry

Because of its symmetry, right angles, and parallel struts, this vinyl fence epitomizes classical western beauty standards — where mathematics reign supreme and an endless pursuit of youth, perfection, and order brings godlike divinity to a design.

White Picket Fence


A modern remix of the wooden white picket fence, this vinyl white picket fence is even better. Not only will its color never fade or become chipped, but it’s structural integrity will last for decades, unaffected by rain, sunlight, or abrasive winds.

Patio Perimeter


In addition to lining the perimeter of your yard or garden, vinyl fences are a great option for your deck, patio, porch, or stoop. They’ll keep children (or clumsy adults) from falling off and provide a more finished look to your deck. Further, many municipalities require porches to be surrounded by a fence, and if you don’t have one, you may be subject to fines or penalties.

Great Wall of Vinyl


Adding both privacy and protection, the vinyl wall shown above extends the entire length of a suburban neighborhood. It adds congruence to the neighborhood, and gives a more holistic impression compared to a piecewise concatenation of different fence types.

Vinyl Rail Fence


In addition to backyard slat and picket fences, rail fences can also be made from vinyl. Used in more rural areas, split rail fences are generally used to mark property lines, corral livestock, and restrict the movement of other domestic and nondomestic animals.

Barnyard Vinyl


This Oklahoma ranch has incorporated a vinyl fence into their enclosure pen. With a section for animal grazing and another for planting crops, their vinyl fence is not only a functional partition, but it also matches nicely with the siding on the barn.

Wood Texture


Created to mimic the look of painted wood, these vinyl fence sheets will give you that natural look, without all the natural drawbacks and limitations of wood. It won’t catch fire, rot, or be eaten by termites, making it a fabulous faux wood solution for any yard.

Brown Wood Texture


Contrary to what you may have thought based on the previous pictures, vinyl fences aren’t exclusively white. They also come in brown colors to match natural wood. The one shown here may look like wood, but it is in fact completely synthetic and made from vinyl.

Crosshash Vinyl


While the vinyl gate in the foreground does look nice, take note of the crosshash vinyl fence in the background. Like wooden crosshash fences, once made of vinyl are perfect for gardens, where you can hang plants, sprinklers, lights and other devices.

Horsing Around


Some are under the misconception that vinyl fences are week and don’t withstand the cold well. This picture would beg to differ. It is the dead of winter, snow is no the ground, and yet this fence is perfectly fine. Standing strong and able to support the weight of three leaning horses.

Multicolor Vinyl Fence

Blending eggshell white with a soothing shea taupe, this vinyl fence deviates from what can be a boring, all-white color scheme. It’s concrete base provides strength and stability, whilt the crosshash top allows for visibility and airflow.

Chain Link Vinyl


Do you have a chain link fence that provides little to no privacy and wind protection? There is a solution — vinyl siding sheets. These strips of vinyl can be woven into a pre existing chain link fence to block both wind as well as the prying eyes of your nosy neighbors.

Vinyl Kiddy Fence


Perfect for playgrounds and kid’s areas, this children’s fence can be set up either indoors or outside. Although it’s too short to provide security from intruders, it is tall enough to keep your rambunctious children from going where they’re not supposed to.

Vinyl Brick Fence


In addition to fake wood, vinyl fences can also be found that recreate the look and texture of brick. While not as strong as real brick, vinyl brick-like panels look almost identical to the real thing.

Vinyl Site Protection Fence

Although not as eye-catching or strong as the previous vinyl fences, this vinyl mesh fence is cheap and gets the job done. Ues it to keep animals out of your garden or garbage, put it up as a temporary barrier around a DIY construction area, or slap it around your makeshift compost pile. True it may not be the most beautiful fence out there, but if you’re on a budget and need something that does the trick, a vinyl mesh fence is a great option.

Metal Vinyl Fusion


Here is yet another example of a vinyl and metal chain link fence. Unlike the previous one above, however, this fence looks the part. With its pointed tips and brown color, you could almost pass it off as a wooden fence.

Rockin Vinyl Fence


Taking the term vinyl to a new extreme, this “vinyl” fence is covered with cds and vinyl records. Ever wonder what you’re going to do with your outdated music collection? Well here you go, just screw em’ on to your fence!

Dual Style Design


Many vinyl fence owners incorporate several different designs into a single fence. Some use varying heights, while others choose to use completely different fence designs. The one shown here has both a tall, contiguous lattice fence, as well as a shorter, spaced-post fence.

Stairway To Heaven


Don’t think a vinyl fence will work well on sloped terrain? Well think again. The fence shown here uses a stair step construction to provide complete coverage along an inclined hill. Regardless of the steepness, you can use the stair step design or the slanted design to conquer any hill.

Temporary Vinyl Mesh Fence


Like the aforementioned construction site fence, this mesh vinyl fence is not the best looking nor the most sturdy. It is, however, a great option for a cheap, temporary fence. For various reasons, you may need a non-permanent fence. And if so, it doesn’t make sense to blow a bunch of money on expensive fencing materials.

Home on the Range


Bucolic yet modern, this vinyl rail fence lining a corn field is a unique blend of modern and old fashioned. Not the best for keeping rodents out, it looks nice nonetheless and is tall enough to thwart deer, horses, cows, and other large mammals.

Flower Power

Because of its water resistant properties, vinyl fences are perfect for surrounding gardens and lawns that receive regular watering treatment. The unique design above turns the vinyl fence into a flower pot, accentuating the white color of the fence with a pink and green flower type.