21 Front Porch Ideas You’ll Love

Porches have been an integral component of the majority of homes for centuries. The simple, yet refined architecture has always evoked a sense of comfort and warmth. Despite the disproportionate focus that other parts of the house get and the constant changes in home styles and designs, the porch has never truly gone out of style.

If you think that adding a porch is too much of an inconvenience, you should know that the benefits that it offers are simply invaluable. Besides its undeniable aesthetic quality and ability to seamlessly enhance the front of your house, a porch provides a wide array of advantages that make it a worthy investment for any house.

The first one is probably the main reason why most people choose to add it: extra space. Your porch essentially serves as an extension of the interior of your house and provides you with additional storage space for a host of items, as well as an extra sitting area. Other convenient benefits include serving as an extra line of defense in the case of an attempted break-in, and as an air retainer that prevents heat loss from the inside of the house.

Building a new porch is not a process that should be rushed. In fact, you need to consider a number of variables before committing to the project. More importantly, you should consult an architect or an experienced contractor in order to avoid any structural issues that might arise when you’re designing your porch. The first step of the project is to know the main options that are available to you:

  • Open Porch: This is the most common and easily recognizable type of front porches. It has the widest range of design options and it’s extremely effective when it comes to creating a rustic and spacious setting.
  • Wraparound porch: This style is popular in country houses and can still be seen in some older homes in cities across the western world. The main design distinction of this type is the fact that it spans two or more sides of the home.
  • Screened porch: This type is popular in places with seasonal variations. It consists of structure outside of the house that has been covered by a layer of window screens. This is done in order to prevent insects, dust, and debris from getting into the porch, especially during the summer.
  • Covered porch: This type is also known as a rain porch and is mostly found in the eastern part of the United States. Much like the screened porch, it’s designed to shield the inside from exposure to a wide range of elements; namely rain, and snow. This structure features a roof and columns that reach the ground and extend past the deck.

Now that you know everything that there is to know about front porches, it’s time to delve deeper and take a look at some beautiful designs. Here are some of our top front porch ideas:

1 – White Traditional Porch

You can never go wrong with a traditional white porch. This design is both soothing and eye-catching and never really goes out of style. Additionally, this color possesses the unique ability to blend in with any type of house paint.

2 – Retro Porch with Contrast Green and Red Walls

As you have probably guessed by now, our list is going to feature a lot of traditional style porches. This design, in particular, is simply exquisite. Green and red are two complementary colors and their juxtaposition creates a beautiful effect that will make your house stand out.

3 – Large Column Porch with Chairs and Hanging Swing

This porch style is perfect if you have enough space in the front of your house. This setup is very comfortable and can provide a great escape from the confines of the indoors when the weather allows it.

4 – Wooden Porch with Rocking Chairs

Wooden porches have been a mainstay in country homes for centuries. If you want to bring that vibe to your own house, a set of rocking chairs and an artisanal wooden floor can do the job.

5 – Mediterranean-Style Front Porch

Mediterranean homes are known for their refreshing contrast of blue, light green and white colors. This style also incorporates a number of exquisite elements such as traditional handmade pillows and colorful chairs.

6 – Front Porch with Bright Colors

When executed properly, a porch that employs a multitude of bright colors can really become the highlight of your house. This particular porch uses an effective mixture of orange, three different shades of green, and vinyl floor tiling.

7 – Porch with a Hanging Swing and Pot

Minimalist, simple, and straight to the point, this design features the basic elements that we like to see in a nice suburban home. Sometimes less is more, and this porch is the perfect example of that.

8 – Covered Front Porch with a Rustic Bench

This covered front porch style boasts a number of basic elements that complement each other perfectly. The rustic bench adds warmth to the whole setting and gives the front of your house a welcoming look.

9 – Front Porch with an Antique Bench

Everything about this style of porch screams class and elegance. The antique bench goes well with the smooth surface and the wide mahogany door. Moreover, it’s the perfect way to showcase your eclectic taste to your visitors.

10 – Porch with Flower Pots and Comfy Seating Area

This porch feels very cozy and warm and is ideal for people who like to relax outside their home for an extended period of time. This setting puts an emphasis on comfort and you can expect your guests to want to join in on the relaxing experience.

11 – Wooden Porch with Red Rocking Chairs

This is another case where the color contrast is simply impressive. The red chairs feature exquisite backlines that complement the wood floor and the brick wall.

12 – Front Porch with Hanging Plant Pots

The use of plants is one of the best ways to enhance the décor of your porch. Hanging pots, in particular, are perfectly suited for outdoor settings such as patios and front porches.

13 – Vintage Porch with Railings, Columns, and Hanging Light

This porch features all the components of vintage homes; Victorian style columns, Roman railings, and a hanging pendant light fixture. Your neighbors and visitors won’t be able to miss the undeniable air of luxury that this elegant porch exudes.

14 – Traditional Country-Style Porch

Old country-style porches have long been an inspiration for a huge number of home designers. A simple design like this one effectively combines the simplicity of traditional railings with a minimalist wood floor.

15 – Porch with White Rocking Chairs and Matching Columns

A design that utilizes the color white in a harmonious manner is always effective when it comes to highlighting the front of your house. The columns of this porch draw a lot of inspiration from Roman architecture and are guaranteed to set your house apart from neighboring homes.

16 – Concrete Porch with Brick Trim and Wooden Railings

This style of porch has a sturdy feel that is quite different from that of an average wooden porch. While not as eye-catching as some of the other designs in this list, this style is evergreen and goes well with any type of architecture.

17 – Wooden Porch with Brick Columns

This porch features a seamless combination of heavy-duty brick columns and artisanal wooden chairs, railings, and floor. The setting is eye-pleasing thanks to the uniformity between the different shades of brown that are used in each element of the porch.

18 – Small Porch with a Garden Bench and Brown Door

Just because you have a small house doesn’t mean you don’t get to enjoy a beautiful and relaxing porch. This basic design makes the most out of the available space and doesn’t waste an inch on superfluous decoration.

19 – Covered Porch with Yellow Exterior

This is another compact porch that was specifically designed for small houses. The yellow exterior enhances the character of the porch and boosts its appeal while the matching light fixture and pot add an element of uniformity to the layout.

20 – Long Turquoise-Style Porch with Wooden Rocking Chairs

Turquoise is one of the colors that have proven effective in improving people’s mood state. This design uses it in a clever manner, combining it with different shades of green and applying it subtly to parts of the porch that are bound to attract visitors’ eyes.

21 – Large Front Porch with Flower Pots and Ceiling Lights

This porch incorporates everything that you would expect to see in a luxurious porch. The railings and floor are made from high-quality wood and flower pots are placed in a way that ensures maximum decorative effect. More importantly, the spaciousness of the sitting area allows for a relaxing and comfortable escape from the indoors.

The front of your home is the first thing your guests and neighbors see, that’s why creating a warm and welcoming design is a must. We hope that you can draw inspiration from these front porch ideas to give the front of your house the remodel that it deserves.

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