Spikeball Review: Best Kits, How to Play, and Pricing & Quality Details

With more than four million players and countless tournaments, in this spikeball review, we’ll share how it has become more than just another yard game. The basic premise is pretty simple:  two teams of two players each smack a ball on a small circular trampoline. While the game is almost 30 years old. It is considered one of the fastest growing sports in America.

Some say that if volleyball and foursquare had a baby, it would be named spikeball.

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How To Play Spikeball

There are multiple ways to play spikeball. Most games consist of 4 players, but there are also 2-player and 6-player variations of the game. One of the most common ways to describe the game is as “A mix between volleyball and foursquare.” This is because the game features a lot of elements from the two games.

  1. First, you split the players into two teams of 2.
  2. The players are positioned around the net. However there’s one caveat, players on the same team must be located next to each other.
  3. Now, one player serves the ball  by bouncing it on the net to an opposing team member
  4. The team receiving the ball has 3 hits to return the ball back.
  5. The play continues till one of the teams is unable to return the ball or the ball hits the rim. At this point, the round ends and the other team receives 1 point

After the service, there are no boundaries. Players are free to run and spike the ball from anywhere around the net.

Hitting The Ball

Players must use one hand to hit the ball; two-hand hits result in an infraction and loss of a point. We should also note that any part of the body may be used to hit the ball. However, if the ball hits any part of the body (other than the hands), then it may not be hit a second time.

Fouls and Infractions

The Defensive players should make an effort to get out of the way to avoid interference. If a player gets in the way of the play, the opposing team must call “hinder”. They will then be able to replay the point. The offensive team must have a legitimate reason to call “hinder”.

A player cannot hit the ball twice in a row; no matter what. So if player A hits the ball then he can only touch the ball again after someone else(either his teammate or opponent) has touched it. If a player hits the ball twice in a row without anyone else hitting it then the round is forfeited and the opposing team gets the point.

Additionally, If a player makes contact with the set, it results in the loss of the point.

If you prefer to learn by watching someone play the game then you should check out this video explaining the rules of spikeball

Variations Of Spikeball

The rules provided above are the ones used in regulation tournaments. However, one of the greatest things about spikeball is its flexibility. You can change the rules as you see fit to make it fun for you.  Here are some variations you can use to make the game more enjoyable

  • Don’t keep score
  • Each man for himself: In this, each player plays alone. If a player drops the ball they are eliminated from the game. This continues until there’s just one man left.
  • Only one hand: Players are allowed to only use one hand when they are hitting the ball. They must pick the hand they want to use before the round begins and keep their other hand behind their back at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions

The above guide should give you a brief idea on how to play spikeball. But you may still have some questions on the nuances of the game. Hopefully, this section will answer any remaining questions you might have.

Who Serves The Ball?

Each round of spikeball begins with a serve.  There are 3 different ways of picking who serves the ball:

  • The serve is alternated between teams. So if Team A served the ball in the last round, Team B gets to serve it now.
  • The serve is done by the team who won the previous round. This is the most commonly accepted method and something you will see in most Spikeball tournaments. So if Team A won the previous round they get to serve the ball(irrespective of who served it in the previous round)
  • The service is done by the team who lost the previous round. This is a variation you can use if you want to try evening the odds. So if Team A won the previous round, Team B will get to serve the ball.

Additionally, you can pick the first serve with a game of rock-paper-scissors or through a rally.


How Does Scoring Work?

Traditionally, a game of spikeball is played to 21 points. However, this number can be changed if the teams agree prior to the first serve. The scoring mechanics work pretty similar to games like ping-pongtennis, and volleyball – A team can only win by a difference of two points. This can lead to deuces and point-advantages until a team wins by 2 points.

Points can be scored in these ways:

  • When the ball doesn’t touch the net even after three hits in a possession
  • The ball hits the ground
  • The ball hits the rim. (This includes during serves)
  • The ball does not bounce off the net on a single bounce, also known as a double hit. The ball must clear the rim of the net completely.
  • There are two illegal serves in a row.
  • The player hits themselves or their teammate with the ball after it makes contact with the net.

The History Of Spikeball

Spikeball as we know it was created in 2008. But the game has been alive for much longer. It was originally created by Jeff Knurek in 1989. It was called “Roundnet” back then. However, he never patented the idea. This allowed other manufacturers to produce the equipment for the game.  Spikeball inc. was one such manufacturer.

Spikeball inc soon became the largest manufacturers of “Roundnet” equipment. They helped popularize the game and are responsible for setting up the entire competitive landscape for spikeball.  Eventually, fans of the game started referring to the game itself as spikeball. The game has only grown more popular since then.

By 2013, the company had annual revenue of $1 million. Two years later, spikeball managed to score a spot on ABC’s Shark Tank. They even struck a $500,000 deal with the founder of FUBU – Daymond John. Today Spikeball is considered one of the fastest growing sports in America

Best Spikeball Kits

So by now, you know about the history of spikeball and how the game came to be. You also know the rules to the game and realize how easy it is to play. Let’s look at some of the best spikeball kits to help you get started.

GoSports Slammo Game Set

GoSports Slammo Game Set (Includes 3 Balls, Carrying Case and Rules) - Outdoor Lawn, Beach & Tailgating Roundnet Game for Kids, Teens & Adults
  • WHAT IS SLAMMO: Slammo is an action-packed 2-on-2 volleyball style game where teams have 3 hits to return or spike the ball to the circular net; Fun for the whole family at the beach, BBQs, camping, and in the backyard
  • COMPLETE SET: Includes 1 Slammo roundnet target, 1 large 12 cm training ball to learn the game, 2 smaller 9 cm competition balls, travel carrying case and game rules
  • EASY TO LEARN FOR KIDS & ADULTS: Slammo is the must-have outdoor lawn and beach game for the summer that will engage players of all ages; Retail packaged, makes a great gift
  • WHY CHOOSE SLAMMO: Premium construction at a great value without the inflated price tag; Features high tension netting for optimized bounce, track hook technology for 100% net coverage, and all-surface legs to play anywhere; Designed in the US
  • EASY ASSEMBLY: Imagine the action-packed play style of volleyball but without the hassle of setting up; Quickly jump straight into the game where everyone will be spiking like a pro in no time

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Spikeball has grown immensely popular over the last couple of years. This huge demand has lead to a lot of imitators. We found the GoSports Slammo set to be one of the best products out there. It is an exact replica of the original spikeball set with a lower price point.


With a purchase of a single set you get:

  • 3 Slammo Inflatable Balls
  • 1 Inflation Pump with an Inflation Needle
  • A drawstring bag to hold all the equipment
  • The Main set

The inflatable balls are very similar to the ones provided by spikeball. They are made from a durable rubber that looks like it will last for a long time. We should also mention that Slammo provides us with an extra practice ball. This ball is slightly larger than the regulation balls used in spikeball tournaments. The size makes the ball easier to hit and practice your game when you are just getting started. It is also great if you are playing with kids. The larger ball is easier for kids to hit.

Slammo also provides us with an inflation pump. This is something you don’t get with the original spikeball set. The pump itself looks like it is very cheaply made – using low-quality plastics and materials.  However, it does its job well enough.

Additionally, the drawstring bag makes it very convenient to carry the game with you. Keeping everything related to spikeball in the bag is also a great way to ensure that you do not misplace anything.

The main set is very easy to set up. All you need to do is connect the outer tubes to form a ring. Then you spread the net evenly and ensure that it is taut. The tubes have a sliding clip which you can use to hold the net in place. We should note that the clips are not built-in. You will have to put them in the tubes as you form the ring.

What We Like:

  1. A cheaper alternative to the Spikeball kit
  2. Comes with an inflation pump which can be used to fill the balls
  3. You get an additional practice ball

What We Don’t Like:

  1. This is not the official spikeball kit. Every spikeball tournament uses the original kit so if you are planning to play professionally then you are better off getting the original kit
  2. The quality of the inflation pump leaves a lot to be desired
  3. The clips are not built-in which means you need to assemble them too as you are setting up the net.
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Spikeball 3 Ball Kit

Spikeball Standard 3 Ball Kit Game Set - Outdoor Sports & Outdoor Family Games - includes 3 Regular Balls, 1 Ball Net, Drawstring Bag & Rulebook Set for Lawn Games
  • Competitive Spikeball Game Set: Experience the thrill of using this Spikeball game set with your friends and family when you play this outdoor lawn and yard game
  • Fun Outdoor Game Set: You can set up your Spikeball game set and play Roundnet on any surface, whether it's grass, sand, or indoors
  • Outdoor Game for Adults & Kids: This game comes with 3 Spikeball balls, a Spikeball set, a drawstring bag, and a rulebook to use if you're into that sort of thing
  • Outdoor Lawn Game: Set up the Spikeball net quickly and start playing; this spikeball set is made with durable materials for a long-lasting, outdoor family game
  • About Spikeball: Our mission is to bring people together through competition and fun while being the model for how great sports are built

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The Spikeball 3 ball kit is the official kit used in almost every spikeball tournament across the country. Despite the hundreds of the competitors, there is nothing quite like the original. In this set you get

  • 1 Inflation Needle
  • 3 Balls
  • 1 Drawstring Backpack
  • The Main set and Net

Comparison With Slammo

The ball size and quality of the spikeball is very similar to the Slammo. Both are made from an extremely durable rubber that looks like it will last for a really long time. Just like with the Slammo kit we also get drawstring bag to carry our equipment. However, the bag provided by Spikeball is much better. The materials used in the bag looks like it will last for a long time and it features a hidden pocket to hold your phone and wallet when you are playing. This is a really useful feature to have.


Assembling the set is very easy. All you need to do is connect the outer tubes to form a ring and then spread the net evenly. Make sure to pull the net taut around the hoops. Many people have complained about the bounce on this set. However, if you want more bounce then all you need to do is pull the net tauter. Additionally, you could inflate the ball some more which will give it a better bounce

We absolutely love the hook system. Most sets have slideable clips. We have to then attach these clips to the main tube. That’s not that case here. Spikeball clips are built into the ring system. Not only does this help prevent pockets but also makes it easier to set up.

Assembly is easy for all of them. You connect the outer tubes to form a ring and then spread the net evenly and pull taut around the hoops.


But one of the biggest reasons you might have to get the official spikeball kit is the community. USA Spikeball lets you become a ranked player by participating in tournaments across the country. You can look for a local tournament here. When you buy a spikeball set, you are not just buying another product you are joining a community of Roundnet lovers. They even have an app which lets you find spikeball players and tournaments around you


Spikeball inc. completely stands behind the quality of their product. Many manufacturers only interact with a customer until they purchase the product and are gone forever after the sale is made. Spikeball inc is different. They offer one of the best customer care services we have seen in a long time. Call them for help with even the most obscure problems and their customer service representatives will respond immediately with a solution.

Spikeball also offers a lifetime guarantee behind all their parts and pieces. If anything breaks during play, they will replace the part for free. No knock-off brand offers a similar warranty.

What We Like:

  1. The hook system is inbuilt into the main tube. This makes the setup much easier
  2. Official Spikeball product. By Purchasing this kit you are becoming a part of the spikeball community
  3. Comes with Spikeballs Warranty Service

What We Don’t Like

  1. Pricier than many other round net products
  2. The kit does not come with an inflation pump.
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Spikeball Pro Kit 

Spikeball Pro Kit - Outdoor Family Game Set - Includes Balls, Pro Net, Backpack, Tournament Registration and Portable Pump
  • Competitive Spikeball Game Set: Play at the pro level with the Spikeball Pro set that is made for the serious Roundnet player who demands the best
  • Sturdy Outdoor Game Set: This Spikeball pro set has a stronger frame and tighter net that make for a more stable playing experience, even during the harshest of plays
  • Professional Outdoor Game for Adults: These Spikeball pro balls have added texture to help players add topspin on their kills and backspin on their drop shots
  • Outdoor Lawn Game: This Spikeball Pro set includes 2 Pro balls, a portable ball pump and gauge, a backpack, and 1 free registration to Spikeball Roundnet Association tournament
  • About Spikeball: Our mission is to bring people together through competition and fun while being the model for how great sports are built

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The Spikeball Pro kit is an upgraded version of the spikeball 3 base set. It is meant to be used for professional play. This kit is a great choice for any player looking to play competitively. It even comes with a  free registration pass that can be used to register for any spikeball tournament in the country. This is a great offer as most spike ball tournaments tend to costs upwards of $40.

Main Set Improvements

Additionally, the professional kit is reinforced with a better plastic polymer. Starting from spikeball version 3, the legs are spring loaded. This lets the legs fold flat. Not only is this great for portability(as it becomes easy to pack up and setup) but it is also less likely to break from someone falling on it. Most professionals know that players often fall on the net as they dive for the ball. With the spring loaded legs, the set will simply snap shut instead of breaking down


The balls on the pro kit also come with some added texture. This extra grip allows a better “touch” on hitting the ball and enables more spin and control on hits.  The pro balls also have a fashionably shaped design which distinguishes them from the regular balls.

Additionally, you also get a more durable, lightweight backpack. This is not another budget backpack but quality product by itself. The bag has padded shoulder straps and additional storage pockets. One of our main gripes with the base kit was the lack of an air pump. The professional kit makes up for this. It comes with an air pump and a pressure gauge so you can accurately put the required air pressure into your ball

In addition to the above, you also get all the features provided by the base spike ball kit

What We Like

  1. The Quality of the main set. The plastics on the main sets are much more durable than the base kit
  2. The free tournament registration more than makes up for the premium you spend on this kit
  3. The better ball quality, pro backpack and air pump are nice features to have

What We Don’t Like

  1. Cost twice as much as the regular kit.
  2. Not meant for everyone. Only for those looking to play professionally.
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Spikeball is easy to learn but it’s hard to master.   But you now know everything there is to learn with this spikeball review and how to play it. So get a spikeball set(if you don’t already have one) and start playing – we recommend the Spikeball 3 Ball Kit.

Instead of spending hours online reading about spikeball, stop and play the game. Reading will only take you so far. Actually playing the game is the best way to truly enjoy the sport. Get involved in the community and maybe participate in some local tournaments. Most importantly, have fun!