Best Paintball Arm Pads: Complete Buying Guide

When you’re getting ready for paintball it’s essential to have the best paintball arm pads in your gear kit. If you don’t have sturdy, durable, no-slip arm pads you’re going to deal with difficulties on the field. From sliding arm pads to losing them entirely you never know what you’re walking into, which is why we took the time to compile the top six best arm pads that we could to ensure that you didn’t have to scour the internet searching for them. From being abrasion-resistant to being reinforced with different material you never know what arm pad is right for you. Each and every one of these pads live up to their names and can make your next paintball game even more fun.

In a Hurry? Here’s Our Top Picks…

1. Exalt Alpha Pads

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This pair of arm pads made its way onto our best paintball arm pads list simply by being incredibly convenient. It’s moisture-wicking, anti-slip, and has strategic relief points so you don’t feel strain or stress in any way while you’re playing. It takes sturdy to a whole new level and sets the bar high for the rest of our arm pads on this list. The only real downside is that there have been issues with shipping on time, this makes it difficult because that can mean you don’t have them when you need to have them. Sometimes these arm pads don’t show up when they should so give them plenty of time before your game and you won’t be disappointed. Strong, sturdy, and incredibly easy to use even when wet makes this pair of arm pads a great addition to almost any paintball players arsenal

Things We Like

  • Moisture Wicking
  • Anti-Slip
  • Strategic Relief

Things We Don’t

  • May arrive late
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2. Bunker Kings Royal Guard Pads

Bunker Kings V2 Royal Guard Elbow Pads - Black (XX-Large (2XL))
  • [Tri-Flex Protection] - High density BK foam | Dual layered in major impact zones | Duraflex covering
  • [Second Skin Fit] - Stay-In-Place inner compression sock | Double ventilation for breathability & quick-drying | Skin soft elastic bands
  • [Royal Guard] - Optimal protection + comfort | Hand & wrist protection with thumbhole
  • [Full Mobility] - Superior protection that doesn't restrict movement ability | Separated side padding | Multi-flex neoprene
  • [Action Sport Friendly] - Perfect for any professional athlete. It is suitable for outdoor sports like Snowboarding, Airsoft and Paintball and will withstand the toughest environments with its long list of durable features

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These are another great pair of arm pads that have graced our list of best paintball arm pads with their tri-flex protection, their optimized protection and comfort and their double ventilation you can keep your arms from getting hurt, all while keeping cool. These arm pads are quite sturdy and have very few complaints making it easier to get to your game. The only real downside that we could find was that it can be a little tight on the wrists. IF you don’t mind that though you’re bound to have an excellent pair of arm pads to use in your next match. These durable, sturdy, ventilation savvy arm pads help make sure you don’t overheat while you’re trying to have fun because these arm pads are on this list of best paintball arm pads for a good reason.

Things We Like

  • Tri-Flex Protection
  • Optimized Protection and Comfort
  • Double Ventilation

Things We Don’t

  • A little tight on the wrists
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3. Century Armor Pads

Century Forearm Elbow Armor Black Size Small
  • Features. Thermoformed pad incorporates a contoured bend at the elbow for an ideal fit.. Features a comfortable form-fitting fabric shell.
  • Sold in pairs.. Imported.. Made in China.
  • Model Number: 14934-010212.

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High-density fabric construction is hard to find on paintball arm pads, but we were able to find them! These arm pads are far more sturdy than some of the others on the market and they are both incredibly comfortable and lightweight. Making them an excellent choice if you’re going to be out in harsh weather, or if you’re going to travel to play a game of paintball. Of course, though there is a downside like almost any product has, these arm pads come a little larger than expected, so you may want to go a size down when ordering them initially, otherwise, you may have some difficulties with them as you try to play, such as slipping or falling off. Otherwise, there aren’t any complaints. Making this pair of paintball arm pads a wonderful addition to your paintball gear arsenal.

Things We Like

  • High-density fabric construction
  • Sturdy design
  • Comfortable and Lightweight

Things We Don’t

  • Larger than expected
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4. Exalt T3 Paintball Arm Pads

Exalt Paintball T3 Elbow Pads - Black/Grey - Large/X-Large
  • Moisture-wicking, breathable liner and exterior keeps you cool, dry and flexible
  • Tri-layer padding technology reduces felt impacts, protects against abrasion and may give you a few "lucky" bounces
  • Precision-engineered design is form-fitting and reduces bulkiness
  • Anti-slip silicone weave on bicep and thumb cuffs keeps pad locked in place

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These are another pair of delightful moisture-wicking arm pads that land them gracefully on this list of the best paintball arm pads we can find. THey’re also very carefully engineered to fit precise design, hugging your arm snugly without hurting you. THey’re supposed to be anti-slip as well, but an excessive amount of sweating may combat that anti-slip quality. That is thankfully the only downside to using these gloves. Other than that these are a wonderful addition to your gear kit that will make it easier, less painful, and far more fun to play paintball over and over again, either with your friends or in competition. Just make sure you’re properly hydrated and that you’re not playing in intense heat or these arm pads might end up moving around on you a little bit.

Things We Like

  • Moisture Wicking
  • Precise Engineered Design
  • Anti-Slip

Things We Don’t

  • May slip if you start sweating
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5. HK Army CTX Pads

HK Army Paintball CTX Arm Pads - Large
  • Enhanced comfort and durability
  • Contour, dual-layered, high-impact padding
  • Neoprene arm support
  • Lightweight, breathable 4-way stretch sleeve
  • Built-in glove

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The HK Army CTX Arm Pads are a one of a kind, not only are they lightweight, but they’re made with Neoprene arm support making it easier to move while still being able to handle your paintball gun. The enhanced comfort and durability make this an awesome pair of arm pads to play with and can ensure both your safety and an almost impossible amount of fun could be had. The best part about these arm pads is that no one has any complaints thus far! There aren’t any instances of pinching, chafing, sweating, slipping or anything of the kind with this pair of wonderful arm pads. That’s not to say that they’re perfect, just that no one has reported an issue yet. WIth arm pads this comfortable looking though, you might not find anything wrong with having these arm pads, and that lack of negativity is what landed them on our best paintball arm pads list, to begin with.

Things We Like

  • Enhanced Comfort and Durability
  • Neoprene Arm Support
  • Lightweight

Things We Don’t

  • Nothing that we know of
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6. Social Paintball’s Arm Pads

Social Paintball SMPL Arm & Elbow Pads Protection, Black Red (Medium/Large)
  • Lightweight 4-way stretch sleeve made with moisture wicking, quick drying compression fabric for added multidirectional support, full range of motion, and breathability.
  • Durable abrasion-resistant fabric outer layer.
  • Impact Padding zone made with same technology as our professional level Flex Jerseys to protect your forearm and elbow.
  • Built to work in conjunction with with any jersey or glove combination on the market.
  • Non-slip bicep cuff that keeps the sleeve in place for you to focus on playing.

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These paintball arm pads, like the ones before them nothing to be upset about, they’re lightweight, breathable, abrasion-resistant and non-slip. They fit well and are made of solid quality materials, dropping them into our list of best paintball arm pads. These pads easily go with just about any kind of gear and are a great addition to your kit. Not a single soul seems to have had a problem with these pads thus far making them both safe, and appealing. These kinds of arm pads are perfect for a rough and tumble player who gets far too many unnecessary scrapes and bruises from the game. Gearing up with these arm pads is a great way to ensure that regardless of your level you can play without bleeding the next time you enter a game.

Things We Like

  • Lightweight 4-way stretch sleeve
  • Abrasion Resistant fabric
  • Non-slip

Things We Don’t

  • Nothing at all
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Paintball was originally created after a few friends had gotten tired of insisting that professionals, such as writers and doctors, couldn’t survive as well as a woodsman. They decided to put this theory to the test and had no idea that the first game of paintball was about to be played. After Richie White won the first game of paintball on June 27th, 1981 people wanted to know about the rules, they wanted to play paintball in their own yards. That is when the three friends, Hayes Noel, Charles Gains, and Bob Gurnsey started to turn a profit. They made kits to sell and people wrote articles of this brand new game which is great for large group picnics!

Originally paintball guns or paintball markers were used to mark things, like cattle and such from afar, but now they were being used for fun. Paintball blew up and started moving all over the nation and now there are dozens of lucrative businesses that rely solely on paintball and the love for it for income. You can travel to play large games or just stick to playing in the woods with your friends, it all depends on what you want to do. TOday a sign still stands in the field where the first paintball game was played, a reminder to the history that was made that day when a woodsman made it clear that he didn’t have to fire a single shot to still win this game. Making paintball an awesome birthday party idea for adults.

Best Brands

When it comes to the best paintball arm pads there are only a few brand names that manage to make our list, those are, Exalt, Bunker Kings, Century Armor, and HK Army. Each and every one of these brands are well known for sturdy, stable, durable arm pads that work with you instead of against you to ensure you can maximize your day of play. Each of these brands has its own strengths and weaknesses so it really depends on what you are and are not willing to give up in an arm pad like these. It’s all about your preference, but these brands are the best in the business.


Q: Can you bring your own gear to paintball rounds?

A: Yes, you can bring your own gear, your paintball gun will likely be checked to ensure it’s safe and meets regulation standards and location rules. For example, some locations don’t allow gas cylinder powered guns on site.

Q: How long does a paintball session last?

A: Anywhere from three to ten minutes depending on the area you’re in, the space provided and the kind of game you’re playing. They’re quick and very demanding games.

Q: How many paintballs should I use for a day?

A: There is no way to tell how many paintballs you’re going to use the average user goes through about four hundred to five hundred per day.

Q: How long will 100 paintballs last?

A: That depends on what you shoot at, if you only shoot at people, and conserve your ammo, you can last quite some time. The first winner of a paintball game didn’t even fire a single shot!

Q: Can you play paintball in the rain?

A: Depending on where you live this may be your only option. Playing in the rain is difficult, rain can make paintballs burst before they hit their target, and the moisture will affect your gear dramatically.

Final Thoughts

Between the vivid and rich history of paintball and the need to ensure your gear is up to snuff these are the best paintball arm pads you’re going to find on the market. They’re sturdy, durable, strong and have plenty of additions and features that make them incredibly useful. Each arm pad is made specifically for paintball games and every one of them is designed to make your game easier, less painful, and more fun overall. So take a moment to walk back through these arm pads, because the one you need might just be waiting for you to find it.