Spikeball Vs Slammo: Which Should You Buy?

Have you seen Spikeball or Slammo being played at the park, gym, or beach? Are you excited to purchase your own round net game? Which is better Spikeball or Slammo? In this article, we will compare Spikeball vs. Slammo.

First, you should understand that both games are played with the same rules, more or less. Spikeball is the original manufacturer company of the round net game. For more on this, take a look at the history of spikeball below. Spikeball has had tremendous growth in the past few years and tournaments were debuted on ESPN in 2018. Here is a quick summary of our thoughts for those that are in a hurry.

Spikeball Vs Slammo

  1. Ball Quality Better In Spikeball: You will find that the Spikeball balls are made of a thicker material and feel very sturdy. On the other hand, Slammo balls tend to bounce better.
  2. Foldable Legs With Spikeball Net: The legs on the net in a Spikeball set are foldable. This means the legs can be folded for easy storage. The Slammo net legs are not foldable.
  3. Extra Training Ball With Slammo Set: The basic Slammo game set comes with three balls. The basic Spikeball set only comes with one. However, you can purchase a Spikeball game set with three balls now for a few more bucks. Just make sure you are purchasing the set with the number of balls that you want.
  4. Lower Cost For Slammo: Slammo comes at a substantially lower cost than Spikeball. If cost is important to you, then Slammo may be the way to go.
  5. Spikeball Offers Overall Quality: While Slammo continues to improve the quality of its equipment, the original Spikeball still offers better overall quality. The most recent production of the Slammo Pro set does tout 200% stronger materials.
  6. Both Give Lifetime Guarantee: Both Slammo and Spikeball offer lifetime guarantees. They will replace any broken parts for free!


History of Spikeball

Spikeball was originally created in 1989 by Jeff Knurek. It was marketed by a Japanese toy company Tomy. However, its popularity faded due to outdated equipment. It made a comeback when Chris Ruder played the game on a trip to Hawaii. He decided to revive the game and breathe new life into the outdated equipment. He launched Spikeball Inc. in 2008. It quickly grew from a basement company to making $1 million and getting noticed by Dick’s sporting goods. However, the biggest boost to the company was probably its appearance in season 6 of the hit reality TV show “Shark Tank”. With their up and coming success, other companies began marketing spikeball games. To protect their trademark name of Spikeball Inc., the name of the game was changed to roundnet. However, many people still refer to the game as spikeball. Other brands that sell roundnet sets include Slammo, Bounceball, and Revol.

What is Spikeball?

Spikeball Inc. is a brand name for the game now called Roundnet. It is a game derived from the game of volleyball and foursquare. The net is replaced with a small round trampoline-like net on the ground called the Spikenet. The game is typically played with four players: 2 vs. 2. Like volleyball, the goal of the game is to rally the ball to the opposing team until it cannot be successfully returned. Instead of being hit over a net, the ball must be bounced on the Spikenet. Unlike volleyball, there are no boundaries! Players can rotate around the net and hit the ball to any location.

How to Play Spikeball (aka Round net)

To begin play, serve the ball by spiking it onto the Spikenet so it ricochets up at your opponents.

  1. The opposing team has up to three hits to return the ball back to the Spikenet and opposing team.
  2. The round is over when one team successfully scores a point.
  3. If the serving team scored the point, they serve again. If they lost the point, the serve goes to the opposing team.
  4. The game ends when one team gets a predetermined number of points, typically 11, 15, or 21.

Scoring in Spikeball

The scoring in Spikeball is similar to Volleyball scoring. Official rules are included in the game sets as well. When the opposing team cannot successfully return the ball, the opposing team scores a point. There are a few ways to score in Spikeball. Points are scored when the ball hits the ground, rim, or bounces more than once on the net. In all of these cases, the team who did not hit the ground, rim, or bounce more than once scores the point. Also, if a team does not return the ball to the net within three touches, the opposing team scores a point. A “hinder” can also be called if a defender at any time blocks the offensive play by colliding or impeding the player. In the case of a hinder, the point must be replayed.


Probably one of the more intriguing parts of the game is that you can add variations to change up the game.  While these versions are not usually used in tournaments, they can add a bit of fun to your game! These are great handicaps to add for unmatched player levels as well. Before the ball is served, call one or more of these variations. Here are a few different variations:

T-Rex Arms: All players must insert their arms in their shirt sleeves up to their wrist (wrists at armpits). Then play with the normal rules.

Ambidextrous: Players must use their “off” hand to play.

Trampoline Shirt: Players use their shirts to bounce the ball during the second hit of a rally.

Pirates Booty: All players must jump up and down on one leg during the duration of the point.

Sassy: Players can only use the back of their hands to hit the ball

Harder, better, faster, stronger: Call this and if a team can do a push-up mid rally and still win the point, the team gets an additional 2 points.

Feel free to come up with your own ideas and make the game yours. Your creativity is the limit!

Spikeball Pros

  • Original game set
  • Overall better quality
  • Balls are made of heavier and more durable material
  • Set used in Spikeball tournament play
  • Great for the serious Spikeball player
  • Foldable legs on the round net

Spikeball Cons

  • More costly than other available sets
  • Not catered to the amateur
  • Balls don’t have as much bounce

Spikeball Game Sets

There are a few variations of the game sets that you can purchase. Here is a list of the various sets, what they include, and how they are different. If you have decided Spikeball is for you, check out our full Spikeball set review here.

1. Spikeball Rookie Kit

This kit is designed for beginnings and kids. To make play easier the net and balls are 50% larger. A great choice for younger players or those who are just learning. The kit includes a 45” net and frame, large textured ball, carrying bag, and instructions.

Spikeball Rookie Kit - 50% Larger Net and Ball - Played Outdoors, Indoors, Yard, Lawn, Beach - Designed for New Players
  • GREAT GAME FOR ALL AGES - Spikeball is a fun and active 2 on 2 outdoor indoor sports game played on college campuses, tailgates, the lawn, yard, backyard, beach or gym with rules kind of like volleyball. Instructions include standard Spikeball rules plus 4 alternative game rules to help get started.
  • DESIGNED WITH NEW PLAYERS IN MIND - Larger equipment and modified rules make it easy to get playing!
  • 50% BIGGER BALL with added texture is easier to control, pass and spike.
  • 50% BIGGER NET makes it easier to start points and keep the rallies going.
  • SHIPS IN A SPIKEBALL BRANDED BOX! Choose "Ship in Amazon Packaging" at Checkout if it is a surprise!

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2. Spikeball Standard 3 Ball Kit

The standard 3 ball kit comes with the regular sized 36” net and frame and three 3.5” balls. This kit also includes a carrying bag and instructions. The balls have a smooth surface instead of a textured surface.

Spikeball Standard 3 Ball Kit - Game for The Backyard, Beach, Park, Indoors
  • IF VOLLEYBALL AND FOURSQUARE HAD A BABY - Spikeball is a fun, active, easy-to-learn game that can be played anywhere by anyone. The Spikeball Standard Kit is all you need for a good time.
  • EASY TO LEARN FOR INSTANT FUN - Yard game experts and newcomers alike can pick up Spikeball quickly as it is easy to learn but difficult to master. Like volleyball, teams alternate possessions and try to spike the ball away from each other! Rule book included!
  • PLAY ANYWHERE - Spikeball is perfect for the backyard, the beach, the park, the gym, and even your living room (if you're careful enough).
  • SHIPS IN A SPIKEBALL BRANDED BOX! Choose "Ship in Amazon Packaging" at Checkout if it is a surprise!
  • ALL YOU NEED TO PLAY IS INCLUDED - The Standard Kit comes with the Spikeball set, three balls (you only need one but extras won't hurt), netting, and a carrying bag for easy transport!

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3. Spikeball Pro (Tournament Edition)

The Spikeball Pro Tournament Edition is mostly for seasoned Spikeball players. Purchase of the set includes 1 registration to the Spikeball roundnet association. The Pro-balls have added texture for better control and spin. The frame and legs are also built more sturdy to withstand falls and dives. It also comes with a more durable backpack. You can also ensure your balls are inflated properly with the included pump and gauge. This set it the standard for tournament play.

Spikeball Pro Kit (Tournament Edition) - Includes Upgraded Stronger Playing Net, New Balls Designed to Add Spin, Portable Ball Pump Gauge, Backpack - As Seen on Shark Tank TV
  • FOUR PLAYER ACTION – Spikeball is a fun, active, and competitive (if you want it to be) 2 on 2 game played with rules kind of like volleyball; Enjoy outdoors, indoors, lawn, yard, beach, gym, tailgate, family get togethers, vacations, virtually anywhere and for any event
  • 33% STRONGER RIMS AND LEGS - Less likely to break from an errant fall or dive. More stable playing surface.
  • BETTER BALLS - Added texture on the Pro Balls enable more spin and control on hits.
  • SHIPS IN A SPIKEBALL BRANDED BOX! Choose "Ship in Amazon Packaging" at Checkout if it is a surprise!
  • FOR ALL AGES - Spikeball can be modified in many ways to get the whole crew involved. Always a way to play.

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Q: Where can I buy Spikeball?

A: Spikeball was picked up by DICK’s sporting goods early on. It can still be purchased there. Walmart, Target, and Amazon are other places that Spikeball can be found. However, always double check the availability of the set you prefer before heading into the store.

Q: Where can I play Spikeball?

A: If you have a group of friends, then head to any open space to play! If you are looking to join other players and a community, then download the free Spikeball app to find players in your area. Another great option is to join the Spikeball Roundnet Association Facebook Group. Tournaments in various areas are often posted here. Users in the group can also help direct you to serious players in your area.


What Slammo is and How it Differs from Spikeball

Slammo is a game set produced by GoSports. Slammo is a roundnet game. Roundnet was known as spikeball from 1989-2008. Slammo offers roundnet equipment at a more affordable price than Spikeball. The game rules of roundnet are the same with both sets of equipment, although Slammo and Spikeball may have some variation in their printed instructions.

Slammo Pros:

  • Affordable price- get a complete set at a lower cost than its leading competitor
  • Better bounce with ball
  • The XL set provides the largest roundnet available
  • Great for amateur players

Slammo Cons:

  • Quality may not withstand intense play
  • Balls are not as heavy as Spikeball set
  • Not the set used in official Spikeball tournaments

Slammo Game Sets

Slammo is the clear affordability option. However, Slammo offers just as many set options, if not more, than Spikeball. Whether you are looking to by for a nephews birthday, family reunion, or a college tournament, Slammo has a set perfect for you!

1. Slammo

The classic Slammo set comes with a net, 2 regular balls, and 1 training ball. The training ball is slightly larger than the other regular play balls. This is a perfect starter set.

GoSports Slammo Game Set (Includes 3 Balls, Carrying Case and Rules) - Outdoor Lawn, Beach & Tailgating Roundnet Game for Kids, Teens & Adults
  • SLAMMO: An exciting outdoor lawn game for kids and adults! Set includes 1 Slammo target, 2 9cm competition balls, 1 12cm training ball, travel carrying case and game rules
  • WHAT IS SLAMMO: Slammo is an action packed 2-on-2 volleyball style game where teams have 3 hits to return or spike the ball to the circular net - fun for everyone at the beach, BBQs, camping, and more!
  • ATHLETIC FUN: Slammo is an active game that works great as cross training for many other sports or for just breaking a sweat! (recommended ages 12+)

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2. Slammo XL

Slammo XL is great for beginners or group play. This set comes with a largest net of all the Slammo game sets at 48 inches. The net is large enough that you can even play with a larger group up to 4 vs. 4. The 3 balls that come with this set are larger at 6 inches.

GoSports Slammo XL Game Set Huge 48 Inch Net Great for Beginners, Younger Players or Group Play
  • GIANT SLAMMO: 48 in net has 75% larger surface area than standard Slammo; Easier gameplay is great for beginners, longer rallies and larger groups; Play 2-on-2, 3-on-3 or 4-on-4
  • LOW PROFILE RIM: Innovative hook system allows for a low profile rim that minimizes rim shots and hides net hooks
  • IMPROVED LEGS: 200% Stronger than standard Slammo and also include rubber feet for maximum stability on any surface (grass / sand / concrete / gym floors)
  • HIGH BOUNCE NET: Improved net allows for higher bounces and more Slammmmmmos

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3. Slammo Pro

The pro set comes with a net, 3 (9cm) competition balls, pump, and carrying case. This set touts re-engineered design that is 200% stronger than the original set. It also has rubber feet grips for better play on virtually any surface. The low profile rim seeks to reduce and eliminate rim shots.

GoSports SLAMMO PRO Game Set - New and Improved PRO Set with 3 PRO Balls, Pump and Carrying Case
  • SLAMMO SET MADE WITHOUT COMPROMISE: Stronger frame, reinforced legs, high bounce net
  • LOW PROFILE RIM: Innovative hook system allows for a low profile rim that minimizes rim shots and hides net hooks
  • IMPROVED LEGS: 200% Stronger than standard Slammo and also include rubber feet for maximum stability on any surface (grass / sand / concrete / gym floors)
  • HIGH BOUNCE NET: Improved net allows for higher bounces and more Slammmmmmos

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Final Thoughts

Spikeball and Slammo are both great products to play the game of roundnet. Spikeball is the original manufacturer of the game. Spikeball has several different game sets to choose from depending on your level of play. The Spikeball frame legs are also foldable. Slammo offers similar play at a more affordable price. Slammo offers three gamesets. The slammo balls are said to have more bounce. If you are looking for overall quality, you may choose to purchase Spikeball. If cost is your biggest motivator, then Slammo is a good option. If you enjoy Spikeball, then check out our KanJam Review.