Gift Ideas For Backyard Bird Watchers

Finding the right gift ideas for backyard bird watchers is no easy feat. With the hundreds of birds they encounter, it’s difficult to find them something that they haven’t already bought themselves. Thankfully, there are a few treasured finds that even the savviest bird lovers aren’t likely to have found.

Each of these 15 gifts gives you the potential to wow and impress your bird-loving friend or family member, all while ensuring you’re not getting them something that they probably already have. Diversity is important in the bird-loving world and having new gadgets and books to help identify and have fun with this bright and colorful hobby is important, as well. 

Let’s jump into our favorite gifts!

1. This Waterproof, Shockproof Phone Attachment

[amazon box=”B06XKNDJHP”]

This shock-absorbent, waterproof, and dustproof phone attachment is perfect for bird watchers. It helps them zoom into the bird they’re trying to look at, allowing them to take a photo of the bird with their phone. It has a large focusing wheel to make sure you can really see the bird and an objective FMC green lens. This attachment clips right to your phone, though it does take some lining up to get it to sit right. Once it’s on you’re ready to go. You just open the camera app and feel free to photograph. 

This attachment boasts 12×50 magnification giving you a pretty great view of the outdoors. It can also be used for scenic viewing, hunting, and so much more. Dust and debris can’t even get in due to the nitrogen-filled o ring that seals it, keeping moisture out so you can see the birds clearly and get great pictures.

Overall it’s a sturdy attachment, but on occasion, certain components are actually missing from the package. This can upset some buyers and frustrate others.

It also doesn’t work with the iPhone 7 or up, you simply can’t get it to sit over the camera hole properly. Other than that this is a sturdy, shock resistant, waterproof, phone attachment that can provide a lot of backyard fun for the birder in your family.  

Things We Like:

  • Comes with a smartphone adapter 
  • Shock absorbing sturdy framework
  • Waterproof and dustproof
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2. National Geographic Backyard Guide to the Birds of North America

[amazon box=”1426207204″]

This North American Bird Guide comes from National Geographic themselves and contains high-quality vivid pictures, a plethora of information on the individual bird species, and a wonderful color-coded index to help you find the birds. You can look for specific birds or you can try to identify birds you’ve seen directly from this book because it has such high-quality photos and information. 

At about eight inches in height, it’s also great to travel with, so if you decide to go out to a new location to find birds, you can still identify what you find. This comprehensive guide is an excellent addition to any bird lovers arsenal and anyone looking for gift ideas for backyard bird watchers would be missing out if they didn’t consider this book.

It’s an excellent choice for both well seasoned and new bird lovers but there is a minimal flaw with this potential gift: sometimes the wrong book gets sent in its place, which should be easy enough to clear up.

Other than that minuscule issue, there have been no problems with this book. Most bird watchers thoroughly enjoy it, making this a wonderful gift for any occasion, and an impressive, extensive guide for those that love all things with feathers.

Things We Like:

  • Very vivid pictures
  • Lots of information on each individual species
  • A color index helps locate birds in the book
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3. This Interesting Bird Bingo Book

[amazon box=”185669917X”]

Bird lovers young and old like this cute Bird Bingo book, making it perfect for gift ideas for backyard bird watchers. It has a sturdy and colorful design that holds up to small children, it’s great for all ages, and is educational along with being quite a bit of fun. Children have even been able to identify birds in their yards after playing this game!

The creators took great care of designing the game, making it clean and bright. There are even birds printed on the bag the game comes in. The birds available are from all over the world, though, which is just one downside to this game.

It is also labeled as a ‘book supplement’ which can confuse some people when they go to purchase it. Other than that this is a great little game that the whole family would love. You can easily impress the bird watcher in your family with this bright and attractive bingo game.

Don’t forget to use this game to teach about conservation. This is a subject that bird watchers are very adamant about so using this opportunity to teach the next generation about protecting the environment would be a wonderful idea.

Things We Like:

  • Great for all ages
  • Sturdy and colorful design
  • Educational 
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4. Bird Trivia!

[amazon box=”080708574X”]

Have you ever asked, or wanted to ask a bird-related question that seems silly? This book is perfect for great gift ideas for backyard bird watchers. It has a wide variety of questions answered – even the ones you’re embarrassed to ask!

The wit and humor in this book make it wildly entertaining for all bird watchers. All the questions the writer answers are answered in an interesting manner and all the information works for both well seasoned and brand new bird watchers. It’s an all-around appealing, and funny book, that is sure to delight the birder in your family no matter the age. A great book for any bird lover.

The best part? We can’t find a single person that was unhappy with their book. This author is funny and witty without being offensive while still managing to be incredibly informative. The book is well written and has plenty of information on birds, the silly questions people ask, and why certain birds do certain things. If you’re looking for gift ideas for backyard bird watchers this is an excellent choice that will make them laugh and teach them more about the birds they already love and enjoy.

Things We Like:

  • Entertaining and humorous
  • Answers questions in an interesting manner
  • Applicable to both seasoned and new birders
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5. This Pair of Aurosports Binoculars

[amazon box=”B06XT7M6P5″]

Bird lovers and bird watchers not having a pair of binoculars to see their flighty friends with are unheard of. This little pair of binoculars is lightweight and versatile. It provides a large field of view and lets you zoom in on a target a great distance away. Making this great for gift ideas for backyard bird watchers. Its waterproof design created by multi-coated lenses makes for an even better experience. It’s great to use in low-level darkness but does not have night vision. 

Though this isn’t a night vision pair of binoculars it does do well in low light, and the lack of night vision isn’t a problem with these binoculars. The focus wheel though is another story. It’s difficult to focus these binoculars making it difficult to capture birds at a distance because birds are so quick to come and go. 

If you’re looking to use these binoculars at a closer range than they’re a great gift for any bird watcher. Trying to use these binoculars at night though is going to give you nothing but a headache, so try to use them during the day as long as you possibly can to see your feathered friends. 

Things We Like:

  • Lightweight
  • Large field of view
  • Waterproof
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6. This Color-Changing Mug

[amazon box=”B071WMNYHZ”]

This beautiful color-changing mug is one of many great gift ideas for backyard bird watchers. It reacts both to hot and cold temperatures, the cold temperatures don’t do much, leaving the birds on the cup in their natural silhouette. Hot liquids, though, slowly reveal the individual birds in color, a total of eighteen different species in all.

This mug holds a total of ten fluid ounces and comes in a delightfully colorful box. It’s also microwave safe, but there are always downsides to awesomeness. This delightful little cup is hand wash only, no dishwasher allowed. If you try to put this cup in the dishwasher the color-changing ability of the birds will be affected, taking the uniqueness right out of the cup.

Things We Like:

  • Color changing
  • Microwave safe
  • Cute design
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7. This Awesome Wall Art

[amazon box=”B07HYJN83K”]

This wall art collection is specifically of hummingbirds and is downright gorgeous, perfect for any backyard bird watcher. Bird watchers love to be able to see birds, and these high-resolution pieces of wall art are ready to frame and make great gifts. These pieces of art house vibrant colors that contrast delightfully with hummingbirds on each of them. This is a wonderful piece for those bird watchers that have a special place in their hearts for the hummingbird. 

Things We Like:

  • Ready to Frame
  • Beautiful color
  • Great for hummingbird lovers
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8. A Lucky Shirt

[amazon box=”B07TWFYS68″]

This quirky little shirt is a great addition to a bird watchers wardrobe. These shirts are machine washable, and come in a whole slew of sizes and colors, making them appealing to just about anyone who loves watching birds. These shirts are also lightweight and comfortable. Normally we anticipate a downside for something so wonderful but thankfully there haven’t been any reported issues with this shirt, no late deliveries, no off colorations and no mistakes. Which makes it so much easier to ensure you’re going to get a great gift for your feather searching friend or family member.

Things We Like:

  • Can choose if the shirts for men, women, or children
  • Multiple colors available
  • Lightweight and comfortable
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9. Or This Witty Shirt

[amazon box=”B07RHDGFHK”]

This shirt, like the previous shirt we suggested, is wonderful, colorful, and comfortable. The witty little saying will surely win over the hearts of every bird watcher in the area. It’s a cold wash shirt, and the 50 by 50 cotton and polyester gives it the incredible feel, on top of the fact that the witty little saying makes this shirt fun and funny regardless of who you’re buying for. This shirt is a wholesome gift that, like the previous shirt, has no current noted downsides. A truly wonderful one of many awesome gift ideas for backyard bird watchers.

Things We Like:

  • Comes in multiple colors
  • Witty and funny
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10. This Wonderful Spotting Scope

[amazon box=”B07QSB6TLC”]

This delightful spotting scope doesn’t require your phone to function, which is great for those who didn’t quite like the scope phone attachment further up in this list. This little spotting scope packs a big punch. It’s waterproof, has a shealth and phone attachment with it, and can zoom in to an incredibly crisp image.

There are some very minimal complaints that the quality is not as expected in the image, but that could easily be due to user failure. This wonderful scope brings delight and wonder to bird watchers of every age. Regardless of the minimal complaints, plenty of people have enjoyed using this scope for birdwatching.

Things We Like:

  • Crisp image
  • Heavy-duty – lightweight
  • Comes with both a phone attachment and a sheath
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11. A Fine Feathered Suncatcher

[amazon box=”B00597U0UY”]

This beautiful suncatcher is one of the most perfect gift ideas for backyard bird watchers. It comes in two different colorations: a lighter and darker version and each is impactful and gorgeous. It lights up the room its in so long as it’s in the window. This suncatcher is built of handcrafted glass and is incredibly delightful and impactful.

It brings light to every corner of the room just by staying in the window and sending spirals dancing outwards. This suncatcher is incredibly versatile and works as a delightful gift for any backyard bird watcher. There is one potential downside though, some buyers have complained of the metal foil unraveling, leading to claims of poor quality. These claims are few and far between, making this one beautiful potential present for bird lovers. 

Things We Like:

  • Handcrafted glass
  • Versatile
  • Great for any window
  • Beautiful coloring and craftsmanship
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12. An Official Bird Call

[amazon box=”B000CO3GEQ”]

This is an official Audubon bird call and is capable of bringing in dozens of species of bird. It’s handmade of metal and wood and is tuned individually, making it unique. It’s also incredibly compact and lightweight making it easy to grab before you step into your backyard. With each passing moment, you could see dozens of birds because of this call, and there’s even rosin you can use in case the call loses its ‘voice’. This restores that voice and allows you to keep on using the call regularly to bring in birds you love to see on a regular basis. 

Things We Like:

  • Attracts various species
  • Handmade and Individually Tuned
  • Compact and Lightweight
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13. Bird Trivia is Always a Hoot

[amazon box=”B001TABLXK”]

Can you say card games? This card game is one of many great gift ideas for backyard bird watchers, it incorporates levels so you don’t have incredibly difficult questions paired with new bird watchers. This game is designed to test your bird trivia, and it has a great attraction to backyard bird watchers. Each bird is photographed vividly and comes with a great deal of detail. The game is also incredibly easy to play, which makes picking it up a quick and easy process. 

There is one downside to this purchase though, there are some very uncommon instances where the box of the game is damaged, though there have been no reports of the game itself being damaged at all. It’s unlikely that you’ll see this issue, and that shouldn’t stop you from seriously considering this awesome potential gift. 

Things We Like:

  • Easy To Play Game
  • Great full color and high-quality pictures
  • Three levels of difficulty
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14. This Collapsible Checklist

[amazon box=”B073P4VLHF”]

This waterproof tear-resistant poster is great for gift ideas for backyard bird watchers. Each bird is displayed clearly in color, with a short description, and a place to check them off. This makes it easy for you to keep track of a lot of the birds you’ve seen. The paper itself is very durable and even though it’s thin, it resists both water damage and is tear-resistant to aid toward quality for many people take this compact but thorough guide into their backyard, and other places, with them. 

This is a sturdy checklist with vivid pictures and a great depiction of the birds you may come across.

Things We Like:

  • Satisfies curiosity
  • Large but compact
  • Very durable paper
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15. A Guide to Birds and Locations

[amazon box=”079225483X”]

This bright, comprehensive guide is perfect as one of many gift ideas for backyard bird watchers because those birdwatchers rarely leave the backyard. This book can help them see birds that they would never see simply due to their region, and even give them information on birds that are specific to their area. Each page has bright and colorful pictures, and this book is made by National Geographic, a well-known wildlife publication. 

The only real downside anyone has with this book is the idea that it has less detail than desired, and that the information is a few years out of date, which is to be expected due to publication restraints. Otherwise, this is an excellent book, and an excellent addition to any bird lover’s arsenal.

Things We Like:

  • A great birding location guide
  • Vivid pictures
  • Well-Known publication
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A Little Info About Bird Watching

Now that we’ve shared our favorite gift ideas for backyard bird watchers, we’ll give a little background about bird watching to provide a better understanding of the hobby!

Where Did Bird Watching Come From?

Bird watching, otherwise known as ‘birding’ is the act of watching birds in their own natural habitats. This past time wasn’t made popular until the 20th century with the invention of the binoculars. Before then it was difficult to identify a bird correctly unless you had shot and killed it. The binoculars make it easy to see the bird from a distance without disturbing it, and absolutely without killing it. 

Bird watching was first made popular in Great Britain but quickly moved throughout Europe and to the United States. This interest was mostly fueled by books on birds, these informative tomes sparked a great deal of interest in birds, leaving many people with a want to see them in their natural habitat

Journals and magazines took off from there bringing in even more bird lovers to the sport of bird watching. People since then have been asking about gift ideas for backyard bird watchers and have been searching for unique and interesting gifts for their friends and family members. 

Bird Watching for Sport

Birding is a sport that stretches back for decades, and ornithology or the study of bird species has been revered by bird watchers since it came to be. The most attractive birds for birders is the male of the species. They are easier to spot usually due to their bright and flashy plumage. The females are more difficult to distinguish overall, but well-seasoned bird watchers can easily spot them and tell what species they are. 

The female birds and male birds aren’t usually very far away from one another location wise. If you spot one, you may soon spot the other if you’re patient and know what to look for. Citizens that watch birds are usually quite concerned about the environment, especially in which their birds would inhabit.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for great gift ideas for backyard bird watchers you don’t have to look any further. These wonderful gifts, from books to binoculars are inspired additions to a bird watchers arsenal. The gift we’d suggest depends on the things your bird watcher already has. 

Ask them about the things that they have, and take another look at this list. Who knows, maybe you’ll even pick up a few of these gifts for yourself. You can never have too many things in common with your loved ones.

Bird watching is a wonderful sport, a vibrant past time and a great way to compete against others. The birds are beautiful powerful, vibrant creatures and you would be lucky to share this past time with a friend or family member. From games to new books and more any of these gifts would be wonderful to get for the bird watcher in your life.