Best Soccer Training Equipment to Up Your Game

Soccer can be an intense sport, which is why you should look for and find the best soccer training equipment you can. If you don’t have the proper equipment you will for sure never have the proper technique while you play. Practice and training make you a much better player. If you play professionally you’ll need equipment to keep you in shape. If you play for your school or for fun and want to get better these pieces of equipment are great additions to your training regimen.

In a Hurry? Here’s Our Top Picks…

1. Plastic Cones

BlueDot Trading Disc Cones (100-Pack)
  • Bright colors provide clear visibility during training
  • Made from high quality material for durability
  • Bright colors provide clear visibility during training
  • HIGH QUALITY: Our cones are made from high quality materials for durability all season long!

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These training cones by Bluedot are essential to your training regimen. You can easily set up different training exercises with these cones. The fact that they’re incredibly bright helps ensure you can clearly see them while you’re dribbling the ball down the field. They’re also low profile, an excellent choice to keep on the move without hindering yourself or your training.

They stand at only two inches tall and about seven and a half inches wide and are made of durable high-quality material for use season after season. The best part is that no one has any current complaints about these cones at all! Making this a perfect addition to our best soccer training equipment list.

Things we like:

  • Bright colors
  • Multi-Use
  • Large but low profile

Things we dislike:

  • Nothing to note
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2. Resistance Bands

XCELER8 Bands Speed and Agility Training Resistance Bands for All Sports | Includes Ankle Straps | Training Videos | Fast Sprinting, Explosive, Agile, Strength, Endurance
  • OPTIMIZE SPEED: Incorporate our newly designed durable Velcro straps and running resistance bands during sport-specific or general training to increase reactive muscle strength and overall lower body mobility, allowing you to stride faster and farther for better acceleration and top-end speed.
  • INCREASE POWER AND ENDURANCE: 4 resistance levels per pair (25-125 lbs.) and optimized resistance band length improve your explosive training, for better quickness, vertical jumping, cutting, leaping, lateral explosiveness, and kicking with less fatigue.
  • ULTIMATE AGILITY: As you train to mimic sports movements, use added ankle resistance to increase muscle reaction, core workload, and lower body stability to improve fast stops, rapid changes in direction, and acceleration.
  • EASY & EFFECTIVE: With your vented carrying bag, take your compact kit anywhere. Secure your dual stitched straps and attach the resistance bands, with 100% iron clips, and you’re ready to train on the court, field or gym. Our premium bands can remain attached, or easily clipped to the thigh straps’ sides between different workouts.
  • ONLINE VIDEOS & DIGITAL GUIDE | LIFETIME WARRANTY | LOWER BODY USE: Use our online PEAK PERFORMANCE exercise/drills or digital guide to jump-start your training. Please Note: These bands connect knee to knee and ankle to ankle, not for use with the upper body.

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When you’re training to get better professionally at soccer you’re going to need to train yourself in speed and agility. These leg bands are the perfect way to increase your strength, optimizing speed and increasing muscle strength. They’re easy to use, effective, and compact, allowing you to bring them anywhere you’d prefer to train as they can easily just fit in nearly any training bag.

They come in a multitude of colors and are all well suited to different athletes of different sizes. Of course, no one expects a child to use these, but if you’re a serious soccer player and you want to get better, these would be a great addition to your training regimen. Which is why they landed on our best soccer training equipment list.

Things we like:

  • Multi-colored
  • Great for different sized athletes

Things we dislike:

  • Potential quality issues
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3. Agility Ladder

Yes4All Speed Agility Ladder Training Equipment with Carry Bag - 12 Rungs Yellow
  • BUILDING UP SPEED FOR ANY SPORT: Agility ladder and hurdles are great for a variety of sports, improving coordination, agility, great warm up exercises tool for soccer, football, basketball, tennis, and physical therapy
  • BOOST FOOTWORK FOR VARIOUS TRAINING LEVEL: Exercise ladder is designed with 8, 12, and 20 rungs; Rung-to-rung distance can be adjusted up to 15 inches, making soccer equipment suitable for different skill sets levels; Instruction is included
  • DURABLE FOR LONG TERM USE: Fitness agility ladder features a durable nylon construction and sturdy plastic rungs, making football ladder lay well, perfect for a variety of agility training exercises
  • EASY TO CARRY: Convenient carrying case is included for easier storage, making footwork ladder perfect both indoor and outdoor; Speed ladder is beneficial for athletes to maintain mobility
  • FAST SET UP: Simply loosen the straps and rungs to set up on surfaces; Rung ladder doesn't take up much space but fun for training; A training ladder for footwork is a gift for soccer athletes, coaches, and fitness enthusiasts

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One main factor to a great soccer player, especially if you’re a midfielder, is your agility. You’ve got to be quick, agile, and able to move directions at the drop of a hat. This 15 feet ladder is designed to help you increase your agility on and off the field. It’s fifteen feet long and made of durable nylon with the rungs themselves being plastic.

The design is fully adjustable, allowing you to move the rungs themselves up to 15 inches, helping you to increase your skills over time. This agility ladder helps increase athletic performance and is easy to set up which is why it’s made it onto our list of best soccer training equipment.

Things we like:

  • Easy setup
  • Multicolored
  • adjustable

Things we dislike:

  • Can come tangled
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4. An Awesome Rebounder

SKLZ Quickster Soccer Trainer - Dual-Sided Ball Rebounder for Solo Passing, Receiving, Trapping Practice - Large & Small Rebound Net - Weather Resistant - Adjustable Frame, Metal Stakes & Carry Bag
  • ENHANCE YOUR SOCCER SKILLS: Master passing, receiving, and ball control with this dual-sided rebounder net for practicing various movements and ball handling; its bottom bar-free rebounding net ensures an uninterrupted, true-roll experience
  • IMPROVE BALL CONTROL: The large-sided, 6 x 4-foot rebounder net is perfect for solo practice, helping improve your ball control and trapping skills with chest, thighs, and feet, while the prominent target enhances precision in shooting and passing
  • ENJOY CONSISTENT REBOUNDS: Spend more time practicing and less time setting up thanks to the adjustable poles that extend and lock in place to provide a reliable framework for better rebounds; plus, the Quick-Connect C-Clips make attaching and removing the net a breeze
  • PRACTICE PASSING & RECEIVING: Small-sided, 6-foot x 20-inch rebounding net lets you sharpen your passing and receiving skills on the ground without the need for a partner or teammates for passing or shooting drills
  • DRILL RAIN OR SHINE: Crafted with UV and weather-resistant netting designed to withstand the elements for practice in any weather conditions

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A great way to train is to have a rebounder, this little net will act as a passing buddy, but just a little quicker. This rebounder has a double net system, allowing you to learn how to get full control of the ball. You’ll learn to pass and receive and can even practice with airborne receiving. You can also improve rebounds with this rebounder, and settled faster with different parts of your body.

Practicing passing is essential to ensuring that you have a better playing experience on and off the field. You learn to work as a team with something as small and simple as a rebounder net. This net gives you a lot of bang for your buck and teaches you a lot of different skills as a soccer player. Which is why it’s made it onto our best soccer training equipment list.

Things we like:

  • Settle faster
  • Learn better ball control
  • portable

Things we dislike:

  • Can come broken
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5. A Reflex Training Ball

uhlsport Unisex Adult Reflex Football - Fluo Green/Marine/White, No Size
  • Special goalkeeper training ball
  • Robust TPU Material
  • Reflex training
  • Printed lettering
  • Brand:

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One great way to train for soccer is by getting a ball that is just a little bit different than your standard soccer ball. This is a reflex ball, it’s a little flatter on each side, but it stall has a soft PU shell for kicking. It’s specifically designed to be unpredictable. This helps a player anticipate unpredictable movement on the field with the real soccer ball.

The bladder is air-inflated, so you can easily pump up this ball should you need to. This ball gets on our best soccer training equipment list because of its ability to be unpredictable. Training to expect the unexpected on the field makes you a quicker and more efficient soccer player overall.

Things we like:

  • Super-soft PU Shell
  • AIr INflatable
  • 4 sides to bounce unpredictably

Things we dislike:

  • Does not come inflated
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Soccer Equipment

Soccer equipment isn’t easy to come by often. It can be difficult to get a solid piece of equipment and even harder to get it quickly. It’s also incredibly easy to get confused about a piece of equipment because these pieces are often used for multiple sports. This doesn’t mean that a volleyball rebounder and a soccer rebounder can be used interchangeably for example. It just means you have to be sure that what you’re getting is actually for soccer.

Different Rebounders

Rebounders are just one example of equipment you have to look out for. Regardless of that, there are dozens of different types of rebounders on the market. Each one is more unique and diverse than the last. Finding one that’s the right size, shape, and fits the purpose you need it for can be difficult, but it’s necessary.

Strength Training

Strength training can be done with a wide variety of equipment, but you should only need to train up like this if you’re an intense high school player, or if you’re a professional. The equipment you’d need to build your strength and endurance can be found on this list, helping you to ensure you get the best equipment possible. Always stretch before training though to ensure you don’t pull a muscle or injure yourself otherwise. The injury in and of itself can put you down for weeks, hindering your training.

Working Out

Regardless of if you have the equipment or not, working out as a soccer player is incredibly important. You need to be sure you’re strong enough to actually play the game with or without the training equipment above. This equipment is a massive help to get you in and keep you in shape, so it would be wise to invest in some of the pieces of equipment above even if it’s just to keep your skills sharp.


Q: What are the basic gear requirements for soccer?

A: Your jersey, shorts, long socks, shin guards, and cleats. Goalies will need gloves and some players may wear headgear to protect their head but it’s not essential or required.

Q: How much practice should you put in for soccer?

A: A player in the age range of 18-19 should put in 3-4 hours every day of soccer practice on a professional level. You want to reach roughly 10,000 hours of contact with the ball.

Q: Should soccer players run everyday?

A: Soccer players should run for about 30 minutes three times a week in the offseason.

Q: What are good exercises for soccer players?

A: The Back Squat, Agility LAdder, Sprints, and Handstand pushups are a great place to start.

Q: Do soccer players lift weights?

A: Some coaches and players lift weights, but not a large majority.

Q: How do you get better at soccer?

A: Work out, plank do V-ups, jump squats, and sink several hours a day into practicing directly with the ball and on agility and strength. This can all make you a better soccer player fast.

Final Thoughts

If finding the best soccer training equipment is important to you, you’ve come to the right place. We love helping you find just the right equipment by honing in on the best products on the market. With a rich history of rigorous competition, it can be difficult to predict where a soccer career can flourish or take you. Thankfully these pieces of equipment will help you on and off the field regardless of if you’re a professional, or just passionate about soccer. Soccer can be an interesting and demanding sport that calls for a wide variety of focus and ability, all of which this equipment can help you with.