The 5 Best Shin Guards for Youth Soccer: Our Top Picks!

Soccer is perhaps the most popular sport around the globe, and with good reason. It requires dedication, athleticism, and few supplies. The majority of players start early with youth soccer, and having the proper protection is essential to avoid injury and keep the game fun. When looking for the best shin guards for youth soccer, consider the following options. Each one was selected because of its durability, flexibility, and comfortable fit.

In a Hurry? Here’s Our Top Picks…

1. Vizari Malaga Soccer Shin Guards

Vizari Malaga Soccer Shin Guard for Kids| Youth Soccer Shin Guard | Lightweight and Breathable Child Calf Protective Gear Soccer Equipment | Black/White | Medium
  • About Vizari Malaga Shin Guard: Vizari Malaga Shin Guard is available in colors such as Black, Pink, Red, & Sky/Yellow. These are Soccer Shin Guard for Kids and Adults, retail pack consists of 18 pair of Soccer Shin Guard. Vizari Malaga Shin Guard is made of quality PP shell, EVA padding and flexible straps. It provides the maximum possible comfort and increased protection.
  • Shield for Shin and Ankles - Vizari Malaga Soccer Shin Guard with lightweight PP shell for protection, Foam padded backing for comfort, and a hard shell with foam backing for added protection that has been tested to keep your legs from twisting. It reduces shocks for better performance and helps you avoid serious injuries during your game.
  • Comfortable Play - Form padding Malaga Soccer Shin Guard aids in the easy evaporation of sweat during a soccer game and promotes breathable legs, which helps players perform better and prevent injuries while playing. The Malaga Soccer Shin Guard ensures your safety during the game and gives you the best gameplay experience possible.
  • User-friendly Material - The Malaga Shin Guard is made of synthetic material with an attached soft material sleeve and elastic netting to keep the Shin Guard in place while playing the game. It allows for free leg movement, increases elasticity, and reduces heat and sweat.
  • Creative Design & Durability - Vizari Malaga Shin Guard front shell protects your shins from kicks and is a durable, high-resistance shield that fits automatically on your leg. It is an excellent practice guard to play without hesitation or movement restriction.

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The Vizari Malaga Soccer Shin Guards are one of the most versatile yet durable options for boys and girls interested in playing soccer. These guards sit comfortably over the shin, ankle, and knee and are made of lightweight polypropylene (plastic). The back includes foam for improved comfort and to reduce sweating and chafing while playing.

These Vizari Malaga guards are available in sizes ranging from XXS to L. The smallest size is suitable for children up to 3’3, while the large can be worn by individuals who are 5’11. Two of the perks of these guards are that they are simple and affordable. The manufacturer did not sacrifice quality to make a profit and instead focused on providing shin guards suitable for children of all ages.

Plus, no matter what your kid’s favorite color may be, Vizari Malaga has a pair for you. These guards come in every color of the rainbow and also include black, white, and gray pairs.

What We Liked

  • Comfortable fit
  • Durable plastic and foam
  • Suitable for small children
  • Comfortable bands

What We Didn’t Like

  • Guards run a little small
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2. Adidas X Youth Shin Guards

adidas Juniors' X Shin Guards, White/Power Red, Large
  • Shin guards built for games or training
  • Hard shield for durability; Ankle guards for extra coverage
  • Adjustable single-strap front closure for easy on and off;
  • EVA backing for optimal comfort and durable cushioning
  • EVA backing for optimal comfort and durable cushioning

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The Adidas X shin guards are designed to be durable for extreme play. They are manufactured in youth sizes small, medium, and large. The small can be worn by children up to 3’10, the medium by children up to 4’9, and the large by kids who are up to 5’5. The outside of the guards is made of a thin layer of plastic while the interior features cloth and foam to cushion the shin from damage during tough games.

These Adidas X guards have extra ankle support and tough bands that stretch to fit comfortably around the entire calf. There is an adjustable single strap front closure system so children can easily take the guard on and off. The materials are easy to clean and do not absorb moisture, helping your child remain dry when playing soccer in the mud or rain.

Adidas has the fewest color options out of all of the youth guard manufacturers. This model is only available in red and white or pink and black with the logo always on display on the front.

What We Liked

  • Includes extra ankle support
  • Made with EVA foam
  • Adjustable front closure
  • Can withstand a hit

What We Didn’t Like

  • Only suitable for shorter children
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3. Rawxy Football Soccer Shin Guard

Rawxy Football Soccer Shin Guards with Exceptional Flexible Soft Light Weight - Great for Boys Girls Junior Youth(Neo Lemon, S&M)
  • EXCLUSIVE PATENT -- An anatomically contoured high rebound pads cover the Shin area, provide big protetion and fit tightly with your shin joint. These special functional element strengthen side support and maintains joint stability. It effectively disperses pressure . BEST CHOICE for soccer sports protection.
  • HIGH ABSORPTION PADDING -- A smart padding material that is soft and flexible when moved slowly but, on impact, the molecules lock together to absorb and dissipate shock. The advanced material also offers energy return and lasts longer .
  • LIGHT BREATHABLE AND FLEXIBLE -- With Germany plastic HDPE insert shell, 3D foam padded front , super soft and comfortable backing give these football shin guards more flexible ,light weight, high breathability, great fitting your leg shape and super comfortable .
  • REINFORCED ANKLE PROTECTION -- Except for the protective shin pads, our football shin guards adopt the extra cushioning ankle protection design in order to give more protection for the beginner and advanced athlete.
  • BRAND AND SERVICE SUPPORT -- This soccer shin guards is perfect for Adult /Junior/students/Youth , or boy girl who love soccer sports . This soccer shin guards comply with the relative abrasion /resistance /impact /peel off testing …., the brand support that you and your family will get an excellent experience by using the products we provide.For whatever reason, you don’t love your soccer shin guards , just return it.

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These shin guards have more layers of protection than other models. Each Rawxy guard consists of a 3D foam exterior, an HDPE plate, and then a soft foam interior to protect the shin from kicks and strikes. The guard is held in place with a flexible elastic strap and a superior ankle guard that molds around the joint.

The Rawxy soccer shin guards were designed in England and are intended to be lightweight and durable for youth play. The ankles are reinforced to reduce the chance of injury and a front Velcro closure system keeps the guard in place even when a kid bends, flexes, and moves. The material is breathable so sweat does not gather against the skin and cause irritation.

Rawxy is one of the only manufacturers that makes shin guards for children of all sizes, ranging from XS to XL. While the smaller sizes work well for kids under 4’0, the larger ones can be worn by youth up to 5’11. Multiple colors are available, although the most popular are blue, green, and orange.

Plus, these youth shin guards come with a 100% money-back guarantee. If your child doesn’t like them, you can always send them back for a refund.

What We Liked

  • Includes extra protection and ankle support
  • Has multiple layers for shin protection
  • The material is easy to clean
  • Can be worn by kids of all sizes

What We Didn’t Like

  • The fit doesn’t quite extend to the knee
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4. GeekSport Youth Soccer Shin Guards

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Similar to several other models on the market, these GeekSport Youth Soccer Shin Guards utilize a combination of foam and plastic plates to better protect the shins during games. The front plates are lightweight, durable, and electroplated for better protection. There is an ankle stirrup and reinforced material to alleviate tension in the joint during play.

These shin guards are easy to slip on and off but also incorporate stretchy Velcro bands to lock the guard in place. GeekSport makes their guards in multiple sizes ranging from XS to L. The XS suits children who are between 3’3 and 3’11, while the large accommodate kids who are 5’7 and taller. Because each size suits a broad range of heights, children can grow with these guards without needing constant replacement.

Each pair is FDA-certified and includes a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their performance. The only downside to GeekSport is the lack of color options, as the only shade currently available is electric blue.

What We Liked

  • Ergonomic design
  • Accommodates kids of all heights
  • Reinforced ankle stirrup
  • FDA-certified

What We Didn’t Like

  • Will not fit well on heavier or super muscular children
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5. Sportout Kids Soccer Shin Guards

Sportout Kids Youth Adults Soccer Shin Guards with Protective Hard Shell,Offers Comprehensive Protection for Your Kids' Legs. (S, with Ankle Strap)
  • COMPREHENSIVE SHIN PROTECTION:- These shin guards have the highly protective hard PP front plates which are lightweight, durable and can offer the shin & calf comprehensive protection to against violent impacts.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN:- The anatomical design fits your calf contours very well and thick EVA foam can offer excellent cushioning which helps disperse energy from impacts to prevent violent injury.
  • PORTABLE AND COMFORTABLE:- The light EVA padded backing and simple construct give these shin guards light weight, high breathability, great fitting your leg shape and super portable.
  • STAY IN PLACE:- Taking the advantage of safety front velcro closure system these kids youth adult shin guards can stay in place during play without sliding.
  • AFTER SALE SERVICE: If there is any problem with the product, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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The Sportout Kids Soccer Shin Guards are an ergonomic pair that combine EVA foam with reinforced plastic to create strong and durable front plates. These plates include multiple layers and are designed to be moisture-wicking as well as protective to avoid sweat buildup. Each guard incorporates an ankle stirrup for better protection and sits just below the knee to improve flexibility and comfort.

The Sportout shin guards are super portable and lightweight, intended for speed and fast action. A safety front Velcro closure system keeps them in place, although the Velcro can be knocked loose by sliding and falling. They are available in sizes from S to XL and can be worn by children as short as 3’3 and as tall as 5’7.

While there aren’t many colors available, Sportout instead opted for a professional look. Kids can choose from black, white, and gray when picking their shin guards.

What We Liked

  • Flexible material for simple sizing
  • Super lightweight for fast runners
  • Durable EVA foam
  • Designed to be moisture-wicking

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not good for sliders or kids prone to falling
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Buying Guide

Not all shin guards are the same, especially when trying to find a pair for youth soccer. Each guard should fit comfortably between the ankle and the shin and might include some extra material around the sides of the calf. To better protect your child’s legs in the upcoming months, consider the following factors before you buy shin guards.


Your child will not be properly protected unless they have shin guards meant for somebody of their height, weight, and body type. The majority of shin guards are measured based on total height and the length of the shin. Manufacturers typically create sizes ranging from XS to XL, although some will include more specialty options for children who are exceptionally tall or short.

Do NOT try to force your kid into a pair of guards that don’t fit. The material is more likely to slip and move around and won’t offer the right level of protection.


While the majority of youth soccer players switch positions depending on the game, some teams will have designated players. Your child’s playing position will affect the type of protection they need while out on the field.

  • Defender: Defenders often take the most hits and will need extra protection and ankle support to stay strong during the game.
  • Midfielder: A midfielder needs an even mix of strength and flexibility, so avoid getting too much padding.
  • Forward: A forward needs the most flexibility and will tend to wear lighter guards for maximum speed. Ankle support is still beneficial but avoid extra padding.
  • Goalkeeper: The goalkeeper doesn’t need much padding and should have the thinnest guards of all so they can react quickly to the game. (By the way, if you’re looking for a goal your child can practice on at home, check out this article).

Type of Shin Guard

Contrary to popular belief, there is more than one type of shin guard on the market. In fact, there are three main types for you to choose from:

  • Slip-In
  • Ankle
  • Shin Socks

Most youth shin guards will be of the ankle variety. This option includes extra support for the ankle and often features an elastic stirrup for a closer fit. The front has a flexible guard typically made of plastic and foam. These offer the most protection and will help prevent bruising and other injuries while a kid is learning how to play.

Slip-in shin guards, meanwhile, tend to be made of reinforced fabric and foam. These are stretchy and flexible and can be pulled directly over the socks for light and flexible protection.

Finally, there are shin socks. These guards are built directly into long socks and are worn instead of separate socks and shin guards. It is difficult to find this model in youth sizes because they do not offer the same levels of protection as ankle guards and are subject to more regulation.


Although children rapidly outgrow their sports gear, you don’t have to worry about spending too much money on shin guards. On average, a durable pair of youth guards costs between $15 and $25. These should offer plenty of protection and a comfortable fit until your kid grows again.


The majority of shin guards, regardless of age, are made of a combination of foam, plastic, and synthetic fibers. Combined, these materials are supposed to create a durable yet flexible layer of protection to avoid bruising and damage to the shins.

Unfortunately, some thicker models might be uncomfortable for your kid to wear. This is only natural since children aren’t accustomed to wearing padding and safety gear. However, if your child is uncomfortable, they won’t wear their guards.

When trying to find the best pair for your kid, pay attention to how they play. Someone who tends to be more aggressive or takes a lot of hits will need thicker and more durable guards. A child that does not move often or prefers to stay away from the action can wear a lighter model.

You can also consider some other factors of the guards before purchase, such as whether the material will retain moisture if the fabric is flexible, and whether or not the stitching might dig into the leg. All of these should influence your decision since uncomfortable guards make for an uncomfortable game.

The Best Brands for Shin Guards

Although people often associate sports gear with certain popular brands like Adidas and Nike, these are NOT the best brands available. Instead of shopping from a big name, we recommend looking at some lesser-known and even foreign manufacturers who have dedicated more time to crafting comfortable and durable shin guards.


Rawxy is a trademark of Shenzhen Siboke Sporting Goods, Inc. Shenzhen Siboke is an international manufacturer based in China that creates safety gear and pads for athletes in all sports. They are one of the only brands that incorporate more than two layers of protection, helping reduce bruising on the shins and calves.


Vizari, meanwhile, is based in the United States. Its full name is Vizari Sport USA. The company produces products exclusively for soccer using a combination of synthetic and natural fibers. Their guards are more likely to wick away moisture and are designed to have comfortable fits without skimping on materials or sacrificing quality. Vizari is also one of the only manufacturers to make Flex to Fit (FTF) materials that stretch appropriately for maximum performance.


If you don’t like either of these options, there is also Sportout. Sportout is slightly less well-known in the soccer industry but is another dedicated manufacturer that understands guards meant for children need to be cut differently than those for adults. This international company is based in China and sells the majority of its products online to better meet the needs of its customers.

If you would like to go with a bid name brand like Adidas and Nike, you will still get a quality product. You just might wind up spending more money than you need to in order to get the brand logo on the equipment.


Q: How Are Shin Guards Supposed to Fit?

A: If you have never played soccer, then this will most likely be the biggest question on your mind. When buying guards for a kid, you want them to cover the majority of the area between the ankle and the shin. Most children’s guards will have stirrups to keep the guard in place, and it is also normal to have elastic straps or Velcro to tighten or loosen the guard as your child grows.

If your kid prefers to wear slip-on guards, make sure the material is snug without being too tight. If the blood flow is restricted then your child is more prone to injuries and might feel numbness or tingling in their feet. Pay attention to how your kid describes the fit and try to find the right pair accordingly.

Q: Does Playing Position Matter?

A: When kids play youth soccer, they often switch positions and don’t need specialized shin guards. If your child does play a specific position, then the type of guard they need varies. Some will need extra padding to avoid injury, while others might want lightweight guides for maximum speed and flexibility. Check out the buying guide above to choose the right fit and level of protection for your kid.

Q: Is Plastic Strong Enough to Protect the Shin?

A: Yes, plastic is strong enough to help reduce injuries and bruising while playing soccer. The majority of youth shin guards use a combination of plastic and foam because the material is lightweight, stops most of the force of the ball, and keeps the shin safe without being heavy or inflexible. Depending on which position your child plays, you might be able to just use a pair that incorporates stretchy fabric and foam pads.

Q: Should I Order a Larger Size So My Kid Can Grow Into the Shin Guards?

A: No. Shin guards are less effective when someone wears the wrong size because the guard will move or bend the wrong way. Although it can be frustrating because of how fast children grow, you should purchase your kid a guard that fits them now and not in the future. Most guards are affordable, costing less than $15, so they are easy to replace when outgrown.

Q: Can Children Wear Slip Ons?

A: Slip on shin guards are a special model designed to be pulled on over the socks instead of attached via stretchy straps. Some youth soccer groups might allow slip ons while others will not. You will need to speak to your kid’s coach to see what type they want the children to use while in play.

Q: Are Shin Guards Necessary for Play?

A: Soccer is a sport rife with injuries because it is fast and physical. While your kid might not need to wear shin guards when playing a quick match at home, the majority of leagues and teams require guards for adequate protection on the field.

Even at home, it can be crucial to remain well-protected again bruising and shin injuries from the hardness of the ball. Encourage your child to wear their gear when practicing at home so they are better prepared for matches with other players and are accustomed to the weight and feel of the equipment.

Most teams will refuse to allow players on the field if they do not have the right equipment to play.


Shin guards are an essential component for youth soccer. Whether your child plays on a team or would simply like to practice in the backyard, it is important to ensure they are adequately protected from injuries. By wearing the proper shin guards, your kid can avoid bruising and enjoy the game for a long time.

Out of all of the models reviewed here, perhaps the best ones for average use are the Adidas X shin guards or the Sportout Kids Soccer Shin Guards. They both provide protection but are on different ends of the spectrum the Adidas X shin guards are flexible and lightweight, while Sportout offers a more defensive and durable choice.

Whatever you pick, remember to get outside and own the yard!