Best Flag Football Sets: Reviews and Complete Buying Guide

If you’re planning on playing flag football anytime soon, then you should really check out our picks for the best flag football sets of this year.

Flag Football has quickly become one of the most popular sports in the US. Everyone from small kids to teenagers (and even adults) seem to love it.  Flag football compared to the somewhat dangerous tackle football is usually preferred by parents because it’s often more fun, and less likely to cause injury to their children.

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The Best Flag Football Sets For the Money

The hundreds of flag football set options currently available on the market are enough to confuse even the biggest flag football fans. So we’ve compiled a short list of our top 4 flag football set picks that we feel are worth your time and attention.

SKLZ 10-Man Flag Football Deluxe Set

SKLZ Flag Football 10-Player Deluxe Set with Flags, Belts, and Cones
  • COMPLETE FLAG FOOTBALL SET. This gear set includes 10 flag football belts (5 yellow, 5 blue) with 2 Velcro attached flags, 4 goal line cones, flag football rules, and bag. Grab a football and friends as you take this set to the field
  • HOURS OF FUN. Get the team together for a pick-up game at the park, or a backyard scuffle. Whether you’re trying to stay in shape during the off-season, or simply using this for entertainment, this set is will fit your flag football needs
  • DURABLE QUALITY EQUIPMENT. Each ultra-durable belt is designed with 2 detachable nylon flags and utilize a D-ring closure, meaning this set will give you hours of use. SKLZ 10-Man Flag Football Deluxe set is made for the rough games and strong grips
  • ONE SIZE FITS MOST. Recommended for ages 7+, these belts are one size fits most, for kids and adults alike. Let the whole family join in, there’s no reason to stand on the sideline when you can get your head in the game
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. SKLZ is committed to elevating the athlete in each and reminding you why you love the game. Sometimes that looks like an intense practice with your team, other times it means having fun with your friends

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SKLZ is one of the biggest backyard game manufacturers on the planet today, so it’s no surprise that their flag football set is extremely popular – and for good reason. The entire set is made from really high-quality materials making it incredibly long-lasting. SKLZ is so confident that your flag set will last that it comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.

A single set comes with 10 belts, 4 goal line cones, and 2 Velcro attached flags. For those who are new to the game, you’ll be happy to know that they even provide an easy-to-understand flag football manual, and a bag to carry all of your equipment.

You also get 5 blue and 5 yellow belts which makes identifying teams easy. These belts are truly well-made and universal in size – these belts should fit practically everyone.

What We Like:

  • The quality of the flag football set seems great. It can last for a long time, even if not cared for properly.
  • The size of the belts should fit players of all ages.
  • You can return the product if you’re not pleased with it because of their 100% money back guarantee – no questions asked.

What We Don’t Like:

  • The cones are on the smaller side. It’s not something that makes the game unplayable but it’s definitely noticeable.
  • The velcro quality isn’t as durable as other products.
  • Unlike many other sets, this one doesn’t come with a foam flag football to play the game with.

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Trained Flag Football Set

FLAG FOOTBALL SET By Trained,10 man Set,Premium Football Gear, Flags, Belts, eBook & More, Bonus: Stylish Carry Bag (Durable Nylon)
  • DURABLE & hEAVY DUTY - We've crafted our flags and belts with durable nylon so they won't tear or rip when you get tackled.
  • TWO FULL TEAMS: Our 46-piece set is designed to help you outfit two full flag football teams, Each belt holds 3 adjustable flags. With 5-on-5 play, you’ll enjoy endless hours of fun.
  • FUN OR COMPETITIVE PLAY: The Trained Sports Flag Football Set is great for backyard or park play, or even competitive games on real football fields.
  • PERFECT FOR KIDS OR ADULTS: Everyone loves football, so everyone should get in on the action. Our belts are designed to adjust to young children and full-sized adults.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If you aren’t 100% happy with our product, simply return it with 30 days for a full, no questions asked refund. eBook delivered by email.

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The trained flag football set option is great for large groups. It’s a 46-piece set that allows you to play 5-on-5 matches with your friends. You can use it for backyard play time or even for competitive games on a real football field.

What We Like:

  • The quality and customization of the set make it perfect for both kids and adults.
  • The entire set is easily portable.
  • Even if the players are a bit too overenthusiastic, the flags will last long considering how durable they seem to be.

What We Don’t Like:

  • People who have a waist more than 36 inches might find the belt a bit too tight.
  • The Velcro pads on the flags are glued, which isn’t as durable as sewn-on velcro pads.
  • The quality of the carrying case could be a lot better.

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Play Platoon Flag Football Set for Kids

14 Player Flag Football Deluxe Set - 14 Belts, 42 Flags, 12 Cones & 1 Mesh Carrying Bag for Flag Football
  • MORE BELTS & MORE FLAGS - This complete flag football set comes with 14 belts, each with 3 flags, (secured by hook and loop fasteners) you can enjoy a game with up to 14 players. Brightly colored Red and Blue football flags make it easy to tell which player is on which team.
  • MORE CONES - Includes 12 large, highly visibility disc cones so you can clearly mark the goal lines, playing field, and sidelines.
  • EXTRA DURABLE - These belts, cones, and flags for flag football are made with heavy duty, durable materials designed to withstand years of rough, rowdy games.
  • ENDLESS OUTDOOR FUN - Perfect flag football belts for kids and adults! Belts feature a sturdy, adjustable D-ring and will fit almost any player. Great for parties, family reunions, summer camps and more!
  • LIFETIME REPLACEMENT WARRANTY - Play Platoon stands behind its Flag Football Set 100%. If anything ever goes wrong with this, we will replace it with a new one.

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Play Platoon’s flag football set is great for kids. However, we’ve found that this set targeted specifically towards kids works just as fine for adults, too. The cones that come with this flag football set are delightfully large and easily visible, perfect if you and your team prefer more noticeable cones.

What We Like:

  • The cones and carrier are made of good quality and seem strong.
  • Even a person with a 42-inch waist can wear the belt easily.
  • The product comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee.

What We Don’t Like:

  • The set comes in a mesh bag that’s not of great quality.
  • The design could be a lot better.
  • A better design would’ve been if the flags were stitched to the belt rather than velcroed.

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Stumptown Sportz 14 Player Flag Football Set

Stumptown Sportz Flag Football Flags - Set Includes 10 Flag Belts for 5 x 5 | 4 Cones | Youth Football | Hand Pump | Carrying Bag - Complete Flag Football Belt Set
  • PREMIUM 10-Player Flag Football Set with 2 detachable heavy-duty flags per belt
  • INCREDIBLE VALUE - Includes Kids Football, Hand Pump, and 4 full size Disc Cones to mark the playing field
  • FOOTBALL INCLUDED - The included football is comparable to pee-wee or youth-sized football.
  • BONUS Mesh Carrying Bag keeps the whole set organized and ready for your next practice or game
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If you aren’t 100% satisfied with our product, return it within 30 days for a full refund

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This 14-Player Flag Football Set comes with 3 detachable flags per belt and 12 full-size disc cones. This set provides the maximum value for your money considering this set has the lowest price per flag out of any other set on our list. It’s a great option for players who are playing flag football for the first time or families who like to run around on the weekend.

What We Like:

  • This set has enough flags included for an entire team of 5 or more players.
  • It includes durable Nylon belts that are expandable up to 48 inches.

What We Don’t Like:

  • This set is only a good option for first-time players or those who intend to play the game occasionally.
  • The cones are of cheap quality.

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WYZworks Football Set

WYZworks 12 Player 3 Flag Football Set - 12 Belts with 36 Flags [ 18 RED & 18 Blue Flags ]
  • PREMIUM 12-Player Flag Football Set, designed with 3 detachable heavy-duty flags per belt. Each belt holds 3 adjustable flags. Strong durable nylon webbed belt with D-ring closure.
  • DURABLE SUPER SET Up to 12 players Flag Football set for two team competitive play.
  • ONE SIZE FITS MOST Fully sizable from kids to adults, 50" in length. Perfect for youth league and recreational play.
  • PERFECT Our quick release velcro flag football set is a great way to get everyone together for a little fun. Its perfect for enterating friends and family for hours. Great for kids and adults!

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This set is meant for two-team competitive play. You can use it for either recreational play in your backyard or in youth league competitions. The set is suitable for people of all ages, weights, and heights.

What We Like:

  • The flags fit can fit 20-inch waists, and 46-inch waists alike, which makes this set perfect for the entire family.
  • One thing we liked a lot was the use of colors is quite good. This set is eye-catching with fun colors.
  • This flag football set is compact, which means it won’t require much storage space.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Some users have reported that if the flag gets pulled too hard in the game, the stitching on the loop rips off.
  • The cost of flags is on the pricey side.
  • Threads on Velcro flag holders may need to be replaced if you use this set quite often, or your team plays rough.

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Things To Consider Before Getting A Flag Football Set

The process of finding the best flag football set is the same whether you’re a new player or seasoned player. Consider the following factors when buying new equipment or replacing old equipment:

Know the Game

The first thing you need to know is how to play flag football. You can learn how on online videos or watch a live game to get an idea of how its played. This article by Kids Sports Activities on how to play flag football may be helpful.

Know Your Needs

Another thing you need to consider when buying flag football equipment is what kind of equipment you’ll need. Many providers offer complete sets that come with an instruction manual to make things easier. These sets are great choices. Lucky for you, the products we’ve mentioned above are all complete sets and should be the only thing you’ll need to purchase to be ready to play.

Know the Brands

In this day and age, there are tons of companies selling the same products – but we all know they’re not equal when it comes to quality. Figuring out who the key players are, what product options they offer, and which brands are most reliable is a great place to start. To find the most suitable brands, it’s a good idea to read up on product reviews and customer testimonials. From what we can gather, SKLZ is one of the most trusted brands for backyard sports products.

Know the Features

When buying flag football sets, make sure features such as the Velcro pads are sewn (and not glued) to ensure that they last longer. If they’re glued, they might get ripped easily due to pressure or excessive force. Another issue with glue is that it may melt at high temperatures, which may make the product unusable during the summers (especially in places where temperatures reach the 100s).

Know Your Usage

If you’re planning on playing flag football every day and build up your own team, you should consider investing a good chunk of money on a set that’s dependable lasts. On the other hand, if you’re planning on playing a few games every now and again, then you can probably make do with a cheaper flag football set.

Know the Quality

It’s a good idea to buy flag football sets that are known for quality rather than buying something cheap. Not only will high-quality flag football sets last longer, but the value likely won’t depreciate easily so you can always re-sell the set at a fair price if you ever lose interest in flag football.


This section doesn’t pertain to flag football sets themselves, but we’d like to stress the importance of this topic: With every sport, safety is extremely crucial. According to Philadelphia CBS Local, schools are opting for flag football sets to ensure that the students don’t get injured as easily. Always be vigilant and keep yours and other’s safety as a top priority when playing flag football.


How to Save Money When Looking For Flag Football Sets

Flag football has been shown to be great for children’s development, but there’s an issue. If you’re a parent, you probably don’t want to spend a fortune on a sport your kid(s) may not like in the future. Money is an important aspect when looking to purchase sports equipment, so we’ve divided this segment into sections to help you save (and make) money with a flag football set.


If you want to save money on the best flag football sets, keep an eye out for clearance sales or end-of-the-year sales. This will allow you to get maximum discounts without compromising quality. Be on the lookout for frequent discounts that Amazon puts on their products. Their prices are usually fair and decent.

Sell Your Old Set

If you’re the owner of an unused flag football set, then maybe you should consider selling it for some extra cash (to buy your new, more dependable flag football set, of course).

Be Wary of Ads

Wired has recently mentioned a few tricks advertisers use to sell you stuff that you don’t need. This means you’re more likely than ever to purchase a product you may not even use. So, when you’re searching for the best flag football sets, be sure to purchase a set that meets the needs of the moment, and not of the future. Don’t buy equipment for extra players if you’re sure that you won’t need them.

Quality Brands You Can Trust

Here we’ve listed some of the best brands for flag football sets. We know you’ll be getting your money’s worth with these brands. In addition to flag football sets many of these brands also produce a ton of other high-quality sports products.


SKLZ is one of the largest backyard games manufacturers. In fact, we love their products so much that we’ve featured them in a couple of our articles (such as our Best Golf Nets review article). This company is known for creating products for serious athletes, providing them with excellent training equipment and gear so that they’re always at the top of their game.

Play Platoon

Play Platoon, another giant in the backyard games industry, has been known to create products that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. They encourage both outdoor and indoor play and manufacture a huge range of outdoor and indoor sports products.

WYZ Works

WYZ Works was first established in 1990 and have been producing flag football sets for around 24 years. Their goal is to help people live a healthy and creative lifestyle by providing high-quality equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Equipment Do I Need?

A flag football jersey and flag football sets are essential, but you can also invest in safety equipment such as a protective mouthguard as well.

What is the Flag in Flag Football?

The flag is a yellow cloth used in flag football to mark the location of infractions or penalties during a regular play.

What Size Belts Should I Opt For?

The size of the belt should be small enough to fit kids, and expandable enough to fit adults as well. This will allow the whole family to play together.

Why does the Length of Flags Matter?

The problem with small flags is that they may not be visible in the heat of the game. You’ll want to get a large, bright flag that could be visible even from a distance.

What Should I Know When Looking for Flags?

Preferably look for flags that come off easily, so players don’t end up pulling off the whole belt when they pull the flag.

Why Do Brands Matter When Buying Flag Football Sets?

When you purchase a set from a large brand, you become one of their customers. This means you can immediately return the product on a 100% money back guarantee if you aren’t happy with it. The big brands have a lot more to lose and are much more likely to follow through on your guarantee. Sure, you can get a cheaper product without a brand name, but they may not be able to maintain the quality standards of some of the more prominent brands

Should I Look for Money-Back Guarantees When Browsing for Flag Football Sets?

Yes, if you’re buying a set for the first time and you’re not sure what to look for in a good flag football set, we advise that you look for products that offer refunds within a few days. That way there’s commitment and you can return the product if you’re not satisfied.


Our top choice for the best flag football set is the SKLZ set. Not only is it made from really high-quality materials, but it’s also backed by a huge brand. In fact, their 100% money back guarantee makes this product essentially a risk-free purchase.

We hope our guide on the best flag football sets has helped you understand what to look for. Have fun!

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