Best Airsoft Assault Rifle: 5 Top Options!

Finding the best airsoft assault rifle is challenge due to the plethora of options available. If you are looking for one, there are some factors you need to consider.

These factors will ultimately determine the best airsoft rifle for you. The following is a guide that gives you factors to consider. First, we will look at our top picks for airsoft assault rifles.

In a Hurry? Here’s Our Top Picks…

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1. Soft Air RIS Spring Rifle and Pistol On-Duty Kit

Colt Soft Air RIS Spring Airsoft Rifle and Pistol On-Duty Kit, Tan (180790)
  • POWERFUL SPRING: Rifle 300 FPS with 6 millimeter ammo; Pistol 210 FPS with 6 millimeter ammo
  • READY TO PLAY: Shoots 6 millimeter ammo in a single shot
  • RELAXATION & STRESS RELIEF – Lay back and relax onto this “bed of needles” to massage pressure points that help release tight muscles and relieve stress. Use prior to bedtime to improve your rest and reduce insomnia.
  • EASY TO LOAD: Rifle magazine holds 300 rounds; Pistol 12 rounds
  • INCLUDES: Vertical flashlight, vertical grip, paper targets and 500 BBs

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A #1 Best Seller, and manufactured by a well-known and trusted firearms company, Colt, the Soft Air RIS Spring Rifle is a light-weight, fast option that comes with an extra airsoft gun (pistol) as a kit. The rifle shoots 6mm bbs at a quick 300 FPS, it’s easy to load, and the magazine holds up to 300 rounds of ammo. On the side of the rifle is a handy, vertical flashlight so that you can play a game at night or light up a dark corner on the airsoft field.

As for the pistol, it’s good to have as a backup but has to be loaded one bb at a time and holds up to 12 rounds in the magazine. It wouldn’t be as fast as the Airsoft Assault Rifle during a game, so we recommend that you keep it loaded and use whenever reloading your AR isn’t an option. It shoots at 210 FPS with 6mm BBS.

Overall, both the AR and the pistol are of decent quality and get the job done, and for the price, it’s pretty tough to beat. Plus, besides the guns, you receive 500 BBs with your purchase.

What We Like:

  • Comes as a kit, with a backup airsoft pistol
  • Assault rifle shoots at a quick 300FPS
  • AR is easy to load
  • AR holds up to 300 rounds of BBs
  • The kit comes with 500 BBs
  • Manufactured by Colt
  • Air Assault Rifle has a handy flashlight on the side
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight at 2 pounds, easy to lug around the airsoft field

What We Don’t:

  • The pistol isn’t very quick to shoot or load
  • The plastic pieces feel a tad flimsy
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2. DPMS Full Auto SBR CO2-Powered BB Air Rifle

DPMS Full Auto SBR CO2-Powered BB Air Rifle DSBR
  • FULL SIZE, REAL FEEL, DUAL ACTION - Durable synthetic design and up to 1400 rounds per minute
  • FUELED BY (2) 12-GRAM CO2 CARTRIDGES - Delivers speeds up to 430 fps (CO2 cartridges not included)
  • ADJUSTABLE STOCK - 6 adjustable positions make the gun easy to handle and shoulder
  • 25-ROUND DROP OUT MAGAZINE - Compatible with traditional 4.5 mm steel BBs (BBs not included)

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Another top-notch Best Seller, the DPMS Full Auto CO2-Powered BB Air Rifle is an exceptional airsoft replica of the real thing. It has a heavier weight (at nearly 8 pounds) and is the exact size of real, similar Full Auto ARs, providing you with an ultra-realistic experience on the airsoft field.

the DPMS Air Rifle is mind-bogglingly fast, able to shoot 14oo rounds per minute, and is fueled by two 12-gram co2 cartridges, delivering speeds up to 430FPS. A great feature of this airsoft AR is that it has an adjustable stock at 6 different lengths for a comfortable fit for users of every size and age whenever the airsoft rifle is shouldered.

The drop out magazine can hold up to 25 rounds of BBs and is compatible with 4.5mm steel BBs. The DPMS features two sights, one pop up and one rear sight to keep your shots accurate. The pop-up sight is removable, also, to meet your preferences. The blowback and overall functions of this airsoft rifle add to the experience of shooting it and makes this Airsoft AR an ideal choice for those seeking a lifelike recreation on the field.

Overall, this is a well-made, fast, realistic airsoft assault rifle that serves its purpose well and is super fun to shoot.

What We Like:

  • Can shoot 1400 rounds per minute — has up to 430FPS
  • Heavy, durable quality weighing in at nearly 8 pounds for a realistic feel
  • The magazine holds up to 25 rounds of 4.5mm BBs and is easily removed and replaced
  • Features two sights (one removable) so that all of your shots are on-target
  • Blowback and functions add to the realism
  • The stock is adjustable for a comfortable fit when shouldered

What We Don’t:

  • A little on the expensive side, but the price reflects the noticeably high quality
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3. Lancer Tactical Airsoft LT-15T-G2 SD AEG RIS

Lancer Tactical Gen 2 Airsoft Rifle SD M4 GEN 2 Polymer- Electric Full/Semi-Auto Airsoft AEG Rifle with 0.20g BBS, Charger and Battery
  • Materials – Gen II Version Upgraded With A Nylon Reinforced Body; High-quality Light weight Nylon Polymer receivers and rail. Designed to withstand the toughest of airsoft battles.
  • Rail System For Attachments – Full length 20mm Free Float Modular Rail Interface System For Attachments.; Upper Picatinny/weaver Style Rail For Optic Accessories.
  • Gears – Gears Rotate Smoothly Provided By The 8mm Ball Bearings; The M120 spring, metal spring guide, and full steel teeth piston ensure maximum power and reliability, while the 18:1 gear set & polished 6.03mm tightbore inner offers superior precision and accuracy.
  • Battery: Easily place the 9.6V Nunchuck battery. The charger included in the package features automatic power shutdown once it detects the battery is fully charged.
  • Redesigned retractable stock featuring multiple adjustable positions to accommodate all sizes comfortably.

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Though it doesn’t have as many features as some of the other airsoft assault rifles on our list, the Lancer Tactical Airsoft RIS is a highly-rated, solid option. It has both a semi-auto and fully automatic mode, shoots pleasantly fast at approximately 18 BBs per second at 380 FPS, and is accurate mostly at medium-range (around 1,000 feet).

It comes with a rechargeable battery and charger has a front sight to make your shots accurate and is overall a great option for someone who is just beginning to dabble in airsoft.

What We Like:

  • Excellent quality
  • Features semi and fully auto modes
  • Shoots 18 BBs per second at 380 FPS
  • Accurate at around 1,000 feet
  • Comes with a rechargeable battery and charger

What We Don’t:

  • A little expensive, but the quality makes up for the price
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4. BBTac 800014 M16A2 Airsoft Gun Vietnam Style Spring Airsoft Gun

bbtac m16a2 airsoft gun vietnam style spring airsoft gun rifle with warranty(Airsoft Gun)
  • Replica of the Vietnam style airsoft gun. Has triangular handguards
  • Comes with 200 round clipmag, safety glasses, sample bag of bbs, and strap.
  • Shoots at approximately 300+ FPS with 0.12g BBs and 250 FPS with 0.20g BBs.
  • Single shot spring gun. Requires you to cock each time to shoot.
  • Fast, clean, and inexpensive to maintain. Requires no gas or battery to operate.

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An awesome replica, the BBTac Vietnam Spring Airsoft Gun is a high-powered spring option that shoots at 300+FPS with 0.12g BBs and around 250 FPS with .20g BBs.

It’s easy to use and a single shot is fired by simply cocking the airsoft gun and pulling the trigger. This BBTac AR is accurate and made of high-quality materials including a precision metal barrel and triangle handguard. The clip is simple to remove and replace and can hold up to 200 BBs at a time. This airsoft rifle also comes with a sample bag of BBs and a strap that can be attached effortlessly.

With the excellent quality in mind, this airsoft rifle is incredibly affordable and a wonderful budget buy. However, it may not be the best option for a high-paced airsoft game, considering the fact that you have to cock the gun every time you shoot. Other than that, it’s a cool true-to-life option that would serve a history buff well.

What We Like:

  • Very nice Vietnam style replica AR
  • Shoots at 250-300 FPS (depending on what size BB you use)
  • Easy to shoot — simply cock the Airsoft Assault Rifle and pull the trigger
  • The magazine is easy to reload and can hold up to 200 BBs at a time
  • Budget buy

What We Don’t:

  • It May not be good for a fast-paced airsoft game
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5. Sig Sauer MCX .177 Cal Co2 Powered Air Rifle

SIG SAUER ProForce MCX Virtus 6mm Plastic BB 120rd Adjustable Flip-Up Front & Rear Sights Airsoft Electric Rifle (Battery NOT Included)
  • PROFORCE MCX VIRTUS AIRSOFT AEG - With velocities up to 400 FPS with the preinstalled 120 spring, or 350 FPS with the included 100 spring, this airsoft gun is perfect for plinking, target practice, or skirmishes, including indoor fields with FPS limits
  • RUGGED CONSTRUCTION - This Airsoft rifle features a CNC-Machined all-metal receiver for durability, in addition to a metal handguard and a sturdy polymer stock to yield a feel, weight, and length that are very close to the power burning firearm version
  • CAPACITY - The SIG AIR ProForce MCX Virtus utilizes a mid-cap magazine with a 120-round capacity for 6mm Airsoft BBs, as well as a select fire switch to change it from safe, to semi-auto, to full-auto for fun and exciting Airsoft action
  • FEATURES - This Airsoft gun uses a full-length Picatinny optics rail to enable adding scopes or dot sights, and the handguard offers M-LOK T-slots that help to attach accessories such as lasers and lights in a quick and secure manner
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE- In addition, the stock adjusts to three different positions with the simple press of a button. It is compatible with a maximum of an 11.7V LiPo battery and an appropriate charger (not included), which will deliver optimum performance

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Weighing nearly 8 pounds, the Sig Sauer Air Rifle is a solid replica that gives a realistic feel to your game whenever you’re on the field. The quality of this airsoft AR is beyond excellent, due to the fact that the body and components of it are mostly metal.

The iron sights are adjustable and durable to keep your shot on-target. Once the sights are corrected, this airsoft gun is pleasingly accurate up to around 1,000 or so feet. The magazine, though made of seemingly cheaper plastic, holds up well and is easy to unload. It fits snuggly into the gun and is overall decent.

In general, this is an excellent option for any serious airsoft gun user. It’s made of high-grade materials, works flawlessly, and serves its purpose.

What We Like:

  • Very high-quality option
  • Heavier weight — more realistic
  • Sights are exceptional and can be adjusted
  • Made mostly of metal
  • Accurate up to far distances
  • The 30 round magazine is easy to unload and load and fits well in the air gun

What We Don’t:

  • It’s the most expensive option on our list and may not be good for those who are on a budget
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Education on Airsoft Assault Rifle

Check all the variables of these weapons before you decide to go with one. The following is information on the various factors you should consider before you purchase an airsoft assault rifle.


It is a very crucial variable when deciding the type of airsoft assault rifle you need. You’ll want an airsoft AR that can shoot around 300-400 FPS.

Take note assaults use heavier pellets. Heavier pellets have a higher likelihood of increasing the FPS.

If you get an airsoft rifle that does not have at around 3-400 FPS, you will not be able to pick off opponents at long distances. However, you can decide to use lighter pellets when conditions are calm as calmer conditions let you shoot farther. In case a gust of wind whips up, most of your shots could be sent off-track.


There is the normal itinerary used to help anyone ion their duties as a marksman. However, there are also other accessories you need to use to help you with your gameplay.

One of them is referred to as a sling. It offers you quick access to your sidearm without the need of dropping your rifle. Sings are useful in circumstances when one of your opponents gets the jump on you, and you need to deal with the situation as quickly as possible.

Another great addition is a bipod as it will assist you to stabilize your shooting. Keep in mind this will only work if you have something to rest on it. Consider the types of accessories you get when you purchase your rifle and the ones you can buy to enhance your gameplay.


A budget is a crucial factor considering there is a range of prices for all airsoft assault guns. Some people make the mistake of thinking higher-priced assault rifles will guarantee the best outcome. Some low-cost rifles have been known to perform better than several high priced rifles.

On the other hand, this does not mean you should buy the cheapest rifle in the market. All we are saying is there are plenty of high-quality versions you can get on a low budget. Shop around before you make a decision.

Weight of Airsoft Assault Rifle

You want to be as comfortable as possible when you are using your airsoft assault rifle. This is why you should consider the weight of the gun.

Although it may seem more realistic and fun when you are using a heavy gun, it may too heavy to give most players, especially beginners, optimal accuracy. We suggest you go for a versatile, lightweight model so that it is reliable and comfortable for you to use.


BBTac is renowned for offering one of the best quality airsoft rifles, accessories, and BBs in the market. Additionally, they continue to provide quality items by consistently improving innovation.

They are a process-centered and market-focused organization that delivers and develops innovative solutions and products to their clients. This is why they consistently outperform their peers.

Airsoft Assault Rifle FAQs

Q: How Do Airsoft Assault Rifles Work?

A: Air compression is used to fire BBs in airsoft rifles. However, there are different ways these rifles function. They can be gas, electric, or spring powered. Each gun type has its merits and demerits.

Q: Are Airsoft Assault Rifles Dangerous?

A: Generally, these assault rifles are safe to use as long as proper safety protocols are implemented. For starters, eye protection is mandatory.

Other additions include knee/elbow pads, gloves, and vests if you want added protection. Check your local laws governing the transportation and use of airsoft assault rifles to ensure you do not violate any laws.

Q: What Does CO2 and Gas Powered Mean?

A: Instead of battery or spring power, some rifles rely on gas power. Although CO2 and gas-powered guns are more popular with pistols, there are some gas-powered assault rifles.

The majority of high-end CO2 pistol uses a “blowback feature to add an extra dimension of realism when you operate the gun. Remember there are many factors at play when you are choosing the type of airsoft rifle you should choose

Airsoft Assault Rifle Wrap-up

If you are looking for an airsoft assault rifle, the above-mentioned ones are the best on the market.

The best overall assault is the DPMS Full Auto SBR CO2-Powered BB Air Rifle. It’s excellent quality, highly reviewed, shoots fast, is easy to use, and perfect for users of all ages and abilities.