Best Electric Hedge Trimmers for Keeping Your Topiary Tidy: Complete Buying Guide

If you’ve got hedges that need trimming, there’s no easier way to whip them in shape than by picking up an electric hedge trimmer. It does all the work for you and leaves your hedges looking clean and orderly. Here’s everything you need to know to choose the best electric hedge trimmers for your landscaping needs.

GTech HT20 Hedge Trimmer

BLACK+DECKER 40V MAX Cordless Hedge Trimmer, 24-Inch (LHT2436)
  • Powerful 40V Lithium Ion battery of the cordless hedge trimmer delivers power and run-time to complete the toughest jobs
  • 24 inch dual-action blades of the battery powered hedge trimmer cut branches fast with less vibration
  • Trimmers for plants have extended reach blades with a 3/4 inch cut capacity trim more in less time
  • Up to 6000 sq ft of actual hedges trimmed per charge
  • Wrap-around front handle provides comfort and control in vertical and horizontal trimming application

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The GTech HT20 Hedge Trimmer is a lightweight pole trimmer designed to make trimming towering hedges easy. The high-torque 18 V motor is powered by a rechargeable Lithium ion battery, for easy and environmentally friendly use. The battery takes four hours to get a complete charge and runs for up to 45 minutes of continuous cutting, with an LED display to let you know how much juice you’ve got left. Since it’s cordless, you don’t have to worry about accidentally cutting off your power supply!

The precision foot long blade is equipped with an adjustable cutting head that gives you 135 degrees of rotation so you can cut at any angle, with an attached pole that puts 10-foot tall hedges within your reach! The GTech HT20 only weighs about five pounds, so you can comfortably trim your hedges for the full charge period without getting arm fatigue.

Designed with safety in mind, this hedge trimmer has two safety buttons which must be simultaneously pressed with the trigger in order to start the engine. This ensures that you won’t accidentally start up your trimmer. You can also pick up a branch cutter attachment for this trimmer that will let you tackle branches up to 60 mm thick!

While this hedge trimmer isn’t the most powerful option on the market, it’s still a great choice for dealing with tall hedges and it’s designed for easy use by your average homeowner.

Things We Like

Lightweight ergonomic design is easy to use

Two-stage safety trigger and hand shield protect you from injury

Adjustable head makes it easy to get an even trim on uneven hedges

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Black & Decker GT6060 600W 60cm Hedgetrimmer

BLACK+DECKER 40V MAX Cordless Hedge Trimmer, 24-Inch (LHT2436)
  • Powerful 40V Lithium Ion battery of the cordless hedge trimmer delivers power and run-time to complete the toughest jobs
  • 24 inch dual-action blades of the battery powered hedge trimmer cut branches fast with less vibration
  • Trimmers for plants have extended reach blades with a 3/4 inch cut capacity trim more in less time
  • Up to 6000 sq ft of actual hedges trimmed per charge
  • Wrap-around front handle provides comfort and control in vertical and horizontal trimming application

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The Black & Decker GT6060 is a versatile two-handed hedge trimmer with a 600 W corded motor. This puppy is designed to take care of medium sized hedges and small branches quickly and efficiently, weighing just over 6 and a half pounds.  With two-foot-long dual action, asymmetric blades, you can take down branches up to 25 mm in diameter. The angled blade design cuts smoothly through hedges.

Ergonomically designed to provide even weight distribution between the blade and handle, the load is split between the arms, shoulders, and back to minimize fatigue. It’s easy and flexible to handle. To ensure safety, this model includes a two-handed safe-start switch so that you can’t accidentally start it. It also features a large protective guard shield to keep flying debris away from you and a built-in cable management system to help keep you from accidentally severing your power cord or getting tangled up in it.

Things We Like

Two-stage safety trigger and hand shield protect you from injury

Lightweight ergonomic design is easy to use

Built-in cable management system keeps the cords safe and out of your way

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Bosch AHS 70-34 Hedgecutter

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The Bosch AHS 70-34 Hedgecutter is a heavy-duty tool, designed to slice through large hedges like butter. While Bosch offers lighter weight hedge trimmers if you have less hedge to handle, the AHS 70-34 is their biggest and baddest, with a 700 W motor and over 2-foot blade.

The blade is a laser-cut, diamond ground blade with a 34 mm tooth opening, making it super effective. It features a sawing function to let you cut through even thicker hedges. At the end it has an integrated blade tip protector to keep you from damaging the blade, or the wall or the ground, when it makes contact with non-hedge objects.

The 32-foot cable gives you more power than a battery powered trimmer but with enough space to be maneuverable. It requires much less maintenance before and after use than a gasoline trimmer but offers comparable power. This trimmer also features an extremely high torque slipping clutch to give you even more power.

This trimmer features an ergonomic design to help you avoid fatigue even when using this 8.5-pound beast, with soft grip handles and a see-through hand guard to help you work safely and effortlessly. It’s designed to have the optimal center of gravity for balanced working and handling.

Things We Like

Laser-cut diamond ground blade is durable and long lasting

Integrated blade tip protector is a unique and useful feature

See-through hand guard protects you from debris without obscuring your vision

Sawing function provides additional leverage and power for dealing with thicker branches

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VonHaus Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer

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The VonHaus Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer is one of the best pole hedge trimmers out there, with resoundingly good reviews from users. The 20 V electric engine has enough power to take care of branches up to 14 mm thick, with its 18-inch dual action laser cut blades.

The multi-angle head adjusts easily to make your hedge trimming experience even simpler. You can angle it anywhere from -45° to 90° to make precise cuts; it doesn’t matter whether you’re cutting vertically or horizontally. The VonHaus’ telescopic pole extends all the way to eight feet, so even tall hedges are within your reach, especially with the adjustable head angles.

The 1.5AH Lithium-ion battery charges in an astounding 60 minutes for a full 50 minutes of run time, which makes it one of the most impressive battery operated hedge trimmers we’ve seen. Plus, the battery is fully compatible with other VonHaus 20 V tools, like the (non-pole) hedge trimmer, grass trimmer, and leaf blower!

The VonHaus Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer also features a two-stage safety trigger, to make sure that you can’t start this baby up on accident and get injured, in addition to a hand protector shield to keep you safe from debris. The soft ergonomically designed handles and shoulder strap ensure you’ll be comfortable while you use it.

Things We Like

Telescopic pole is easy to adjust so you can tackle even the tallest hedges

Adjustable head makes it easy to get an even trim on uneven hedges

Two-stage safety trigger and hand shield protect you from injury

SUPER fast charging battery

Comes with a blade cover

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VonHaus 550W Electric Hedge Trimmer/Cutter

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The VonHaus 550W Electric Hedge Trimmer/Cutter is a powerful and lightweight hedge trimmer that’s easy to use for homeowners of all experience levels. It features a powerful 550W motor with a two-foot long precision steel cutting blade that can tackle branches up to 16 mm in diameter.

This hedge trimmer is designed ergonomically with a soft grip handle that won’t cause your hands pain with extended use and a blade oscillation rate of 1700/minute so you get a smooth cut without snags that can jar you unexpectedly. Plus, it weighs in at only a little over 7.5 pounds, so it’s easy to handle.

The VonHaus 550W Electric Hedge Trimmer/Cutter also features a two-stage safety trigger and hand protection shield for safe use and ensure it doesn’t start accidentally. With a ten-meter cord, you have plenty of room to take care of your hedges.

Things We Like

Two-stage safety trigger and hand shield protect you from injury

Lightweight ergonomic design is easy to use

Comes with a blade cover and cable holder for ease of storage

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Bosch Isio Cordless Edging and Shrub Shear Set

BLACK+DECKER 40V MAX* Lithium-Ion 22-Inch Cordless Hedge Trimmer (LHT2240)
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE CORDLESS HEDGE TRIMMER - Powerful 40V MAX* Lithium-Ion hedge trimmer for hedges, shrubs, and branches up to 3⁄4 in.
  • DUAL-ACTION BLADE - Hardened steel dual-action blade for reduced vibration while trimming
  • EASY TO OPERATE - Lightweight and easy to maneuver with ergonomic wraparound auxiliary handle and integrated vibration reduction
  • RECHARGEABLE, INTERCHANGEABLE BATTERY - 40V MAX* Lithium-Ion battery works with all other BLACK+DECKER 40V MAX* products

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If you’ve got some topiary to trim and need to get more precise, want to get clean edges on your lawn, or if you just want a smaller and more maneuverable trimmer, the Bosch Isio Cordless Edging and Shrub Shear Set is a great option. While it won’t stand up to trees, this little battery powered trimmer will still surprise you with its efficacy.

It uses as powerful 3.6 V Li-ion battery that can give you up to an hour of run time. It charges up quickly and is ready to go with very little self-discharge. The Anti-Blocking System makes sure that your trimmer won’t stall out while you’re using it, so you can get your work done without interruption.

This set includes two super sharp blades: an 8-cm multi-click edging shear blade and a 12-cm multi-click shrub shear blade. The multi-click system makes it easy to swap out your attachments without the need for additional tools, enabling this trimmer to be multifunctional and highly versatile. In addition to the attachments it comes with, you can also pick up a liquid spray attachment, spreader attachment for distributing grass seed, or a telescopic handle.

The whole tool weighs in at just over a pound, so it’s easy to use for people of all ages without getting fatigue. On the whole, this is a great tool and we definitely recommend it.

Things We Like

Anti-blocking system prevents your trimmer from stalling

Easy to swap out attachments make this a super versatile little tool

Super lightweight and easy to use

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Do you need a hedge trimmer?

That depends. Do you have hedges? Are they unwieldy? Are you a topiary artist? Is your house surrounded by a secretive fence of foliage? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you might need a hedge trimmer. While you can trim with a pair of analog shears, unless you’re Edward Scissorhands, an electric hedge trimmer presents a much easier way to keep your hedges under control. If you don’t have hedges, you may be reading the wrong article.

Types of Hedge Trimmers

There are several things to consider when you’re picking out a hedge trimmer for your own landscaping needs. What size hedges are you dealing with? Are they smaller or taller than you are? How thick are the branches you need to cut through? Do you have access to power nearby? All of these things need to be taken into account when deciding what kind of hedge trimmer to get.

Pole Hedge Trimmers

Pole Hedge Trimmers are designed for dealing with taller hedges. They have long handles for trimming outside of your arms reach and tend to have adjustable angled heads so that it’s easier to deal with hedges of all shapes and sizes. You can also get pole hedge trimmers with adjustable telescopic poles, so you can control the length.

Hedge Trimmers

Regular hedge trimmers don’t have poles attached to them, they’re smaller and easier to use. Since they’re more manageable, they tend not to have adjustable angle heads, since you can just adjust the way you’re holding it.

Power Sources

You’ll also need to decide what sort of power source you want for your hedge trimmer. This article is only dealing with electric hedge trimmers because they’re easier to use and more environmentally friendly. But even with electric hedge trimmers you’ll need to choose between battery powered and corded, depending on your needs and power availability.

Corded Hedge Trimmers

Corded hedge trimmers have a bit of an advantage over their cordless counterparts in terms of how much power they have to offer, but this is a gap that’s slowly disappearing. They’re lighter weight, which makes them easier to use, but you also have to navigate around the cord that provides you with your power. This means you’ll need to either stick close enough to your power outlet to stay plugged in or invest in an extension cord as well.

Cordless Hedge Trimmers

Cordless hedge trimmers are run off of batteries. They’re a little more convenient to use in terms of not having to worry about cords or outlets. They’ll keep running until the battery has run out. If you have a lot of hedges, consider picking up a couple of batteries so you can just pop another one in to finish the job. Most batteries these days are Lithium ion. Here are some tips for keeping them safe and powerful.

Of course, having to carry the battery does make them a little heavier than their corded counterparts, but on the whole, we prefer cordless options.

Gasoline Powered Hedge Trimmers

Gas powered hedge trimmers do exist and they can tackle some pretty heavy duty jobs, but there’s a definite trade off. They’re heavier, more expensive, and harder to use. Unless you’re a professional, they’re not really worth the purchase. Your electric hedge trimmer will be easier to start, easier to maintain, and much much quieter to run than a gas model.

Blade Length

You’ll notice some variety in blade lengths when you’re looking through the different hedge trimmers on offer. The blade size has a definite impact on the ease of use. Longer blades make it easier to get an even trim, but they’re a little heavier and harder to use. Smaller blades are, naturally, better for dealing with smaller hedges and have an added degree of maneuverability.

Teeth Spacing

Another thing to look at is the length between the teeth of your blade. The wider the space is, the larger the branches you’ll be able to cut. If you’re dealing with more mature hedges, or larger hedges, you’ll want a hedge trimmer with larger spaces between the teeth. Most hedge trimmers tend to have around 20 mm space between the teeth, which makes them ideal for dealing with smaller hedges and thinner branches.

Rather than picking up a super beefy trimmer if you’ve got a few branches on the larger side, consider investing in a pair of loppers instead. They’ll get a cleaner finish, which is better for keeping your foliage healthy.

Using your hedge trimmer safely

As a bladed power tool, hedge trimmers have the potential to be quite dangerous, in spite of their safety mechanisms in place. It’s important to practice safe use techniques. Here are a few safety tips.

  • Wear eye and ear protection when using your hedge trimmer
  • Wear long pants, long sleeves, and work gloves to protect yourself from debris
  • Hold the hedge trimmer with both hands at all times
  • Watch out for things you don’t want to cut, like the cord or stones or other debris

If you want a little more info, check out this safety tutorial.

Maintaining your electric hedge trimmer

Although electric hedge trimmers require way less maintenance than their gasoline-powered counterparts, there are still a few easy things you can do to make sure that it keeps running for years to come.

The first thing is to make sure that your hedge trimmer is turned off and disconnected. Either unplug it or remove the battery, depending on which kind you have.

After each use take a small bristle brush and remove any debris that’s become lodged in the blades. It’s best to do this immediately so you can take care of any sap that has settled onto the blades before it dries. After you’ve brushed it, give a gentle wash with soap and water using a rag, but be sure to dry it completely so that the blades don’t corrode.

Apply a lubricant once you’ve finished so that your blades don’t rust in between uses and you’re good to go!

Best Brands


Gtech is a passionate company dedicated to the design of new and better tools to keep your house and outdoor living space clean and classy.

Black & Decker

An American company with a history of excellence, Black & Decker is a household name with a reputation for creating quality tool that goes back over a century.


Though you may know Bosch for their power tools and household soloutions, this innovative company is on the cutting edge of sustainable and interconnected engineering.


VonHaus is focused on helping you improve your living space, both indoor and outdoor.


Q: Can electric hedge trimmer blades be sharpened?

A: Of course they can! And it’s important to keep them sharp so that they continue to make clean cuts instead of damaging your branches by crushing them. You can take them to a professional to have them sharpened or, if you want to try it yourself, check out this a step by step walkthrough.

Q: Can I use an electric hedge trimmer when it’s wet?

A: Bad idea. Electricity and water aren’t a great combination. Definitely, don’t use your electric hedge trimmer in the rain and we don’t recommend using it immediately after the rain either. It’s best to use it when your hedges are on the dry side.

Q: Do electric hedge trimmers need oil?

A: Not in the same way gasoline powered hedge trimmer needs oil. Oiling your blades is a great way to keep them in tip-top shape for future uses, but that’s all the oiling an electric hedge trimmer needs to keep running.

Wrap Up

Still not sure which one is the best electric hedge trimmer? The simple answer is that it depends on your needs. If you’re planning on slicing through some thick hedges, you’re going to want the power of the Bosch AHS 70-34 Hedgecutter. It’s burly and designed to take on tough tasks. If you’ve got some smallish hedges that need tidying, you’re better off with something like the Black & Decker GT6060 600W 60cm Hedgetrimmer, which is a great all around trimmer.