Spring Bucket List: 20 Things You Need to Add

Springtime is one of the best seasons to tackle a spring bucket list, beyond obvious reasons it’s a time for renewal and regrowth. With crocus flowers poking through the snow or trees getting their leaves back even the harshest winters heed to spring, and thankfully your bucket list for spring doesn’t have to be complicated. While Summer and Fall are great seasons for travel, spring is the best season to check off those at home bucket list items that you might have been avoiding.

1. Plant Something

Spring is the best time to start planting something, even if it’s just a single pot of flowers. So this is the best time of year to check this off your bucket list, especially if you don’t get to plant things all that often. You could plant anything you want, a flower a vegetable, anything you want at all. What if you don’t have a spot to plant it though?

If you don’t live in a place with land you could always plant a flower or crop in a plant pot instead as long as its the right variety. If this for some reason isn’t an option for you you can easily go to a greenhouse and opt to plant a plant there instead. This will still help you check this item off your spring bucket list while ensuring that you don’t break any rules about your living space, though normally there isn’t a ‘no plant’ clause in a lease agreement.

2. Go to a Farmers Market

Farmers’ markets are great places for fresh and locally grown foods. From meat the owners butchered themselves to fresh fruits and vegetables, honey and even soap you can find a lot of wonderful things at a farmers market. Even if you just want to wander the stalls to see who has what and if you may want something it’s a great experience overall that helps support your local community.

You can easily bring home organically grown foods, and handmade goods which some people prefer over store-bought food and supplies. Farmers markets don’t go on all year though, so you’ll need to spring on one the first time you see it to make sure that this item does not go unchecked from your spring bucket list this year. So take a minute to walk through your local farmers market, this is a place where you truly never know what you’re going to find.

3. Play in the Rain

Springtime is also all about fun, and there is nothing quite like playing in a fresh spring rain. You can do this at any age, stomp in puddles and play in the mud like you’re a kid again, or encourage the kids or grandkids to play with you. Regardless of how old you are playing in the rain is a childish spring past time that no one will judge you on recreating. Bucket lists are great ways to help you feel young again, and great ways to distract the little ones, so play in the rain again. We all know how fun it can be to play under a bursting sky and honestly with all the work you’ve put in lately, it’s about time you had a few moments to be just a little bit ridiculous don’t you think? So go play in that rain, make a mud pie, dance your heart out, be a kid again.

4. Have a Picnic

PIcnics are also a give this time of year, especially in later spring when the ground gets a little drier. This is a great way to pull family and friends in close, have everyone bring something, settle in on a large blanket, and tell stories about your past. Reminisce about the good times over a bottle of wine as the kids or grandkids play tag in the background. Picnics are a great addition to your spring bucket list, but don’t forget to pack the essentials otherwise you’re going to have a harder time that you initially anticipated with your picnic. Bugs, sunburn, and some other nasty players can come out to make a picnic a mistake if you’re not prepared. So call up your family members and friends, and invite them to come to a picnic with you the first sunny warm day you can find.

5. Build a Fort

If you have kids or grandkids you may want to flag them down for this activity, but if you don’t, building a fort can still be a wonderful and rewarding process. You can build your fort anywhere, in the backyard, in a tree, under the kitchen table, in the living room, anywhere you feel safe and comfortable. This lets you get inventive and creative, what do you want in your fort? DO you want it to be a zen safe haven from day to day life? Or are you looking for something more silly? The best part about this is that the fort is your own, so you can honestly put anything you want in it. Is it going to be more permanent? Or just temporary like the ones you used to make? Either way, a fort is a wonderful addition to a spring bucket list that can be just as fun to check off as it is to build.

6. Go for a Bike Ride with Family or Friends

Pulling a friend or family member close to going for a springtime bike ride in a remote location can be a great idea, why not bring a picnic and check two bucket list items off? You can pick a route that has more nature than city streets and enjoy the outdoors in leisure instead of sitting inside all day. Just be sure your bike is properly prepped to ride and you’ll be good to go. Don’t forget to make sure the wheels have the right amount of pressure, or your helmet regardless of where you’re going or who you’ll be with. Always be safe when riding, so you can focus on having a good time racing your family or friends, or just taking in the scenery, making this one quite incredible item on your spring bucket list. So dust off your helmet and reach out to those that you know and love, a bike ride may be in their future.

7. Feed Some Local Ducks

No matter where you live, even if it’s in a dense city, ducks are a given. You can always find ducks, especially in the springtime and especially near any lakes or waterways, even if they’re just man-made. These waddly little creatures are a great way to spend a quiet afternoon, a book and a half of a loaf of bread will entertain for hours as you feed these fine feathered friends. Who knows you may even be lucky enough to see their chicks in late spring if you’re careful, quiet, and respectful of them. Feeding ducks can be a great way to kill a few hours all while checking a small, but satisfying accomplishment off of your spring bucket list. So find the nearest pond, because those ducks are waiting on a little bit of your all too precious company. Let’s not keep them waiting.

8. Go on a Nature Walk

Nature walks are almost a requirement to any spring bucket list. The weather is bright and sunshiny, the plants are finally out, and there isn’t much that is keeping you from picking a good nature trail and starting out on it. Be sure to be safe while you’re walking of course, and make sure you know the trail you’ll be on and how to get out of the trail back home. It’s always wise, and far more pleasing to take someone else with you on this trip into nature. So call up an old friend or a family member and ask them to go with you if they have the time. Getting out in nature is great for the mind and body, especially after a cold winter cooped up in the house. So take a minute to enjoy nature, and check this nature walk off your spring bucket list.

9. Collect Wildflowers

Picking wildflowers is another great springtime habit that many people indulge in, one that can have beautiful and appealing results at your dinner table. You can pick wildflowers in the wild, or you can grow your own wildflowers in your backyard to pick whenever you feel the urge. Wildflowers are a beautiful addition to your table, your backyard, and even to your spring bucket list. With flowers sprouting all over this time of year, it’s the best time to head out on a nature trail and look for flowers. Just be sure the flowers you are picking aren’t endangered before you pluck them for the vase on your table, or else you can get in a lot of trouble! So long as you are careful with your flower picking you can have a beautiful bouquet on your table in no time of wonderful wildflowers.

10. Make Some Pottery

Even if you don’t have access to a pottery studio you can still make something out of clay even if you have to dig it up out of your backyard. If you don’t want to go such an extreme route lookup pottery studios in your area and contact them, oftentimes they’re willing to give you a tour and let you make something for a fee. You could also take a class at a local community college if you really like pottery, and build up some interesting skills that could very easily impress friends and family. This item on your spring bucket list may be more difficult to check off than some of the others, but it’s still a very worthwhile accomplishment if you take the time to learn a little bit, and you aren’t afraid to get a little dirty while you play.

11. Go to a Local Fair

Local fairs are very different from farmer’s markets, these places have fair food, rides, games, toys and anything else you’d expect to see at a fair. This is an excellent place to go on some rides, beat some people with your awesome ring toss skills, or to impress people with that giant stuffed animal as a prize. You can easily take family and friends or go alone to the fair, and spring fairs are wonderful because of the crisp coolness in the air and the need to get out of the house. They bring in people far and wide and can be a wonderful attraction to spend a day at, so make room on your spring bucket list, because a fair might be just what you need to cure your winter blues.

12. Bake Cookies

Spring is also an excellent time for sweets, cookies are a quick delicious snack perfect for yourself or for others that can easily please. There are a wide variety of cookie recipes all over the world, and some of the most popular ones are a huge hit at picnics. Take some time to pick out a recipe go to the store and grab up some delicious cookie making ingredients. You can make anything from the traditional chocolate chip cookies to French Macrons the most difficult baked good to make. Either way take a day to just go crazy with the cookies, open some windows, let the cool spring air in and get baking. This is sure to be one day you’ll remember, especially if you get the kids or grandkids involved, and you’ll be thankful that baking cookies found its way onto your spring bucket list.

13. Go to the Zoo

If you have small kids in your family, this one is an absolute must, taking them to the zoo not only is great fun for them but you’ll have fun. Being able to see animals up close and personal is not only interesting but awe-inspiring, especially with little ones. You could also go on your own of course and marvel at the creatures of the world. Bring a sketch pad and draw them if you like. You’ll easily be able to find food and fun at the zoo, and regardless of if you go alone or if you bring family or friends, you’ll be sure to have a great time. There’s no way you’ll regret putting this trip on your spring bucket list. Especially since all the animals will be happy to be out and about as well!

14. Go Berry-Picking

Late spring is the best time of the year for berry picking. Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, rasp and cran, there are so many kinds of edible berries that it’s hard to believe. Thankfully there are usually enough to go around, and this time of year is the best time to get them. You do have to watch out if you’re picking wild berries not to pick any poisonous berries to eat, otherwise, you could be in for a heap of trouble. If you know the difference between berries though you’ll be just fine. Bring a friend out with you and share those berries in a pie or a fruit salad. So schedule a day to check this item off of your spring bucket list, and bring a large bundle of fresh fruit directly into your home.

15. Start a Garden

Early spring is the absolute best time to start a garden. If you’re looking forward to having fresh vegetables all spring and summer, this is the first step. A garden doesn’t just have to be full of edible plants though, you can have a butterfly garden, where you plant flowers that attract the fluttery creatures. You can plant fruit as well, such as berries or an apple tree, any plants work. A garden can be a great way to add greenery to your backyard, and if you don’t have a garden spot you can always get a place at a community garden to grow what you’d like in your city. Either way, you have a great addition to your spring bucket list if you choose to include creating a garden.

16. Plant a Tree on Arbor Day

Arbor day is an incredibly important holiday, it honors the trees, and if you do have space in your backyard you can easily add planting a tree to your bucket list. It could go right next to your garden! You could add an apple or walnut tree, and orange or a banana tree whatever is most convenient for you in your area. It’s all up to you, and it doesn’t just honor Arbor Day either, planting a tree, especially a fruit-bearing one, can give you both shade and regular produce, be it apples oranges bananas or walnuts. This produce is yours to pick and consume as you please, imagine all those apple pies you could pre-prep for the holidays? Planting a tree is a great way to help our earth, our atmosphere and is just the kind of thing you’d want to check off your spring bucket list.

17. Go Geo-Catching

Geo-Caching is a very interesting game that strangers play with each other without knowing it! A geo-cache is a small treasure that people hide in a location. These locations are usually posted on the internet. From there you can get the location and hunt down this treasure. It’s usually pale in a small container, like a mint tin or a roll of film. There’s usually a log of everyone who found it, and a small space to place a treasure into it for someone else to take later. You get to take one thing, and give one thing, and hide the cache right back where you found it. This is a great spring bucket list idea because its like treasure hunting, and can lend a large amount of adventure to your day, especially if the cache is hard to find!

18. Make a Sun Catcher

One calmer and more relaxing activity is the building of a suncatcher. You can do this in a variety of ways, but usually, it’s done with glass bits. There are dozens of kits online and in stores, or you can go to a specialized place to make your own suncatcher like the Corning Museum of Glass. Suncatchers are a great addition to a porch or an empty window and they come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. This makes for a delightful addition to your home, and to your spring bucket list, bringing light directly into your home at the drop of a hat. With a little patience you can easily build your own suncatcher, and have the suns beams dancing color around your porch or kitchen in no time.

19. Take a Lazy Day

After a long cold winter is there really a reason not to just take a relaxing day to enjoy the sun? Sit outside with a book or a cup of coffee and just relax? Nope, there is no reason you can’t just take a day for you at all. Relax and try to unwind, this is a day just for you. Do you want to take a long hot bath? Set up a movie screen in your backyard? Taking a day to relax and calm yourself is essential to your physical, emotional, and mental health, so don’t be afraid to just take a day to unwind.

20. Paint Something Outside

Do you enjoy painting as much as some of us do? Why not take it outside? There are plenty of spring landscapes that are absolutely gorgeous this time of year, and settling in to paint for a few hours can be a wonderful thing. Adding a little time to do something creative like this is a great way to flush out your spring bucket list, and take a relaxing day away from work, kids, and people. Just you and a canvas, some paint and a brush. Take this time to pull up some painting tutorials and really try to bring out the artist in yourself. You may be surprised with what you can do!

Your Spring Bucket List is Your Own

Spring is a time for new beginnings, but those new beginnings don’t have to be found alone with your spring bucket list. You can always include family and friends in any of these activities and you can easily combine a few of them. Springtime is a time for togetherness, for fun and renewal, that feeling of excitement you get with spring is a rush that puts new lie into everything you do. So don’t stay cooped up this spring, take a nature walk, pick some flowers, ride a bike and bake some cookies, because you never know what life is going to bring you or take from you, so cherish every moment as if you don’t need a bucket list to remind you that being is the best part of being a human being. What does your spring bucket list have on it? Is there anything different than you see here? Feel free to share it with us in the comments section below!