The 5 Best Outdoor Misting Fans: Reviews and Complete Buying Guide

The best outdoor misting fan can restore your porch or patio to its normal, cool glory. The best fans can even drive the insects back or make your garage more bearable to work in. Whatever your reason for needing one, there’s no need to spend your time doing lengthy research to locate the best fan. We’ve already found them and put this guide together for your convenience. Let’s get started.

In a Hurry? Here’s Our Top Picks…

1. Lasko 7050 Misto Outdoor Misting Fan

Lasko Misto Outdoor Misting Blower Fan, Ideal for Sports, Camping, Decks & Patios, 3 Speeds, 15", Black, 7054,Gray/Black
  • ✅【ADJUSTABLE COOLING COMFORT】Outdoor misting fan features automatic internal louvers to create wide-sweeping airflow, which helps evenly distribute the mist; Pivoting fan head adjusts up to 90 degrees to direct the mist and air where you need it the most
  • ✅【EASY OUTDOOR USE】Simply attach this misting fan to your standard garden hose to enjoy a refreshing mist, which can reduce the feeling of outdoor temperatures by up to 25 degrees; adjust between three refreshing speeds using manual controls
  • ✅【DESIGNED FOR SAFETY】This ETL listed outdoor fan boasts a durable, weatherproof design with an in-line GFI cord and The Blue Plug a 3-prong grounded safety plug which automatically cuts power to the fan if an electrical fault is detected
  • ✅【COMPACT AND POWERFUL】This portable outdoor misting fan measures just 6.25'' L x 12.3'' W x 14.85'' H and weighs 16.1 lbs., use the built-in carry handle to move this fan around your porch, deck or patio to enjoy a refreshing breeze.
  • ✅【DURABILITY & CONVENIENCE】Lasko has been making high quality home comfort products for 100+ years and stands behind this fan with a 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty; Includes an easy-grip carry handle for portability and comes fully assembled

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The Lasko outdoor misting fan can be controlled at three different speeds to let you customize your cooling experience. It’s a great feature since it means that you can always bring the fan’s misting power to bear on your porch or patio without making things too chilly, especially in the shade.
It even features a pivoting head that you can use to direct the airflow or circulation, so it’s perfect for targeted or general use cooling. It can turn up to about 90° in either direction, so you’ll be able to ensure that even wider patios or porches will get all the mist they can handle.

The fan comes preassembled and it receives its water from a garden hose. No need to constantly be refilling a water reservoir with this misting fan!

It’s rated to reduce the air temperature of about 25° since it features three separate mister units inside the apparatus. It’s weather, ultraviolet, and rust-resistant, making it one of the most durable and outdoor specific misting fans you can find on the market. The UV protection is particularly notable, as you can place this on a sunny desk without worrying about the material cracking over time.

It even comes with a ground fault circuit interrupter with its power cord. As such, this misting fan is a safe piece of equipment for outdoor enjoyment no matter what. At 72 inches long, we wish the cord was a bit lengthier for convenience’s sake, but it’s still workable. There are a couple of handles built into the side so you can move it from place to place without too much trouble.

Things We Like:

  • Very easy to move around
  • Gets water from a garden hose
  • Head turns up to 90°
  • Resistant to weather and other damages

Things We Don’t Like:

  • Cord length is a little short
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2. Arctic Cove MBF0181 Cooling Bucket Top Variable Speed Fan

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The Arctic Cove outdoor misting fan is powered by a lithium-ion battery and comes with both the battery and charger included with the purchase. The battery is housed in a waterproof compartment to keep it totally safe no matter how moist the ambient environment gets. As a 2-amp hour model, the battery is powerful enough to run the fan for two hours before it needs to be recharged.
The fan has a couple of different ways you can provide it with water for misting. It does have a hose adapter for which you can plug in your regular garden hose. This gives it unlimited misting potential. But it can also receive water by filling a small bucket reservoir with water from your sink or any other source. The fan will draw water from this reservoir until it runs out.

While the reservoir isn’t very deep and only has enough liquid to provide misting for about an hour and a half, it is nice that the fan comes with this feature. The reservoir gives it ultimate portability and allows you to bring its cooling benefits wherever you desire without needing to worry about a power cord or a garden hose reaching the fan base.

The fan features a high or low speed that you can use depending on your preference. You can also bring it indoors due to its light weight and small size if you’d like to mist the interior of our garage or similar space. It only weighs 7.5 pounds and is easy to carry by gripping either side of the apparatus.

Things We Like:

  • Very easy to carry around
  • The ultimate portable fan due to reservoir
  • The battery is protected from water damage
  • Decent battery life for its size

Things We Don’t Like:

  • The water reservoir isn’t very large
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3. XPOWER FM-48 Outdoor Cooling Misting Fan

XPOWER Misting Fan FM-48, Outdoor Cooling, Heavy Duty, Powerful, High Velocity, 3-Speed, Ideal for Camping, Patios, Picnics, & More
  • ULTIMATE MISTING SOLUTION – XPOWER’s misting fan line lowers ambient temperatures while keeping dust, pollen, and flying insects at bay.
  • POWERFUL & EFFECTIVE – Produces high capacity airflow of 600 CFM with 3 adjustable speeds and 135° rotation angle positions for broader coverage while drawing only 1.2 Amps or less.
  • CONVENIENT & PORTABLE – Small and lightweight, with a durable, rugged design and a sealed motor to protect it from water and debris. Needs only a garden hose.
  • MULTIPURPOSE – Use outdoors for misting or indoors without the misting feature as a whole room air circulator for cooling and ventilation.
  • SAFETY & SERVICE STANDARDS – ETL / CETL safety certified and comes with a 1-year limited warranty. XPOWER’s California-based customer service team offers comprehensive support, assuring a first-class customer experience.

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The XPOWER outdoor cooling fan is similar to our first pick, and it also features three separate speeds you can switch between at your convenience. It has a misting power rating of about 600 ft.³ per minute and a 1/8 hp motor. This ensures that it’s got enough energy to cool a reasonably sized porch or patio without too much difficulty.
All you have to do is plug the unit in and hook it up to a standard garden hose. It can reduce the ambient temperature by about 30° within just minutes. You can also ignore the misting portion of the fan and use it as a cooling fan or an indoor drying fan to speed up the drying process of paint. As a result, it’s a multiuse fan that has a lot of value for money for both relaxation and home project purposes.

The fan features a 7-foot power cord that offers lots of room for maneuvering and positioning the fan where it will be of the greatest use. We really like how long the cord is compared to other outdoor misting fans. It’s also lightweight and doesn’t draw a lot of electricity, so it won’t accidentally short out a nearby outlet. It’s constructed of ABS plastic that is durable and will resist cracking under duress.

Finally, you can pivot the misting face of the fan up or down just by tilting it with your hand. There are optional extra misting heads for purchase so you can customize the kind of mist you receive, but these aren’t strictly necessary to enjoy all of the benefits that the XPOWER can bring to your patio or porch.

Things We Like:

  • Excellent air circulation and power
  • Easy to move thanks to long cord
  • Can be used as a regular fan or misting fan
  • Shifts up or down

Things We Don’t Like:

  • A little loud overall
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4. OEMTOOLS 23980 Misting Wall-Mount Oscillating Fan

OEMTOOLS 23980 24" Oscillating Wall-Mount Misting Fan, Weather Resistant Outdoor Mister Metal 180 Degree Oscillation, 7200 CFM Max.
  • HIGH VOLUME AIRFLOW: Reclaim your domain with a powerful patio mister; Wall fan misting system provides a steady stream of up to 7200 cubic feet of cold air per minute
  • OUTDOOR WALL FAN: This sleek black fan adjusts for targeted cooling in any outdoor space; These outdoor misting fans for patios also have your back on decks, work sites, and gardens
  • ENERGY SMART COOLING: Keeping wall fans oscillating increases comfort in both commercial and residential settings; Cut temperatures and utility bills with this cost-effective outdoor mister fan
  • EASY SETUP: Connect outdoor oscillating fan wall mount to hose for a cooling mist that won't soak through clothes; IP44 motorized outdoor misting fan is UL listed; GFCI plug cannot be used with timer
  • COOL CONTROL: Choose from 3 powerful speeds with this heavy-duty, energy efficient fan; A mist fan built tough to endure the elements and keep you cool on sweltering summer days, season after season

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The OEMTOOLS outdoor misting fan is a wall-mounted model that needs a little installation work before you can take advantage of its benefits. It weighs about 28 pounds, so you’ll need to take care when installing it on your patio or porch’s wall. Once it’s operating, you can step back and enjoy the 24-inch diameter of the fan; it’s a perfect size for delivering cooling action across even expansive patios.
The fan has a motor that can deliver 7200 ft.³ per minute of misted air all around the local space. It delivers the water through a misting ring that is installed around the perimeter of the fan’s circular shape. Water is dispensed in droplets and then dispersed by the rotation of the fan blades. To deliver water to the misting ring, you just need to hook up a standard water hose to the bottom of the fan’s main unit.

The motor can be set to three different speeds so you can customize how much cooling action you experience whenever you like. Regardless of which speed setting you choose, the motor doesn’t drone too loudly, and you won’t notice it after just a couple of hours in its presence.

The motor is water-resistant to prevent it from breaking down over time. This also lends it some light weather-resistant capabilities, making it a perfect choice for outdoor porches or patios that don’t have perfect elements coverage. It’s also nice that it’s wall-mounted since it’s completely out of the way.

This fan also has two additional sized choices that go up or down in overall price depending on how big you’d like the fan to be. There’s a 20 inch and 30-inch option in addition to the standard 24-inch pick. All in all, we think this is a fantastic outdoor misting fan for those who need a high-powered cooling solution during the warm summer months.

Things We Like:

  • Very powerful motor
  • The motor isn’t too loud
  • Excellent misting capability
  • The motor is protected from water damage

Things We Don’t Like:

  • A bit tricky to install
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5. HydroMist F10-14-011 Shrouded Outdoor Wall Mount Oscillating Fan

HydroMist F10-14-011 18 Inch Mounting Bracket Outdoor Oscillating Fan, Black
  • Oscillation: The fan is ideal for indoor/outdoor use. Oscillation covers 30 degrees right/left from center or put into a fixed position. If mounted in corner, it can be pivoted and secured on the bracket to change the swing span more to the left or right
  • Corded 3-Speed Control: Mountable Control Power Box on Fan Cord. Cord length from fan to speed controller: 64”, from speed controller to plug: 96”. Total power cord length is 160”. The fan comes fully assembled. Suggested fan install height: 8-10’
  • Very Quiet Running: Quieter than most outdoor fans. The fan shroud creates a white noise which is more soothing than annoying. Db Sound Level Speed 1: 62 Db, Speed 2: 64 Db, Speed 3: 70 Db
  • Easy Tilt Ratchet System: Adjust tilt tool-free by simply pushing the fan head up or pulling it down. As the fan clicks vertically, it will lock in position
  • Outdoor-Rated: Fan head comes assembled w/ sealed motor to protect from rain. Electrolysis nickel plating and weather-resistant finish prevent unsightly weathering. Built-in electrical fuse-in plug protects motor from power surges (2 extra fuses included)

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The HydroMist outdoor wall mount fan is another great choice if you’d like a larger misting fan option that can deliver more powerful cooling performance across a wide area. You can purchase it in both the 18-inch or 24-inch varieties, which are identical aside from the size of their blades. The default color is black, but you can get it in white if that suits your aesthetic better.

You do have to purchase a separate misting ring with this fan, but the results are phenomenal. There are also several extra misting nozzles available for purchase that can let you customize the misting results or improve its effects. The motor runs with three separate speeds you can switch between at the touch of a button. Each speed can provide air displacement at CFM rates of 3500, 4200, and 5100 respectively.

The fan head is also easy to tilt in a different direction from the default forward-facing orientation. This allows you to more easily direct cold air where you need it most without having to strain too much in the process. The wire connecting the fan to a power source is discrete and thin, and you can tuck it behind the fan’s lower side without trouble.

It receives its water through a regular garden hose, as well. All in all, this is a very similar fan to our last pick but it’s a little easier to set up thanks to the included ratchet mount that comes with the purchase. You’ll be able to place this fan on a wider variety of walls or surfaces compared to the former. However, its asking price is quite high compared to most other outdoor misting fans. So we’d only recommend it for those with a little extra cash to spend.

Things We Like:

  • Very good motor power settings
  • Head can be turned easily
  • Not too difficult amount

Things We Don’t Like:

  • Have to purchase a separate misting ring
  • A little heavy
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What to Look for in an Outdoor Misting Fan

To buy the right outdoor misting fan, you should focus on looking for a few key attributes or features to ensure that you purchase the right fan for your needs.


Naturally, the best outdoor misting fans will be waterproof or water-resistant to some degree. This isn’t truly necessary for outdoor misting fans that are primarily going to be used in arid climates, so consider this attribute as it applies to your situation.

But outdoor misting fans that aren’t water-resistant or waterproof will have trouble continuing to function if you purchase them for use in temperate or humid climates. These fans are electrical tools, after all. Getting rained on without any water resistance is asking for trouble and malfunctions.

Weather-resistant fans are great, too. This way, they won’t need to be cleaned as often and can be relied on to continue functioning, even after windy days or harsh winters.

Standing or Portable?

Outdoor misting fans usually come in one of two types: standing or portable.

Standing outdoor misting fans are taller than the latter and are perfect for positioning in the corner of the porch or patio where it has ample opportunity to spread cooling mist throughout the space. These outdoor misting fans are usually larger than their counterparts and are easy to control or move since you can simply lift it up from its current location and reposition it if you want the mist to be focused on a different area.

Portable outdoor misting fans are usually smaller than the former and are even easier to move. They are typically sized for being placed on desks or countertops. They aren’t quite as powerful or cooling as standing outdoor misting fans, but they can still deliver great cooling ability across your porch or patio.

They’re a great choice for smaller outdoor spaces or for targeting particular parts of your patio where guests love to sit most frequently.

There are also “fixed” outdoor misting fans that are mounted on the ceiling or wall rather than standing on a leg or desk. These are great choices if you have some fan installation experience already or if you want the fan to be out of the way of your guests or patio furniture.

Mounted outdoor misting fans are also advantageous because they can spread cooling mist throughout your outdoor space arguably more effectively than either of the other two types. But mounted misting fans require remote controls for operation and can’t always be fixed or maintained as easily as the other two.

They are also almost impossible to adjust if you find that the wind blows the mist in the wrong direction one day. While they are consistent, they aren’t the best choice in windy environments.

Overall, there isn’t a single correct outdoor misting fan type for everyone. It all depends on your outdoor space and what you need.

Battery-Powered or Cable?

Outdoor misting fans will usually be powered by either separate batteries or by being plugged into a wall. Portable misting fans usually benefit from having long-lasting batteries attached to their motors. This gives them even more portability and lets you position them wherever you like without having to worry about whether there’s a socket nearby.

But cable powered outdoor misting fans never run out of energy and will continue to run as long as you like. On the flip side, you’ll have to periodically remember to charge your battery powered outdoor misting fan. This isn’t an issue if you make it a habit, but it can be tricky to remember if you don’t use an outdoor misting fan frequently.

Cabled outdoor misting fans are more limited in where you can set them up, as well. It’s possible to extend their operational range through the use of an extension cable. But you will always need to know where an appropriate power socket is to get the fan running in the first place.

This is more of a preference than anything else, as either type of fan can deliver the same kind of performance to your patio or porch.


The best outdoor misting fans for your porch or patio will have plenty of coverage in order to thoroughly mist the space. Some outdoor misting fans might be too small or not have enough coverage to really lower the overall temperature of your outdoor space.

Therefore, it’s important to consider the ultimate space that you want to be affected by the fan before finalizing a purchase. You need to ensure that the fan you choose will be able to spread mist and cool air around the entire patio. Otherwise, guests on your porch or patio will simply fight over the chairs closest to the misting fan and you won’t have the comfortable space you envisioned.

Related to this is size. Bigger misting fans will be able to cover more of your porch or patio and will be more effective overall when it comes to particularly hot days. These bigger fans usually weigh more and cost more, but they are often a better choice if you spend time outside with larger parties or if you really want to supercharge your patio’s cooling ability.


Most fans’ speeds are measured in cubic feet per minute or CFM. Higher cubic feet per minute ratings mean that the fan spends more quickly and moves error more efficiently. Therefore, you’ll experience more airflow and cooling power from a fan with a higher CFM than otherwise.

Of course, higher CFM fans are ideal for larger outdoor spaces. Some of the best outdoor misting fans with high CFM will be able to competently mist areas of up to 1000 ft.². But don’t waste time buying a high-power outdoor misting fan if you only have a small porch that you need to cool.

Higher CFM fans will naturally cost more. That power will go to waste if you don’t have the space to use it with. Consider your overall needs before focusing on an ideal CFM range. All in all, try not to go below CFM ranges of 300 or so.


Finally, don’t forget to consider the aesthetic of your chosen misting fan. Most peoples’ porches or patios have certain aesthetics or furniture styles. For instance, all of your chairs or other furniture might all adhere to the same color scheme or shape.

It can really be an eyesore to purchase an outdoor misting fan that doesn’t work well with your present aesthetic. This isn’t to say that many outdoor misting fans will work for whatever patio furniture you already have set up. You just don’t want to pick one that is completely against the current grain.

Picking an outdoor misting fan that is of complementary color is oftentimes enough to make it work with the rest of your furniture. This isn’t a huge aspect to keep in mind, but it can be valuable when maximizing the deal of your outdoor space.

Best Outdoor Misting Fan Brands

  • Lasko: Lasko doesn’t just build fans; they build luxury fan systems for both indoor and outdoor needs. Not only do they provide some of the best misting fans in the business, but they also are champions when it comes to producing high-powered heaters or cooling systems for lots of environments. When it comes to adjusting the air temperature or humidity levels, there are few that can compete with Lasko’s extensive catalog and competence.
  • Arctic Cove: This company is dedicated to keeping things cool whether it’s on your property or in the public sphere. They’ve created lots of fans, coolers, and other equipment for camping and recreational activities. As a result, their cooling fans are among the best in the business due to the user-friendliness baked into their designs.
  • XPOWER: This company has a proud history of creating excellent materials and products for warehouses and hard workers all across America. Its cooling fans tend to be high-powered and built to last. They are the most aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but they’ll definitely deliver fantastic cooling performance for expansive spaces.
  • OEMTOOLS: OEMTOOLS largely focuses on automotive and garage products. They occasionally make excellent fans or other comfort machines. Their designs are focused on usability rather than slick looks.
  • HydroMist: They’ve been creating fans for many years and have perfected the art. Larger companies in warehouses love to buy from them because many of their fans or misting rings are modular and can be combined together. As a result, many HydroMist fans are great when used in conjunction with one another.


Q: What Kinds of Climates are Best for Outdoor Misting Fans?

A: Outdoor misting fans can be a great choice for any kind of climate that experiences a hot summer. Arid or humid climates alike can be unbearable during the summer months, and misting systems are effective at cooling things down even if airborne humidity is rather high.

It’s because humans naturally cool off when water evaporates on our skin. Adding cool water in the form of mist to the ambient environment will only help with this effect and can even move warmth away from the surrounding air.

You’d only not want an outdoor misting fan in climates where temperatures don’t go over 70 degrees or so.

Q: Is Using Hose Water Bad for Your Fan?

A: No, not at all. While some people may prefer to use filtered water for their outdoor misting fans, this is not a necessity. In fact, there’s no real difference between unfiltered or filtered water when it comes to misting effectiveness or safety. You won’t be drinking enough of the water in the mist for it to matter for your health or the health of your plants.

Certain mineral-heavy water might eventually cause blockage in the misting emitters of a ring, but this is very rare. Modern household hoses don’t draw water like this up from the ground.

Q: Can Misting Fans Reduce Insect Abundance?

A: Yes! In fact, outdoor misting fans are commonly used for this reason above heat reduction. Misty environments are difficult for insects to fly in and the colder temperature makes it harder for them to survive. Use an outdoor misting fan during mosquito season to great effect.

Q: How Powerful of a Fan Do I Need for My Patio/Porch?

A: As powerful as you want! Remember, higher CFM ratings of 1000 or so are great for wider patios. But CFM ratings of 500 or so are fine for smaller porches.


In our opinion, nothing beats the Lasko 7050 Misto Outdoor Misting Fan in terms of versatility and durability. It’s a fantastic outdoor misting fan for medium to large porches, and it’s easy to set up by using your garden hose. The Arctic Cove MBF0181 Cooling Bucket Top Variable Speed Fan, however, is another solid option if you’d like a more portable fan that you can rearrange at your will.

Whichever fan you choose, we hope this guide has been helpful and that you’ll stay cool next summer. Thanks for reading!