The Best Airsoft Gun Under $100

Airsoft gun games are one of the most interesting games you can play. When you play the game, the best airsoft pistol or gun will offer you every innovative feature to enhance your performance.

The following guide features 5 of the best airsoft guns you can buy with $100 or less. You can use it to help you in your decision-making process.

In a Hurry? Here’s Our Top Picks…

1. CYMA Polymer M870

Evike Airsoft - CYMA Standard M870 3-Round Burst Multi-Shot Shell Loading Airsoft Shotgun (Model: Full Stock CQB) - (60167)
  • ◙ This is not a listing for an individual Airsoft part. No parts are designed for real weapons. Batteries, scopes, and other accessories NOT included unless stated. Please check the bulletpoints AND description below carefully. Federally mandated blaze orange muzzle tip is preinstalled. Some assembly may be required, especially on custom builds and some larger sized Airsoft guns ◙
  • Tri-shot system; fires 3 BBs with one pull of the trigger
  • Polymer receiver, pistol grip, and metal barrel assembly
  • Removable 30rd shot shell
  • Package Includes: Gun, Magazine, 1x Shell

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The CYMA Polymer M870 is a tri-shotgun that is spring powered. It is custom made by CYMA with an 870 style body. This allows it to offer different setups, stock options, and length.

It offers you with the same spring-loaded technology you would find in an M-3 shotgun. The difference is the look is different.

It does not have a rubber buttstock. This means it is pretty uncomfortable to cradle the stock into your shoulder / upper chest area. You may also find the folding stock to be slightly wobbly.

The Polymer M870 has a visibly moving bolt that travels when the shotgun is pumped. The standard tri-shot shell fits on the loading gate. Every shell holds 10 shots.

With a triple barrel system that can fire three shots every time you pull the trigger, you get 30 shots per shell. Additionally, this specific model provides you with rear and front sling mounts.

Things we liked

  • Quick and easy reload
  • Shoots triple BBs at once
  • Solid quality build
  • Great FPS for a shotgun
  • Very affordable

Things we didn’t like

  • Comes with limited accessories

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2. Crosman Elite Front Line Force Airsoft Rifle

Crosman 50030 Elite Front Line Force Airsoft Rifle and Pistol Kit
  • Made using the highest quality components
  • Performance and quality tested
  • The most trusted name is Air soft and Air gun accessories and equipment
  • 12g BB velocity -up to 200 fps
  • Spring Powered

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This is one of the kits you may need for an action packed airsoft gun fight. The kit will provide you with sophisticated pistol and rifle to help improve your performance during gameplay.

The Crosman Elite Front Line Force kit includes a spring powered 1911 style airsoft pistol. It also comes with a spring powered tactical rifle.

The rifle has a unique quad railing mounting system combined with removable and adjustable stock. Durability is achieved through the use of an all-weather removable synthetic forearm grip and internal metal barrel.

The pistol and rifle feel good you hold them. We had the feeling it had the feeling of a real gun.

Maybe because it is made using the best quality parts. The accessories included with the package are a belt holster and 1,000 6 mm airsoft BBs.

Things we liked

  • Easily removable and adjustable rifle stock
  • Plenty of BBs included
  • High accuracy levels
  • A carry handle makes it easy to carry it
  • Made of high quality and durable components

Things we didn’t like

  • Eye protection glasses

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3. BBTac Airsoft Gun Package

BBTac Airsoft Gun Package - Black Ops - Collection of Airsoft Guns - Powerful Spring Rifle, Shotgun, Two SMG, Mini Pistols and BB Pellets, Great for Starter Pack Game Play
  • POWERFUL SPRING LOADED - Included Airsoft Rifle and Shotgun shooting powerfully at 300 Fps with .12g BBs
  • REALISTIC REPLICA - High Quality Airsoft gun replicas with detailed finish and plastic construction. Great starter guns for beginners
  • READY TO PLAY - Package included airsoft 6mm pellets ammo to start shooting right the way. Package of airsoft guns for perfect game play with beginners
  • FAST LOADING - Airsoft guns using Clip for fast and simple reload for quick turn around
  • EXTRA VALUE SAVING - The package deal is packed with value and lots of saving compare to buying them seprately. Getting the package is the perfect way for anyone who is just getting started

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The BBTac airsoft gun package contains an assortment of replica guns designed for covert operations (or Black Ops). It has everything you will need for your shooting game.

An M4 spring rifle is part of the package. Mini pistols, a door entry shotgun and two CQB SMG are also part of the package. Basically, it is a collection of powerful firearms that guarantee you long shots without negatively affecting your accuracy.

The rifle and shotgun are both powerful spring loaded airsoft guns. They are capable of shooting 0.12g BBs with a velocity of over 300 FPS. The remaining guns are spring operated and are user friendly; you just need to simply cock and shoot.

The package is recommended for use in serious gameplay where experienced airsoft game players use them. Take note the guns are lightweight making them a good training option for beginners.

Things we liked

  • Lightweight
  • Realistic replica
  • Powerful airsoft guns
  • More affordable as they come in a package
  • Works well with experienced users and beginners who are training

Things we didn’t like

  • The assault rifle is not automatic

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4. Crosman AREKTC Elite Airsoft Gun

Crosman AREKTC Elite Airsoft Commando Kit Spring Power Airsoft Rifle and Pistol Holster and Ammo, Clear/Black
  • Shoots 6mm Airsoft BB's
  • Velocity (fps): 325 Rifle/325 Pistol
  • Rifle with adjustable hop-up, collapsible stock and quadrail mount system
  • Pistol includes front and rear fixed sights
  • Includes holster and 800-count BB Grenade loader

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For the combat, this is the full battle kit you need to consider. The package comes with a holster and P311 spring pistol. Furthermore, the P311 spring pistol, compact R39 spring rifle and a bonus grenade ammo dispenser with 800 12GR rounds are part of the package.

Key components of the Crosman AREKTC Elite Airsoft include a carbine featuring a folding stock used for closer quarter activity. It has a capacity of 350 BB and can shoot more than 320 feet per second. This is thanks to quad rail mounting system.

The pistol and rifle look good and are sleek making them a joy to use. They are very similar to real weapons. When it comes to performance, they can shoot with sufficient power to give the feeling of firing a real gun.

Things we liked

  • Pistols have rear and front fixed sights
  • Superior and elegant look
  • The kit includes various components
  • The rifle comes with an adjustable hop-up
  • High velocity of more than 320 FPS

Things we didn’t like

  • Easily cracks when it falls

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5. Double Eagle M85P AEG Electric Airsoft Gun Rifle

Double Eagle M85P AEG Electric Airsoft Gun Rifle
  • Replica X36 airsoft rifle
  • Comes with magazine, battery, and charger
  • Additional accessories included such as vertical grip, red dot scope, and flashlight
  • FPS of approximately 250 with 0.12g 6mm BBs
  • Great for backyard shooting

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Eagle M85P is a great airsoft gun at a great price. It comes with a charger, battery, chargers, magazine, and is a replica of X36 airsoft gun. We loved the way it felt when we held the gun.

When it comes to the appearance, the M85P is an impressive gun to use on the battle field. For starters, it does not have any 100% metal airsoft parts.

The construction is done by using completely durable ABS plastic. It is fine for guns in its price range. We noticed the one we used did not ear off easily even after using for a very long time.

Some airsoft guns lose their efficiency when they are used on the battle fired for long durations. The plastic built makes easier to carry around during gameplay, and even rough or slippery play areas. Lastly, it has rails you can use to mount accessories on the top and bottom of the gun.

Things we liked

  • Accuracy of approximately 80 yards
  • Full-auto and semi-auto switch
  • Long life battery
  • Powerful but gentle on skin
  • Best for backyard shooting

Things we didn’t like

  • The silencer fails at times

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Education on Airsoft Gun

The most fundamental factors to help you choose the best airsoft gun are highlighted below:

Firing Style

There are three major categories for all airsoft guns when it comes to firing style. They are spring, GBB (gas blowback gun) and AEG (automatic electric gun). The best gun for beginners is GBB as they are easier to maintain than electric options.

The previous benefits of AEG are less due to the advances players experience when they use an airsoft gas gun. GBBs have fewer components, making them the easiest to clean.


The playstyle and role you want to play will determine whether you will buy one or more attachments. It can make it easier for you to land shots on your opponents, improve your gun’s performance, and help extend your effective range.

Consider Weight

The weight of the gun will determine your performance. Although you may think running around shooting at people with a fancy gun, its weight may be too much for you to use it effectively. If you have upper body strength, then weight should not be a determining factor in your decision making.

Take Into Consideration the Type of Play

There are various types of game such as covering fire, support gunner, or CQB (close quarter battles). Make sure you choose a role that suits you best. For instance, if you are not patient, then playing as a sniper is not recommended.

CQB guns have shorter barrels to ensure you can pop in and out of corners. Sniper guns are heavy and expensive. The good thing is that they are powerful bolt action rifles.

Support gunners should use hard light hitting and extremely heavy machine guns like M60s. any assault rifle using a high capacity magazine works well when covering fire.


You need to know your budget before purchasing any airsoft gun. Once you have established a budget, you can know the guns you can choose.

Having a clear budget ensures you select the best airsoft gun within your budget. Look for guns within your price range that have the best performance and quality.

Airsoft guns are available in all types. Take note that cheap high-quality models usually come with inferior quality, reliability, and build.


Everyone has their unique preferences. If you are a beginner, you may not have a preference.

If there are a rand and model that seems to fit the bill, then it is the right place to start. You need an airsoft gun that feels comfortable carrying around and holding it.

Airsoft Gun Terms You Need To Know


Is a type of airsoft gun that fires 6 mm plastic BBs. Most types of these guns are manufactured to look like real firearms.

They are often used by military personnel during training. The sport is becoming more popular since they are held around the world.


Airsoft guns of this type use 6mm plastic BBs as ammunition. They are made using several different grades separated by weight.

For example, 0.20 BBs weigh 0.20 grams each, 0.12 BBs weigh 0.12 grams each and so on. Heavier BBs are normally used for more powerful guns.

Blow Back

A feature found in the majority of airsoft pistols ensures the slide shoots back whenever you fire a shot. The feature is mainly used to make the gun more realistic by giving a “kick” similar to what is experienced when you use a real gun.

High Capacity (Hi-Cap) Magazine

A type of airsoft gun magazine that holds many BBs. More BBs are forced into the firing mechanism using this small wheel at the bottom of the magazine. It is a type of magazine that allows you many rounds using just a few magazines.

Gear Box

An electric airsoft gun has a sequence of gears connected to its motor. This is the gearbox.

They use the rotational energy provided by the motor. The energy is then transferred to the springs to allow the gun to fire BBs.

This is a crucial part of each AEG.  The quality of the gun is determined by the quality of the gearbox.


It is a feature in the majority of airsoft guns that allows you to adjust the backspin on the BB as it leaves the rifle. The backspin ensures BBs to fly further and straighter.


It is an acronym Feet per Second (FPS) is the velocity when BBS exit an airsoft gun. The FPS is used to calculate the power of a gun.

FPS is normally measured using a 0.20 BB. It makes it easier for FPS ratings on different types of guns. Take note BBS with a low FPS rating usually increase accuracy.

Pistol Grip

Any airsoft gun using a pistol type grip.


It is an airsoft gun that is designed a shotgun style. The handgrip is pumped forth and back to load the spring making it ready to fire. The gun needs to be pumped before it is fired.


A term used to define the rail integration system. Guns of this type have a system of rails mounted on the front of the airsoft gun.

These rails are used to enable a gun to be customized using a variety of accessories. The accessories include special grips, grenades, lasers, scopes, and sights.

Airsoft Gun Best 3 Brands

Founded in 1923 in Rochester, New York, Crosman Corporation has been a leader as far as air gun innovation is concerned. Currently, the corporation employs more than 300 at its manufacturing headquarters located in Bloomfield, New York. Furthermore, Crosman supports thousands of United States jobs at companies in the field that include transportation, technical services, and component manufacturing.

Evike has been one of the world’s most trusted developer, innovator, leading distributor, most trusted of airsoft equipment for more than 10 years. The company is also an exclusive maker, service center, and representation of many of the premier airsoft brands in the commercial, sporting and training market. Evike states their core is their passion for safety, innovation, quality and a personal touch in customer support.

BBTac offers one of the highest quality airsoft accessories and BB on the market. As such it continues to provide quality items with innovation. They are a process-centered, market-focused organization that delivers and develops innovative solutions and products to their customers. This allows them to consistently outperform their peers.


Q: Are airsoft guns dangerous?

A: Physical damage is not possible with an airsoft gun. BBS fire does not carry enough force to cause grievous bodily harm. The only time you should be worried if it hits your eyes. To prevent this, we recommend you use a face mask during gameplay.

Socially, they may be dangerous. For instance, if you carry an electrical airsoft gun in public, it may seem like a real gun. The best recommendation is using these guns in the wood or field where it is regulated.

Q: Are airsoft guns legal?

A: Of course! It is generally referred to a game. Some cities, states, and countries specify limitations and guidelines on them. For instance, in the United States, California State law stipulates that underage people should be monitoring.

Q: Are airsoft BBS biodegradable?

A: Not until recently, airsoft manufacturing companies to make efforts to make BBS biodegradable. Since the material is organic, it does not decompose immediately. It dissolves without any adverse effects on the environment.

Q: Why is airsoft preferred to paintball?

A: Airsofters always say airsoft is the best game. Paintballers will also state the same thing. The good thing is that both spots are fun.

On a general scale of things, both sports are great fun. However, airsoft is “shoulder high above” paintball. So how does this work? The following are the reasons why:

  • Airsoft came before paintball
  • The military often use airsoft guns during training
  • When it comes to accuracy, airsoft guns are better
  • Paintball guns are harder to put together than airsoft guns
  • Airsoft games are more organized than their paintball counterparts
  • BB will shoot slower in a paintball than airsoft
  • Airsoft guns will offer you more flexibility when it comes to upgrading
  • Paintball guns are less tactical than airsoft
  • Playing airsoft is more realistic than paintball

Q: What types of airsoft gun should I purchase?

A: It will all depend on several factors. They include weight, the role you want to play, and the cost of the gun. Once you consider these factors, they should help you get the best airsoft gun to suit your needs.

Airsoft Gun Wrap-Up

The best airsoft rifle gun is the Crosman Elite Front Line Force. It has great features such as high accuracy levels and comes with plenty of BBs. The easily adjustable ad removable rifle stock is also a plus.

If this does not work for you, you can opt to go for the Double Eagle M85P AEG Electric Airsoft Gun Rifle. One of its great features is the semi-auto and full-auto switch.

When it comes to airsoft gun packages, the best bet would be the Crosman AREKTC Elite Airsoft. The pistols have front and rear fixed sights. The kit includes various components while the rifle has an adjustable stock.

Most times people end up purchasing substandard models because they were not keen to ensure they get quality information. With this guide, you can select something that meets or is close enough to your liking. All the above guns and packages have high ratings in different sites, and that is why we recommend them.