The Best Artificial Grass for Backyards: Reviews and Complete Buying Guide

Tired of having to deal with the upkeep of your yard’s lawn? A simple solution to your problem exists in the form of artificial grass — not only does this wonderfully low-maintenance product require no cutting, no watering, no leveling, and no spraying for bugs, but the best artificial grass for backyards these days even … Read more

The 5 Best Mosquito Killers: Complete Buying Guide

Mosquitoes. Just mentioning the word is enough to put a homicidal glare in the eye of any outdoors-lover and have most of us itching at phantom bites in our flesh. Perhaps more than any other critter, these small, modern-day pterodactyls have the ability to drive us nuts and make our yards all but uninhabitable. Which … Read more

The 7 Best Mosquito Repellents For Yards: Reviews and Complete Buying Guide

Sadly, finding the best mosquito repellent for yards isn’t as simple as plumping for the first decent-looking and well-packaged product we come across at the store or in a Google search. Sure, most of these products will be EPA-approved and meet at least the minimum requirements in regards to effectiveness against certain types of mosquito. … Read more