How to Build a Backyard Skatepark

If you want to learn how to build a backyard skatepark you know that skateboarding is a very intensive sport that can be difficult to practice if you don’t have an area dedicated to skating nearby. It’s horrible to have a skateboard and desperately want to hit some ramps, or learn some new tricks, but no space to practice.

Thankfully it is so much easier to build a backyard skatepark than you know. A little bit of carpentry and some sturdy building skills can get you a space to practice skateboarding in no time.

Is it Legal?

Before you even try to start building a skatepark in your backyard you might want to call a few people. It may not be legal to build a skatepark in your yard, and if you do you may need to get permits, and additional insurance to cover any accidents.

The last thing you want is for someone else to come into your yard and get hurt skating without permission if it’s not legally supposed to be there. In that case, you could be at fault.

It’s always better to follow the law, even if it says ‘no skate park in the backyard for you’. This way, no one gets in trouble, and no one gets unnecessarily hurt.

Space Requirements

This will be a big constraint, especially if you don’t have a lot of space upfront to start with. The more space you have to dedicate the better you can learn about how to build a backyard skatepark that ends up being effective and functional.

Too much congestion can be a bad thing and lead to some serious injury when you aren’t careful enough, be sure to space out your skate park and take into account what you can and cannot include based on your size.


Don’t start thinking that you have to learn how to build a backyard skatepark out of concrete, because that’s just silly. Most backyard skate parks are built out of wood, and they’re built to be sturdy.

They have lots of cross-sections and supports ensuring that you aren’t going to have any issues with the physical parts of your backyard skatepark themselves. You won’t likely have a ramp fall out from under you in the middle of a trick.

You should also weatherproof the wood, this will ensure that regardless of the rain or the other weather conditions in your area you won’t have to regularly replace damaged sections of your park. Wood soaks up water quickly though, so you’ll want to ensure your skatepark is protected as soon as you possibly can.

You can also buy treated wood, or seal the wood with outside paint, this would give you a cool design to skate on, depending on the colors you’d like, while also


The hardest thing you’re going to come across after you get any permits and buy the wood you’ll need is finding the designs. You can’t just throw together whatever you please and call it a skatepark.

You need to be sure the designs are going to be sturdy enough to be able to support your weight and regular use. This means being on the hunt for different designs that you’d like to incorporate when you ask yourself how to build a backyard skatepark.

Safety Needs

First things first, you shouldn’t let just anyone come into your backyard skatepark. People could easily get hurt and then sue you.

Instead, a backyard skatepark should be for your enjoyment only. These skateparks are far more dangerous than a simple batting cage or a pitching mound in your backyard. Skateparks, though incredibly fun, can easily cause broken bones.

It’s also not legal to build a skate park for yourself, only to turn around and sell access to it unless you obtain the correct permits right out of the gate and get injury waivers together to protect yourself. The last thing you want is to get in serious trouble because someone used your skate park without permission or without proper protection.

A Solid Foundation

When you’re planning your backyard skate park, you won’t just need space; you’re going to need a flat, level, solid space. Otherwise, ramps could sink or expand due to rain, and you could easily slip and get hurt.

This foundation will be the perfect space to build all of your individual ramps, and other designs on. It will ensure a quality experience, that you can get the most out of unlike trying to place your skate park directly on the ground.

Don’t Want to do it Yourself?

There’s thankfully a contractor for just about everything, and there are definitely contractors for backyard skateparks. This option is ideal for someone with a lot of land, and a lot of money, who may not necessarily have the time to sink into building their own.

You also just might not want to take the time to build the skate park o your own. Either way, you can always get a skatepark built by a professional for an additional fee.

If you take this route you can be sure that all legal guidelines will need to be strictly followed. You may have to get the permits, but you’ll know that the build is done right, and you may even be able to get it built in concrete instead depending on your budget!

Contractors are usually a great group of professionals, and in this industry, they’re passionate about skateboarding and skate parks. Passionate enough to ensure you get the best experience out of your skatepark that you possibly could.

Final Thoughts

You can easily learn how to build a backyard skatepark as long as you aren’t afraid to do some research ahead of time. First, find out what permits or permissions you need for your state and county.

Secondly, make sure you have space, otherwise, your congested skate park could spell disaster for you and your loved ones.

Thirdly, make sure you’re selective about who uses the park, and that they either sign waivers stating you are not liable for their potential injury, or that you keep the park just for yourself.

Fourth make sure your designs are nice and stable, the last thing you need is a ramp falling out from under you or some other trick going wrong because a design crumpled. The injuries that could come from a failing design alone could be quite difficult to manage.

If you can manage all this you’ll be able to enjoy a high quality, personal backyard skate park for quite some time to come.