Backyard Waterfall: 21 Inventive Design Ideas

When it comes to enhancing the layout of your yard, few things can match the appeal and beauty of a backyard waterfall. Their simplistic design coupled with their soothing layout and amazing water patterns makes them stand out in any type of garden. In fact, some of the best artificial streams can even mimic natural waterfalls in terms of the beauty and serenity that they exude.

Having a beautiful waterfall in your yard can transform your garden into a lush space for relaxation and peaceful meditation. The sound of water cascading through the rocks has an undeniable calming quality that will prompt you to extend your stay outdoors. Moreover, a backyard waterfall can enhance gatherings with your loved ones and add a touch of romance to the evenings that you spend with your significant other.

Whether you’re planning to go the DIY route or let a professional handle the entire process, installing a waterfall in your backyard can be achieved in a simple and quick manner. There’s a plethora of styles and designs that you can draw inspiration from, both in natural landscapes and in the traditional gardens of many cultures. A great example of this would be elegant Asian gardens, Persian paradise gardens, and the traditional English gardens.

If you want to undertake the project of building a backyard waterfall by yourself, there are several factors that you should consider. This isn’t something that you can start without carefully studying all the variables that are at play. To help you get a good idea of how to tackle this project, here’s a brief overview of some of the key points that you’ll need to keep in mind:

The Foundation

The first thing that you need to be conscious of is the foundation on which the backyard waterfall will be built. If the soil is soft and easy to dig, you should excavate the area before building the stream. If the soil is difficult to dig, the stream should be built above a base made of stones.

The Size

The size of the stream is directly correlated with the amount of water that the lower basin and upper pool can hold. For example, a 2-ft wide, 3-inch deep stream can handle around 5 gallons of water per linear foot.

The Slope

Contrary to the common misconception, you don’t need that much slope in order to get faster moving water. The recommended minimum is generally within the range of 2 to 3-inch drop per 10 ft.

The Sound

Most people would like to have a backyard waterfall that can emulate the soothing natural sound of water streaming through the rocks. However, obtaining that sound can be quite challenging due to the amount of noise emanating from the surroundings. The best solution to minimize the noise is to build longer streams with greater waterfall drops.

If you’re not sure which waterfall design to choose for your backyard, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll share with you some of the most inventive and ingenious waterfall designs that we’ve come across. Granted, tastes vary and not every design in this list will appeal to your sensibilities and preferences. However, you can rest assured in the knowledge that each one was curated with extreme care and with the utmost attention to the smallest of details.

Our Favorite Waterfall Ideas

1. Home Garden Waterfall Pond

This beautiful design consists of an above-ground pond with a brick paver stone-hard cape. Besides the fact that it’s aesthetically pleasing, one of the main selling points of this pond is that it’s small enough to fit in most backyards.

2. Artificial Tropical Pond

Artificial tropical ponds are always a good idea if you have enough lush greenery in your yard. They’re relatively simple to build and are extremely effective when it comes to creating a natural wild atmosphere in your backyard.

3. Tropical Design with a Small Pond

This backyard waterfall utilizes space in an efficient manner. Unlike most designs, the pond isn’t unnecessarily large and the rocks are placed in a way that doesn’t obstruct the full view of water falling into it.

4. High Rock Waterfall

This elaborate backyard waterfall design is remarkably exquisite and requires some delicate work in order to achieve. Due to the height of the fall, the visual effect of water cascading through the rocks is simply breathtaking. Moreover, the sound that it produces is soothing and relaxing.

5. Fish Pond Waterfall

A tested and proven design that’s sure to impress your guests. While it occupies a significant amount of space due to the size of the pond, sitting close to the water and experiencing its calming sound is worth the relatively minor inconvenience.

6. Waterfall into Large Pool

If your space allows it, this setup can be a tremendous addition to your home. The large pool provides a perfect pond for the waterfall and the imposing nature of the whole structure adds another dimension to your backyard.

7. Circular Rock Pond with a Small Trickle Waterfall

The circular rock pond and small trickle waterfall is a good choice for anyone who likes to keep it simple and minimalistic. More notably, this setup makes the backyard shine without taking up too much space.

8. Hanging Water Fountain

If you feel like investing in a luxury waterfall, this design might be an ideal pick. The three hanging fountainheads provide a good combination of aesthetic and aural effects.

9. Simple Creek Design

This backyard waterfall perfectly emulates the serenity and beauty of a natural water creek. It’s simple to set up and is an ideal design for a small garden.

10. Shallow Tropical Pond

You don’t need a lot of space in order to bring a tropical feel to your backyard. This shallow pond looks stunning when surrounded by overhanging plants.

11. Wall-Mounted Backyard Waterfall

Symmetry and tranquility are probably the two main features of this waterfall design. The flat pond goes well with the brick wall and the cascading water emits a soothing sound to help you relax.

12. Double Waterfall

This is one of the most elaborate waterfall designs on our list. The double waterfall is the perfect replication of the stunning scenery that you’re likely to experience in nature.

13. Scenic Waterfall in Front of the Living Area

The waterfall is built right in front of the backyard door and relies on an intricate mixture of plants and unique water flow patterns in order to create the perfect view. This is ideal for people who want to enjoy the beauty of the waterfall without stepping outside.

14. Waterfall from an Artisanal Vase

The main reason this original design caught our attention was the clever incorporation of the artisanal vase into the setup. The view is simply captivating and evokes a sense of blissful serenity.

15. Water Flowing from Earthenware into a Terracotta Jug

Continuing with the theme of water cascading from artisanal items, this particular mini waterfall looks especially pristine in the midst of the lush greenery that surrounds it. Additionally, the quality of craftsmanship that’s displayed here is just impressive.

16. Tropical Pond with Large Rocks

This design makes heavy use of rocks and draws inspiration from tropical creeks. Both real and artificial rocks can be effectively used to recreate this landscape. Despite the low water levels, this simple backyard waterfall is still quite captivating.

17. Oasis-Style Waterfall

Nothing highlights the beauty of water more than an oasis-style setting. This round-shaped pond is surrounded by beautiful green vegetation and the water flows gently through a perfectly designed stream.

18. Resort-Style Backyard Waterfall

If you have ample space in your backyard, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t consider building a beautiful waterfall that resembles those in luxury resorts. The setup is rather simple and merely requires a high-pressure pump and a bed of large rocks around the upper side of the pool.

19. Japanese Garden Waterfall

Japanese gardens are highly appreciated for their relaxing simplicity and concise attention to detail. They feature minimalistic, yet intricate pathways and carefully positioned plants for maximum visual effect. The way the water flows through the stream is immaculate and symmetrical.

20. Traditional Bamboo Waterfall Pond

This is a feature of many traditional homes in East Asia. The decorative aspect of this simple contraption coupled with its sharp sounds brings a touch of oriental mystique to any backyard.

21. Wooden Antique Waterfall

Understandably, this backyard waterfall design is not for everybody – but if you happen to be a fan of antique items, you’ll appreciate the association of water with well-crafted wooden pieces.

Final Thoughts

Backyard waterfalls are perfect for creating a serene and peaceful atmosphere in your own yard. The relaxation and tranquility that they provide is simply invaluable and will undoubtedly have a positive impact on your life.