Rectangular Vs. Round Trampoline

Do you remember growing up performing all kinds of tricks on a trampoline? Now you want to pass on this fun recreational and athletic activity to your kids, but you can’t decide which shape of a trampoline is best. We will look at the rectangular vs. round trampoline to help you choose the best shape for your backyard trampoline.

When purchasing a trampoline there are several things to consider including safety, bounce performance, weight limitations, usage, location and price. As you may have noticed there are also a variety of shapes available in trampolines. The most popular are rectangular and round. Let us help you pick which shape will best suit your needs for a trampoline that will last a decade or more. If you are thinking about buying a trampoline for toddlers, then you may want to head to this article on trampolines for toddlers.

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Brief History of Trampolines

Did you know that trampolines were originally used to train astronauts? Although trampolines had their start training astronauts and serious athletes, they soon become popular for their sheer fun. Trampolines are great training tools for divers, gymnasts, cheerleaders, and freestyle skiers.

Many Olympians cannot imagine training without them! Trampolines have become so popular over the years that they made their debut in the 2000 Sydney Olympic games! Both men and women can compete in the Olympic sport of trampoline today! So, although you may be buying a recreational trampoline today, you may be sparking the fire of a future Olympian!

6 Things To Consider In Rectangular Vs. Round Trampolines

1. Rectangular Vs. Round Safety

Safety should be at the forefront of anybody’s mind when considering buying a trampoline. According to statistics, trampolines cause more than 100,000 injuries per year. We always recommend that no matter if you have a round vs. rectangular trampoline, you should supervise jumpers at all times.

Round trampolines will not produce a bounce quite as high as a rectangular trampoline. The design of a round trampoline also means you are going to get less height on a jump on the edge of the trampoline than you will in the middle. In addition, round trampolines direct the bouncer back to the center of the trampoline, to create a less of a probability of landing on the springs after a jump. However, if you have multiple kids on the trampoline at once, this may result in collisions in the center of the trampoline.

Rectangular trampolines will produce higher bounces. This is great for athletes and gymnasts who need the extra height to complete the trick and land safely. However, extra height in a bounce can also present a higher possibility of injury. Rectangular trampolines do have more length for tricks to be performed safely on. Also, since bounces are not directed back to the center of the trampoline there is less chance of the bouncers being directed into colliding with each other.

 2. Rectangular Vs. Round Bounce Performance

Round trampolines are designed to have one focal point or “sweet spot” for a bounce. This is right in the center of the trampoline. Bounces near the edges of a round trampoline will not be as powerful as a bounce directed in the center. Rectangular trampolines have much more surface area that will give you a high bounce. In general, you will be able to bounce higher more easily with a rectangular trampoline.

3. Rectangular Vs. Round Weight limitations

The size of a trampoline can greatly affect the weight limitations of a trampoline, but the shape does as well. A round trampoline engages all the springs during a jump. Rectangular trampolines only engage the springs near the jump. Rectangular trampolines are also made with athletes in mind. Because of this, rectangular trampolines will have a higher weight limit than round trampolines.

4. Rectangular Vs. Round Usage

As you may have gathered from previous paragraphs rectangular trampolines are geared towards doing “tricks” and “stunts”. Round trampolines are created with recreational fun in mind. Consider how your trampoline will most likely be used to pick which shape is best for you.

5. Rectangular Vs. Round Location

Where do you plan to put your new trampoline? Round trampolines come in a variety of sizes. Round trampolines can range from 8 feet to 15 feet in diameter. Rectangular trampolines usually range from 15ft x 7 ft to 17ft by 10 ft

6. Round Vs. Rectangular Price

You will find that round trampolines will run cheaper than rectangular trampolines with many different options available. Round trampolines start smaller than rectangular trampolines. We have even reviewed a few great options of round and rectangular trampolines. If you will mainly have young children jumping on the trampoline, then consider these toddler trampolines.

Top Round Vs. Rectangular Trampolines

Round 1: Zupapa Round Trampoline

Zupapa Trampolines No-Gap Design 1500 LBS Weight Capacity 16 15 14 12 10 8FT for Kids Children with Safety Enclosure Net Outdoor Backyards Large Recreational Trampoline
  • ❤️【Security Certification&No-gap Design】Zupapa trampolines are tested for safety and durability to exceed all ASTM and TUV standards. The 2024 upgrade no gap design greatly reduce hazards of getting your hands or feet caught in the gaps cause the jumping mat and spring cover are tightly sewn together. Also the springs are all covered with thick and durable pad. What’s more, our new design expanded the jumping area.
  • ❤️【Hot-dip Galvanizing Technology & Heavy-duty Frame】Zupapa 2024 trampolines use the latest hot-dip galvanizing technology to make the frame rust-proof, more stable and durable(rust-proof time is 5 times longer). And our unique two steel joints design along with W-shaped legs provide a solid base for the whole trampoline. The static load capacity is 1500 LBS, and the dynamic load capacity: 425 LBS. Comes with wind stakes, make the trampoline stands stably even in storm.
  • ❤️【More Springs & Impressive bounce】 As we all know springs are the core of the trampoline, we have 12 more springs to offer impressive bounce.
  • ❤️【Higher Quality Materials for Max Safety】Galvanized rust resistant springs(7 inch) offer impressive bounce. Anti-UV jumping mat (made of PP) provides more weight capacity. 6ft higher enclosure net (made of environmental PE) ensures absolute safety and fastness when jumping. And the poles are padded with 10mm foam, can protect your kids from banging against the steel pole.
  • ❤️【Much Longer Net Poles】Zupapa extends all the net poles which reach the ground to make the net more stable and safer. What's more our 1.5mm steel frame tubes comparing with 1.0mm ordinary frame make the trampoline more sturdy.

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Like most parents, trampoline safety is probably high in your mind when purchasing a trampoline. In your research, you have probably noticed the Zupapa brand pop up. The Zupapa trampolines have some of the highest safety ratings for recreational round trampolines. The most recent upgraded Zupapa trampoline has a no-gap jumping mat design which gets rid of dangerous gaps between the jump mat and spring pad. I still remember the days of my childhood falling between the gap of the mat and springs. Ouch!

The frame is also constructed of hot-dip galvanized steel. This helps the frame to withstand corrosion and lasts for decades. The UV absorber uv-9 was also added to the materials including the mat and pad, extending the life of the materials saving you on replacement costs. The trampoline kit comes with a trampoline, ladder, enclosure net, rain cover, T-hooks, gloves for installation, wind stakes, and spring tool for easy installation.

The Zupapa trampoline comes in 10 ft., 12 ft., 14 ft., and 15ft sizes. The maximum weight of the 10 ft., 12 ft. and 14 ft. is 330 pounds, and the 15 ft. is 375 pounds. Assembly upon arrival of your new Zupapa trampoline will take about 2-3 hours including the net enclosure. Zupapa is a sturdy set with solid manufacturing and construction.

Things We Like

  • No gap in jumping mat design
  • Hot-dip processed galvanized steel for better weather protection
  • Sturdy construction
  • Great for recreational jumping
  • Kit includes everything: trampoline, ladder, net, rain tarp, T-hooks, gloves, wind stakes, and spring tool

Things That Could Improve

  • On the more pricey end for round trampolines
  • The weight limit is at 375 lbs
  • Tarp material doesn’t last
  • Zipper on the enclosure is difficult
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Round 2: ORCC Kids Round Trampoline

ORCC 1200LBS Weight Capacity 16 15 14 12 10ft Trampoline for Kids and Adults Outdoor Trampolines with Safety Enclosure Net Wind Stakes Non-Slip Ladder
  • 【Safety is Top Priority】Experience peace of mind with the ORCC Trampoline, now boasting CPC certification in the USA, rigorously tested under CPSIA guidelines. Meanwhile, our trampoline, tested to ASTM F381-16 specifications, ensures a structure that excels in firmness, corrosion resistance, and UV protection, exceeding industry standards and providing a safe, durable option for endless fun.
  • 【Longer Durability Frame】Constructed with hot-dip galvanized steel, the ORCC trampoline features a robust frame that boasts a dual-layer protective coating of iron-zinc alloy and zinc. This advanced technology ensures exceptional durability, granting the trampoline over a decade of rust resistance—even in coastal environments prone to harsh weather.
  • 【High Weight Capacity】Constructed with premium Q195 steel known for its superior strength, our trampoline ensures exceptional sturdiness. We employ reinforced T-joints, surpassing industry norms in both length and thickness, to connect the frame's steel tubing securely, preventing any deformation or bending. High strength steel and sturdy structural design grants our trampoline an impressive static weight capacity of up to 1,200 lbs and a dynamic weight limit of up to 450 lbs!
  • 【Elevated Net and Frame】Elevate your peace of mind with our 6FT safety net, higher than standard 5.5FT nets on the market. This extra height grants children the liberty to jump within the trampoline's embrace. Coupled with our elevated frame , it ensures an exhilarating bounce , effectively eliminating the hazard of foot contact ground.
  • 【Great Bounce Trampoline】The ORCC trampoline's jumping mat features advanced weaving technology with a unique three-warp and four-weft technology, ensuring appropriate air permeability and superior load-bearing performance for the ultimate bouncing. Engineered with 7-inch galvanized springs, rigorously lab-tested for over 100,000 bounces, our springs maintain perfect integrity and exceptional elasticity. All springs are securely covered with a dense, 15mm-thick foam pad for superior protection

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The ORCC brand is another highly ranked safe trampoline that is TUV certified. This means these trampolines are safety certified by a third party. Materials are tested for their chemical composition and the structure is designed to ensure safety. The trampoline must pass stringent qualifications in safety to be TUV certified.

This trampoline comes with 108 Galvanized springs (15 ft. only), as opposes to the 96 of many other trampoline companies. Kits come with everything you need including the trampoline, safety pad, no-skid ladder, enclosure net, rain cover, gloves for installation, spring pull tool, U-shaped wind stakes, and instruction manual.

Sizes are available from 10 ft. to 15 ft. The weight limit is 330 lbs. on the 10 ft. and 375 lbs. on all larger models. The installation will take you about 2-3 hours. The ORCC trampolines are great quality trampolines for backyard recreation.

Things We Like

  • More springs (108) on the 15 ft. trampoline
  • No-skid ladder
  • Great recreational backyard trampoline
  • Kit includes everything: trampoline, ladder, enclosure, rain tarp, gloves, spring pull tool, wind stakes, and instruction manual

Things That Could Improve

  • Again on the more expensive side for a round trampoline
  • 375 lbs weight limit
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Round 3: Skywalker Jump N’ Dunk Round Trampoline

SKYWALKER TRAMPOLINES Jump N' Dunk 8 FT, 12 FT, 15 FT, Round Outdoor Trampoline for Kids with Enclosure Net, Basketball Hoop, ASTM Approval, 800 LBS Weight Capacity
  • SAFETY IS OUR TOP PRIORITY: Our outdoor trampoline for kids and adults with basketball hoop is designed with a patented no-gap enclosure system, protecting children from pinch points and openings (Patent #RE45, 182).
  • BASKETBALL HOOP: Throw, shoot, and slam dunk with the included basketball and recreational trampoline basketball hoop on this large trampoline with net enclosure.
  • DURABILITY: Enjoy endless family fun on your backyard trampoline for kids with the support of a galvanized steel frame. Thanks to the rust resistant frame, this outdoor trampoline with enclosure net is a safe trampoline where your kids can thrive.
  • WEIGHT CAPACITY: This trampoline has been tested to a maximum weight capacity of 800 pounds (200 lbs ASTM standard).
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY: With over 100,000 happy customers since our company was founded in 2005, Skywalker Trampolines creates heavy duty trampolines for adults and kids that provide children with fun and safe ways to play. 

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The Skywalker Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline is a great recreational trampoline. It comes with a patented no-gap safety enclosure, basketball hoop, and ball. It is the perfect starter set to unlimited fun in the backyard. The Skywalker trampoline uses reinforced T-sockets that increase the stability and prevent structural twisting.

For added safety, the tightly-coiled spring system is located outside the net enclosure. This means there is no gap between the bouncing mat and the net, preventing painful falls and landings in this gap. The springs are coated in rust-resistant material for longer life. The spring pad is made of an extra-thick vinyl-coating that is fade resistant.

The Skywalker brand has round trampolines from 8 feet to 15 feet. The Skywalker brand also offers square, oval, and rectangular trampolines. This particular style includes a slam dunk basketball hoop and a foam basketball. A basketball hoop provides more fun and entertainment options. If you have a budding basketball star, this is a perfect way to practice all of the Harlem Globetrotter moves!

Unfortunately, the basketball and hoop will probably need to be replaced after the first season. The setup is relatively easy with the included clear instructions. Although set up is easy, the trampoline does not come with a ladder, wind stakes, or any spring pull tools. If you want these things they will have to be purchased separately.

Things We Like

  • No gap enclosure
  • T-Sockets that increase stability
  • Set up is easy

Things That Could Improve

  • Basketball hoop and ball will not last past the season
  • Set doesn’t include a ladder, wind stake, or spring-pull tools
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Rectangular 1: Acon Air 16 Sport HD Rectangular Trampoline

Trampoline ACON Air 16 Sport HD with Enclosure | Includes 10x17ft Rectangular Trampoline, Safety Net, Safety Pad and Ladder
  • 10x17 ft high quality rectangle trampoline with enclosure | Great for advanced trampoline users
  • All-black design | Optimized spring and mat dynamics | Renewed frame structure for maximum rigidity
  • Trampoline height 40 inches; with enclosure 126 inches
  • Galvanized steel frame pipes inside and out | 140 heavy duty 10 inch springs | Mat UV treated cross-sewn polypropylene, 10 row stitching
  • Trampoline ground anchors and spring puller tool included | For year-round use | No single user weight limit

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Acon Air 16 Sport HD is our first pic for a rectangular trampoline. This trampoline is 10 feet by 17 feet. The frame is made of strong and durable steel. At 104 springs, you have enough springs to get a decent bounce. Ground anchors, enclosure, and a spring puller tool are included in the kit. Keep in mind that this rectangular trampoline is geared towards more advanced trampoline users. You are sure to get a great bounce with the synergistic design of the springs. This trampoline will also look smooth and sleek in your space with its all-black design with blue accents. The Acon Air 16 Sport HD comes with a great warranty.

The frame has a warranty of 10 years! The mat is guaranteed for 5 years and the other mat components are for 2 years. This warranty is much better than you will find for any components on a round trampoline. So, although this will cost you more money upfront, the components will last much longer than the typical round recreational trampoline parts. The mat and frame are made of high-quality material that you would expect at this price and will outlast the cheaper options.

Things We Like

  • The size gives ample room for all of your tumbling tricks
  • Great precision bounce
  • Overall look and design of the product
  • Outstanding warranty time limits on important components
  • High-quality frame, springs, and mat

Things That Could Improve

  • Pricey-But in the range of most rectangular trampolines
  • Maybe too bouncy for the beginner trampoline jumper
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Rectangular 2-Happy Trampoline

Happy Trampoline Pro Rectangle Trampoline 10x17 - Gymnastics Trampoline with Net Enclosure - Large Trampoline for Backyard Heavy Duty 750lbs Jumping Capacity - Commercial Grade Outdoor Trampoline
  • Dimension & Weight Limit: Galactic Xtreme's professional 10x17 rectangle outdoor trampoline with 9.5 ft frame height and a 750-pound weight capacity is perfect for gymnastics and family playtime
  • Galvanized Steel Frame and Springs: Our patented 4-leg frame with 3.0mm thick galvanized steel tubing ensures stability. 124 fully galvanized springs, each measuring 9 inches long and rust resistant
  • Large Jumping Mat & Reversible Spring Pad: Durable jumping mat offers large bouncing space, ideal for the whole family. The wide spring pad is reversible. Switch sides to double its life-span
  • Full Net Enclosure with Poles: To ensure safe jumping, the outdoor rectangle trampolines have a high-grade polyester mesh net enclosure with zipper and buckles on both sides of the trampoline
  • Outdoor Activities with Family: Foster strong family bonds through shared time and play, offering a fun game for mutual engagement and friendly competition

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The name says it all for this trampoline. You will be happy by going with the family owned and operated business. Happy rectangular trampolines range from 14-foot length all the way to 23 feet! They stand behind their frames and springs with a surprising lifetime warranty. Your trampoline frame will not be going anywhere with 3.0 mm galvanized commercial grade steel tubing. Want a bouncy trampoline? This trampoline produces a great bounce by utilizing 9-inch springs.

Each trampoline, depending on size, has 96-156 springs to engage the bouncer and create a soft landing. While this is a fun and safe recreational trampoline, it has the durability, strength, and bounce required by elite gymnasts. Feel safe having multiple jumpers on the trampoline with a 550 lb limit. The trampoline comes with the frame, springs, mat, ladder, and enclosure for one price. Plan on getting some help with the installation of this trampoline. Because it has a unique design, the installation of the rectangular Happy Trampoline will take you longer than a typical round trampoline.

Things We Like

  • Extremely bouncy
  • High weight limit
  • Lifetime warranty on the frame and springs
  • Large sizes available

Things That Could Improve

  • Pricey
  • Installation can be a bit tricky
  • Heavy frame makes it difficult to move
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In conclusion, there are many things to consider when purchasing your first trampoline. Which shape will sue your needs the best? In the debate of round vs. rectangular, we looked at safety, bounce performance, weight limitations, usage, location, and price. Round trampolines will typically be cheaper and are great for recreational uses. Rectangular trampolines provide more room and bounce for trick and stunts, even for adult users.

Although rectangular trampolines come with a higher price tag, they have some of the best warranties around. Don’t forget to measure the area in your backyard to determine which shape will fit best. Still, undecided which trampoline is best? Check out our article on the Best Trampolines.  Perhaps this article got you thinking of taking up the trampoline. If so, cross-reference your choice with our best trampolines for adults. Which did you choose in the round vs. rectangular trampoline debate?