21 Wood Fence Ideas, Designs, and Pictures to Inspire Your Front and Backyard

Sure wooden fences can add bucolic charm and rustic appeal to your yard; but they are so much more than that. The wooden fence has seen a resurgence in recent years.

In suburban backyards and down country back roads, wooden fences can be seen separating property lines, penning in livestock, garden fencing, and serving as a decorative way to partition land. Aside from the typical average wood fences, there are thousands of wood fence ideas out there.

And I know what you’re thinking, “Wooden fences? Boring!”. But more and more, people have been innovating and experimenting with the wooden fence, transforming it from the bland and standardized cookie-cutter fences of the past, to more modern interpretations and creative expressions of individuality.

Even the materials have changed. When it comes to wood, all are not created equal. From aged and weathered barnwood to beetle kill and reclaimed snow fences, there are countless ways to incorporate style and creativity into your wooden fence.

Some use wooden fences for utilitarian purposes, while others view them as more aesthetic, complementing their yards and adding a look and feel that can’t be replicated with a metal or chain-link fence. Be it a plastic faux-wood fence or wooden agricultural fencing, the use of wood is a great way to enhance and partition yards of all sizes.

While some wooden fences use an offset post design to give partial visibility, others utilize contiguous boards and tall heights to maximize privacy and increase security. Some need to be long, and therefore lean towards efficiency in both material construction and design. Other wooden fences are built to withstand the tests of time, and are built with longevity and resilience as the top priority.  

You can always hire someone to construct a fence for you, but wooden fences surprisingly easy to build yourself. Below are some creative ideas we were able to come up with for backyard wooden fences. Some of them might be out of your price range and some might be too difficult for your skill level. However we hope that at the very least, these ideas will spur your imagination and get your creative juices flowing. For every space is different, and so is every person’s idea of beauty. So without further ado, let’s get to it with twenty ideas for wooden fences!

Best Wood Fence Ideas For Your Front Or Back Yard

White Picket Fence

A lush green lawn surrounded by the classic white picket fence was the dream of every baby boomer. Today, white picket fences are nostalgic throwbacks to these glory days. If you have an older house or homestead, a short white fence can add a great deal of appeal, tying together the overall theme of the house and bringing it back to its historical roots.  

Bamboo Fence

Add a tropical and exotic look to your yard with a bamboo fence. Bamboo will transform your space into a tiki island bungalow, the perfect retreat after a long hard day. Depending on where you’re from, bamboo might be hard to come by. It’s also not the best in colder climates, as it tends to crack in low temperatures. Nonetheless, incorporating bamboo into your yard design can give it an oriental flair!

Gaped Lattice Fence With Cross Top Section

Wooden fences allow for endless creative designs. The fence featured above uses a spaced lattice design to allow for visibility and airflow. On the top, the fence is distinguished with a hashed cross section. The designs you can create are only limited by your imagination. Squares, circles, triangles, if you can dream it up, you can construct it out of wood.

Beetle Kill Pine

The pine beetle is a scourge that has plagued the forests of the midwest for decades. However, even the worst of situations exemplify the duality of life, the dark and the light, the yin and the yang. Pine beetles have ravaged thousands of acres of trees, causing wildfires, reducing animal habitats, and wreaking havoc on ecosystems.

However, the dead wood left behind from the beatles features unique blue hues and a distinctive look that can’t be found elsewhere. Farmers, ranchers, and landowners through America have started utilizing the beetle kill wood. It may not be as structurally sound as other types of wood, but it’s aesthetic qualities make it perfect for fences, exterior siding, and facia.       

Classic Parallel Beams

This classic fence design is used worldwide to mark boundaries and corral larger animals. It’s countryside appeal is perfect for cabins and mountain homes, but it also proves useful on ranches and farms to keep domesticated animals from wandering away.    

Wooden Log Enforced Fence

The natural look and strength of this and similar wooden log designs gives a wild appearance. It can be strictly for looks, used to mark property lines, or even backed with steel mesh or chicken wire to keep people or animals in and out.

The above fence designed is used at a zoo, bringing wilderness to the fore and keeping the animals safely within its confines.

Up Down Offset Lattice

This funky design can be done with any vertical post fence. Simply alter the lengths to make every other post longer than the ones surrounding it. This has little practical functionality, but will make your fence unique and set it apart from the boring straight-topped fences.

Checkered Lattice

The crossed hash design of checkered fences is great for gardens and interior fences. They provide little in terms of privacy or wind protection, but they are great to hang things off of — especially pots and plants!

Wood Bush Fusion

This high picket fence with a bushy base is a unique spin that combines natural plant partitions with the wooden fence. Hedges such as Buxus, Lilly Pilly, Murraya, Photinia and Viburnum are common throughout the lower 48. And when you augment them with a wooden substructure, the possibilities are virtually endless!

Steak Post Garden Fence

The steak post wooden fence design is neither practical nor functional. Some may not even consider it a fence at all. However, it does a great job at marking land and, if spaced close enough, the posts can keep people, animals, or vehicles from crossing certain areas.

Colorful Paint Job fence

Any boring fence can be transformed into a colorful masterpiece. While stains and lacquers are more common for weatherization purposes, paints can add (or detract in some cases) a lot of value to your fence. Match the siding of your house or go all out with a technicolor rainbow design, just make sure to use appropriate paint that is rated for outdoor use.

Brick Column Fence

Wooden fences can be augmented with the use of stone or brick posts/columns. The juxtaposition of materials can bring out the respective features of both, and the contrasts will definitely add value if done correctly.  

Plastic Faux-Wood fence

New-age plastics like high density polyethylene have found acceptance among many contractors and homeowners. It can be molded to look just like wood, and because it is plastic, it lasts a long time and won’t fade, rot, or deteriorate in the rain, snow, or sun.

Tree Branch and Thatch

This thatched tree branch design looks like it came straight out of the jungle. It’s tribal look is loved by many, but some find it amateur or uncouth. Yes it does slightly resemble something a child would make around their treehouse, but if undertaken with care and precision, the tree branch fence can make a yard really pop!

Slanting Beam Wood Fence

Changing the orientation of your wooden fence poles is a great way to set it apart and make it unique. The slanted poles are not only functional and attractive, but they also make the construction process of this fence quite a bit easier, as fewer cuts have to be made.

Wood Wall

Have a Houdini dog or want to protect your property from strong winds? Building a high and thick wooden fence like this will block even the strongest of gales, and keep your pup from escaping no matter how athletic it is.

Refurbished Pallet Fence

The refurbished pallet fence design expresses the increasingly popular movement to reduce, reuse, and recycle. More and more, people are finding creative new uses for what was previously considered trash. Go behind any hardware store or big-box chain and you’ll likely find pallets waiting to be hauled away to the local landfill. Scoop some up and make a pallet fence of your own!

Decorative Wood Fences

If you already have a wooden fence and want to add your own special touche, there are countless ways to decorate and spice up an otherwise average looking fence.

Boot Fence

The boot ornaments are unique and strange enough to make this list. Not sure how well they would stand up to the weather, but they sure are funky and fun. Perhaps they could be filled with soil and planted with flowers. Let your imagination run wild!

Mug Fence

Perfect for any potter or coffee lover, the mug fence design is artsy and just a tad hipster. Like the aforementioned boot-fence design, it’s a bit out there and definitely not for everyone. But for those eccentric few, it’s a great way to express individuality and a carefree nonchalance.    

White Picket with Scarf Fence

Keeping with the whacky theme of decorative wooden fence designs, these scarf decorations are out there. More artistic than anything else, the artist who conceptualized the scarf decorations is likely trying to make a statement. What this statement is exactly is anyones guess.

Bonus Fence Design  

Ornate wooden fence

Wood Carvings and ornate designs are something unique to wood fences. While you can weld or grind metal fences and mold plastic fences, wood fence carvings are particularly artisan, requiring dozens if not hundreds of hours to complete. Our hats go off to the designer of this fence. Bravo.  

Wrapping Up

And there you have it, twenty wood fence ideas to spark your imagination and get you in the mood to create your own wooden fence. Hopefully you feel inspired and invigorated, because there’s nothing stopping you from designing, crafting, and building a wooden fence in your own yard today. Get after it, create your heart out, and make something that your proud to put up for all to see!

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