How to Attract Finches to your Backyard

Want to attract finches to your backyard? Luckily for you, we have five steps to follow to attract those adorable little finches. Finches are small to medium-sized birds. They have stout bills used to eat seeds and gray or colorful plumage. They do not migrate and are usually residents of their habitats. Read on to the following steps to learn how to attract Finches to your backyard.

5 Steps to Help you Attract Finches to Your Backyard

Let’s create a finch area in your backyard. It will be fun to watch them explore their new area. Finches like backyards with bright colors and grassy, open field-like spaces. Below are a few ways that you can make your yard more appealing:

Step 1: Pick out a Feeder

Above all, you’ll need to pick out a feeder. There are feeders made for finches, such as a tube or sock feeder. Try finding a feeder with multiple ports that finches could rest on while they eat. You’ll want to place the feeder near a shrub or tree to help the finches feel safe.

Remember to keep the feeder clean and remove any molding food pellets or otherwise harmful substances once a week.

If you have pets that won’t leave the finches alone, try placing the feeder higher off the ground. Squirrels may also be a bother to the finches. To deter squirrels, move the feeder away from trees or shrubs to ensure that the rodents can’t jump on them or reach the seeds from low-hanging branches. You can also hang the feeder on a shepherd’s hook to make it even more difficult for squirrels to obtain the food.

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Step 2: Fill Your Feeder with Seeds

Secondly, you’ll need to purchase seeds. Finches like to eat fresh black seeds, which can be stored in the freezer to preserve them until they are needed. Black oil sunflower seeds are a good choice for finches, as they’re not dry and contain the oils the birds prefer.

When it rains you will have to clean the feeder and replace the seeds. However, adding weather guards on the feeders will help to keep them dry so that you can potentially avoid having to clean the feeder so often.

Finches are quite the picky bird, and will sometimes only finish off half of the seeds in the feeder before they avoid the “dirty” seeds. If the seeds leftover is still fresh take them out and put them aside. Clean the feeder then put fresh seeds in the bottom. Fill it halfway with the new fresh seeds. Put the leftover seeds at the top. This will hopefully get them to eat the seeds again.

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Step 3: Add Bright Colors

Birds are attracted to bright colors so it’s no surprise they’re often found gathered around colorful gardens. If you have colorful flowers in your backyard try placing the feeder around them to make it more appealing to finches.

If you do not have any colorful flowers in your yard, you may want to take the opportunity to plant a few bushes or trees with colorful flowers to place your new feeder near. Seed bearing plants also attract finches. Sunflowers would be a great addition to your finch area since they have the bright yellow color and food source to really appeal to the birds.

Flowers That Will Attract Finches to Your Backyard:

  • Sunflowers
  • Aster
  • Marigold
  • Tithonia
  • Poppy
  • Coneflower
  • Zinnia
  • Cottonwood Fluff
  • Cattails
  • Milkweed

Step 4: Add a Birdbath

Like every bird, finches need water. So, why not add a little birdbath to your finch area? It’s always fun to watch the birds wash off in them, and it will provide an easy water source for our feathered friends during the harsh months when resources become scarce.

Try to keep the birdbath clean with fresh water to avoid any debris or algae growth tainting the birds’ water source.

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Step 5: Add a Birdhouse

Finches like to rest in the trees, but why not have a birdhouse or two in case they want to escape harsh weather conditions? You’ll want to purchase a birdhouse that you can mount on a tree so that the birds aren’t far from where they would originally choose to rest in the trees. You may also leave out some straw or hay so they could place them in their birdhouse should they choose to use it.

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If you want to attract finches to your backyard follow the five steps listed above. Get the right feeder, and fill it with black oily seeds. Also, add some bright colors to your backyard to entice finches to visit your backyard. Be sure to add a birdbath and a birdhouse as a water source and shelter, and before you know it, you’ll have an oasis for finches in your backyard!

However you decide to complete this project, we hope our five steps helped you learn how to attract finches to your backyard. Have fun!