The 5 Best Soccer Cleats for Kids: Reviews and Complete Buying Guide

Although people often use the word “cleats” to refer to the shoes, the term actually is meant to describe the small protrusions on the bottom of athletic shoes. These protrusions are designed to help athletes maintain their position in the ground while running, walking, kicking, and participating in other activities. Unfortunately, finding the best soccer cleats for kids can be a difficult task. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, you could spend hours wandering around the aisles at the sports store. Luckily for you, this guide will walk you through the features you should look for when trying to find the best soccer cleats for your child.

In a Hurry? Here’s Our Top Picks…

1. Adidas Kids’ Goletto Vi Firm Ground Football Shoe

adidas unisex child Goletto Vi Firm Ground Football Shoe, Black/White/Scarlet, 1 Little Kid US
  • Synthetic leather upper for durability
  • Lace closure
  • Flexible ground outsole for maximum traction on firm ground (dry natural grass)

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This is not only one of the top-selling Adidas shoes, but also one of the top-selling children’s models because of its durability, comfort, and style. This model is made completely of synthetic materials and features centered laces, extra durability, and rounded studs for more comfort and traction.

These shoes are available in little and big kid sizes and can be worn by boys and girls without difficulty. The shoes can improve stability and speed and are designed for dry ground. However, they can also work on wet terrain depending on the field and your child’s comfort.

The Adidas Kids’ Goletto Vi is designed to be stylish while your child plays soccer. They are available in multiple colors, including black, white, red, and pink. The toe box is rounded so the toes can splay comfortably while running. There is also a flexible ground outsole for maximum traction whenever possible.

The upper portion is lightweight and durable, with extra support given to the foot. When a kid is running, the shoe provides extra stability. The shoes are also quite affordable and will last for at least the entire season without difficulty.

Things We Like

  • Great for beginners
  • Available in numerous sizes
  • Extra flexible
  • Highly durable

Things We Didn’t

  • The studs seem to break easily
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2. Under Armour Leadoff Sports Shoe

Under Armour UA Lockdown 4 9 Black
  • Molded synthetic upper for a responsive fit &fast look Perforated leather delivers enhanced breathability Lightweight, super-breathable sockliner provides underfoot cushioning & support Injection molded EVA midsole delivers a lightweight & responsive ride Rubber outsole with multi-level adaptive traction patterns to provide exceptional on-court movement & control that won't wear down Weight: 13.2 oz.

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Under Armour is one of the biggest names in sports, and remains one of the top producers of cleats, sportswear, and other products. When it comes to the Under Armour Leadoff Sports Shoe, this is a high-quality option for children who play intense sports like soccer or baseball. The top is low and tapered to better wrap around the ankle, and there is extra room in the toe box and around the middle for children who need to wear insoles.

Unlike many other shoes, the Under Armour model is made of genuine leather instead of synthetic materials. The leather is pliable and durable but will require special care to remain strong when in use. These shoes are designed for hard ground instead of soft, and the studs are rounded for better gripping and stability. The main portion also features perforated nuback for better airflow.

The toe is abrasion resistant and designed to take a punch, whether it be kicking a ball or sliding into home. There are midsole cushions to better absorb shock and spread out force. These shoes are available in little and big kid sizes and come in gray or black, with white and pink accents.

Things We Like

  • Made of leather
  • Perforated
  • Pliable and durable
  • Sturdy studs with extra support

Things We Didn’t

  • Expensive
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3. Vizari Unisex Stealth FG Soccer Shoe

Vizari Stealth FG Soccer Shoes | Firm Ground Outdoor Soccer Shoes for Boys and Girls | Lightweight and Easy to wear Youth Outdoor Soccer Cleats | Stealth Blue/White | Little Kid
  • Vizari Stealth FG Soccer Shoes are made of synthetic material that is easy to clean. Our kids soccer cleats are imported and made of a non-slip rubber sole design that helps children control the ball well while also providing good support and grip.
  • About Vizari Stealth FG Soccer Shoes - Vizari is proud to manufacture the Vizari Stealth FG kids football shoes for outdoor soccer. Wear Vizari Cleats and make every practice extraordinary.
  • Comfortable & Durable Design - Vizari Stealth FG Soccer Cleats are designed with comfort and durability in mind. The upper is made of extremely durable, stretch-resistant materials that are built to last. Our soccer shoes have molded rubber soles for superior traction on any soccer pitch.
  • High-Quality Materials - Padding around the collar and in the footbed ensure that these soccer cleats for girls and boys are always comfortable, even after long practice sessions.
  • Perfect Shoes For You - This is an outdoor firm ground shoe but Vizari has a range for a variety of environments, including indoor, gym, turf field, baseball court, and hard ground. Have more fun and make more memories with Vizari Soccer Cleats made for you and your kids.

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The Vizari Unisex Stealth FG Soccer Shoe is one of the most comfortable options for children. It is made of perforated synthetic material with extra support in the toe box and the middle. There is room to place insoles, and the wideness of the toe box allows the toes to splay naturally without becoming uncomfortable. The shaft measures low from the top to the arch, but there is still plenty of support around the ankle.

The sole is made of rubber and the laces are centered so children can slip the shoes on and off with ease. The interior is strong and durable and features anti-stretch lining for improved comfort. There is also a padded heel and collar lining. The outsole is stitched to the upper for better durability as well.

Unlike many other shoes, these are available in toddler, little kid, and big kid sizes. There are numerous colors, including blue, red, orange, green, pink, white, and black. If your child has a favorite color, this is definitely the shoe for them.

Perhaps one of the only flaws in this shoe is the lack of arch support. Although children do not typically need extra assistance, it is becoming more common for arch problems to strike early.

Things We Like

  • Available in many collars
  • Includes extra support in the insole and toe box
  • The extra support around the ankle
  • Made of durable synthetic material

Things We Didn’t

  • No arch support
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4. Adidas Kids’ Nemeziz Ground Soccer Shoe

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The Adidas Kids’ Nemeziz Ground Soccer Shoe is designed for children who are interested in intensive sports like soccer. They are a multipurpose shoe that works well on hard ground but can also be worn on wet or marshy terrain. The stubs are made of synthetic rubber and are rounded on the bottom to avoid breaking or tearing while in the ground. The central shaft is low from the top to the arch.

Like many other children’s cleats, the primary materials are synthetic and designed to be resistant. The sides, laces, and bottom hold up well against water, mud, and uneven terrain. Unlike some other shoes, the Adidas Kids’ Nemeziz Ground Soccer Shoe is available in little and big kid sizes. They can also be worn by boys and girls and come in multiple colors like red and pink.

The toe box in these is rounded and designed to give extra room to the toes and balls of the feet when your child is running. The laces are placed in the center to be more comfortable. Since these shoes are multipurpose, they can be worn in kids who play all types of positions while on the field, whether they enjoy soccer, football, or a similar sport.

One unique characteristic of these cleats is how they sit higher up on the ankle, providing a little extra protection and support.

Things We Like

  • The comfortable rounded toe box
  • Available in little and big kid sizes
  • Works for boys and girls
  • Made entirely of synthetic materials

Things We Didn’t

  • The shoe does not provide much traction while running
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5. Jabasic Kids Outdoor Soccer Cleats

JABASIC Kids Outdoor Soccer Cleats Athletic Firm Ground Football Shoes (12,Navy Silver)
  • Synthetic Fabric For Light Weight And Comfort
  • Fully Adjustable Lace-Up Closure For A Secure Fit To Ensure Your Kids Have A Better Performance On The Playground.
  • Rubber Molded Cleats With Rotational Traction Configuration Can Reduce Friction Between Shoes And Ground.
  • Padded Tongue And Toe Box Reduce The Friction Of The Foot And The Impact Of Football Passing.
  • Kids Football Cleats Great For Boys And Girls Do Sports At Football Court,Rugby Field,Sports Hall And Road.

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The Jabasic Kids Outdoor Soccer Cleats are another pair of shoes oriented towards kids interested in playing soccer. Since kids will spend much of their time on the field in this sport, the Jabasic Kids’ shoe is designed for hard ground and features center laces for easier wear. The exterior is synthetic and composed of light fabric to better wrap around the natural curve of the foot.

The studs on the bottom of the shoes are simple and round. They are made of molded rubber and have a padded tongue and toe box for improved comfort. This reduces friction while running and protects the foot when kicking and passing the ball.

These soccer shoes are available in multiple little and big kid sizes and numerous colors so your child can customize their look on the field. They can be worn by boys and girls and work well for a variety of sports despite the implications of the name, including soccer, football, and rugby.

There are a couple of additional features that help make the Jabasic Kids cleats stand out. The toe is rounded so there is enough space for the toes to splay without discomfort while on the run. The TPR molded studs are comfortable and flexible so they don’t become trapped or broken in the ground. The lining is also soft and breathable so there is less slipping and sliding on sweaty feet.

Things We Like

  • The shoe is multipurpose and works on hard ground
  • The shoe works for boys and girls
  • The toe box has enough space for the toes
  • The materials are lightweight and comfortable

Things We Didn’t

  • There is some chafing on the heels
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What to Look for in Cleats

Many people think all cleats are exactly the same. However, those many people would be wrong. Depending on the sport your kid plays and even the position they are in on the team, you will need to buy a different type of cleats. This handy little guide will walk you through the distinctions and different characteristics of the cleats on the market.

Firm vs. Soft Ground

The simplest difference between cleats is whether they were made for firm or soft ground. A firm ground cleat is designed for a natural grass pitch that is not freshly rained upon. The studs are meant to dig deep into the ground to help the wearer maintain their balance and get traction.

A firm ground cleat can take multiple forms:

  • Conical studs with rounded ends
  • Blade shaped studs
  • Tapered studs

If you are unsure of what type of ground your child will be playing on, then you want to get a firm cleat. They are more adaptable and can be used in multiple situations without difficulty.

A soft ground cleat, on the other hand, is ideal for situations where wet or damp ground is common. The studs are similar to those of a hard shoe, but there are fewer. In most cases, there are only six and they are placed in strategic positions around the shoe to improve traction.

The main catch with soft ground cleats is that they can only be worn in wet, damp, or malleable conditions. Trying to wear them during regular play can result in injuries, so it’s important to avoid soft ground shoes if you want something your kid can wear during all of their games.

Shoes for Certain Positions

Depending on the sport your child plays, you might need to get a different type of cleats. For example, in soccer, players tend to have a designated position. Someone who is a striker will need a larger strike zone on their shoe to be better at getting goals. Someone who plays as a midfielder will need more comfortable shoes with insoles, midsoles, and similar elements of comfort.

If your child tends to be on the defense, then it is possible to get cleats that have a hard exterior. These will be more comfortable and can withstand tons of damage without wearing down.

Pick the Right Materials

Finally, you need to make sure you get cleats that have the right materials. Your child will not wear them if they are not comfortable. Numerous materials are used to make cleats, so it’s important to do some research before picking the right make, model, and brand for you.

The Main Part of the Shoe

When you purchase shoes, it is possible to find ones made of plastic, synthetic materials like nylon, or numerous types of leather. In general, a synthetic shoe is more affordable and can be purchased more easily at regular stores.

However, leather is by far the superior material. Even artificial leather. It is more water-resistant, flexible, and durable. If you can, it is recommended that you get a shoe of this variety.


This is a weird category to check, but most modern cleats have shoes placed in unusual locations. The majority of children’s shoes will have the laces running down the center. However, a couple of varieties of laces on the right or left to facilitate comfort and provide a wider surface for kicking.


Finally, take a look at the fit of the shoe. Again, your kid isn’t going to wear cleats that they don’t find comfortable. Before purchasing any pair, make sure there is adequate space in the front toe box. Also, check and ensure the sides fit properly. Kids with wide feet will most likely need specialty models to feel comfortable.

It is important to make sure kids have shoes that fit properly because it is easy to get blisters, torn tendons, and similar issues when wearing models that don’t conform to the natural foot shape. You can even find shoes that work well with flat feet and similar conditions.

Best Cleat Brands

Cleats are worn for a variety of sports and are an extremely popular shoe type. This means there are dozens of manufacturers on the market. Even though you might be familiar with a couple of big brands, having a recognizable name does not mean the shoe will be great.


Despite being such a popular brand, Adidas actually does make some of the best cleats for children currently on the market. Their shoes tend to emphasize the importance of using synthetic materials for children because of the material’s flexibility, durability, and general water resistance. They are also one of the only brands that make shoes in both little and big kid sizes.

Under Armour

Another popular brand is Under Armour. This is another major brand, but the shoes produced by this company are highly durable and often feature some of the strongest studs. They don’t break off as easily as they do with other models, and Under Armour often puts enough room around the middle for children who need to wear insoles for comfort and stability.

As a general note, it is important to avoid buying brands that you know nothing about. If you find a pair of shoes but are unable to find the manufacturer through a quick internet search, then put them back. Unfortunately, as online shopping has become popular, there are numerous shoddy manufacturers appearing on the market. These shoes are often not supportive and will be worn down rapidly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cleats are not as simple as they appear, so it is only natural for parents to have questions about them. These are some of the most frequently asked questions by parents who are shopping for the best cleats for their children.

Q: Are synthetic cleats easy to clean?

A: It is important for kids to clean their cleats after every use to prevent the buildup of dirt, mud, and other material around the studs. Children should also clean the sides and tops to prevent permanent staining. Synthetic cleats are actually some of the easiest to clean since the material does not absorb dirt and moisture and will not warp if special oils and liquids are not used. Leather can be one of the most difficult to keep clean since kids will need to oil them properly.

Q: Does water affect the shoes?

A: The majority of cleats are not designed to be submerged in water. Doing so will have lasting consequences, including permanent damage and warping of the material. If the ground during a match is covered in puddles or exceptionally muddy, then it is a bad idea to wear regular hard ground cleats.

Q: Should I buy two pairs of cleats?

A: It is a great idea to purchase your child a pair of hard and soft ground cleats. These will ensure your kid is covered whatever the weather and terrain conditions may be like during their match. If you are struggling to find a pair of high-quality soft ground cleats, check local sports and specialty stores.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find soft ground shoes for kids. Typically, children are not expected to play in poor weather conditions.

Q: Can my kid wear cleats for track?

A: Children should not wear regular soccer cleats and similar shoes for sports that are done on tracks and similar hard surfaces. Does so not only damages the shoe but also increases the chances of your child becoming injured. Wearing the wrong shoes can lead to sprains, broken joints, muscle tears, and similar forms of damage.

Q: Are removable insoles a good feature to have?

A: Buying a pair of removable insures can drastically improve your child’s comfort and help prevent serious problems like sprains and breaks. Plus, the insoles are much easier to clean than the regular shoe and are typically machine washable.

If you are concerned about your child and how much support they receive while they play, consider visiting an orthopedic specialist before buying insoles. The doctor will be able to identify if there are any underlying arch issues that are making your kid uncomfortable.

Q: How much should a child’s cleat cost?

A: Cleats for children can be surprisingly affordable, but they can also be expensive. At their cheapest, a cleat might cost around $20. At their most expensive, you can expect to pay anywhere between $100 and $200.

However, you do not need to buy expensive shoes for your kid. Most children’s sports are not as intense as those of adults, and little kids especially should not receive shoes worth several hundred dollars.

Q: Will cleats make my kid faster?

A: Cleats are sometimes advertised as improving the speed of the wearer. However, the majority of children’s cleats are not focused on speed. Instead, they are meant to make your child more stable and supported while playing on the field. For soccer in particular, it is important to make sure your kid has enough support while playing. This helps prevent injuries and keep your child safe while on the field.

Q: Can soccer cleats be worn for baseball?

A: In general, cleats meant for children are interchangeable. However, if your kid only plays one sport, try to buy them the specific shoes.

Wrap Up

Buying cleats for your child does not have to be difficult. Although kids often have special needs when it comes to footwear and other forms of clothing, cleats are a different story. When it comes to buying the best shoe, take a look at the fit and material. Your child’s comfort is more important than buying from a name brand or getting their favorite color

If you are unsure where to look, this guide is a good introduction. Just remember to always look for cleats intended for hard or dry ground, as these will be the most versatile.