Springfree Trampoline Vs Regular: Complete Review

Like any good parent, when buying a trampoline, safety is at the forefront of your mind. You may have come across springfree trampoline vs regular and wondered how it differs from a regular trampoline. Is a springfree trampoline safer than a regular trampoline? We will explore the answers to this question and more.

If you grew up with the traditional trampoline, then when you hear of a springfree trampoline you may wonder how that is possible. In 1992, Dr. Keith Vivian Alexander performed a careful analysis of worldwide trampoline data to find the three major impact zones of a trampoline. These are the springs, steel frame, and the ground. From here he was able to release a prototype of the first “spring-free” trampoline in 1999, that reduced or eliminated these impact zones. The first commercial versions began selling in 2004 and won an Australian Design Award in 2009. Today, springfree trampolines are marketed as the safest trampolines available.

What is a Springfree Trampoline?

A springfree trampoline is designed using glass-reinforced plastic rods instead of the traditional steel coil springs. The rods form a flexible soft edge and the rigid frame is lowered below the jumping surface. This is how Dr. Keith Vivian Alexander was able to create a safer trampoline by removing the hazards of the rigid perimeter frame and the steel coil springs. You will also find that the base of the trampoline is more rigid on a springfree trampoline vs regular.

Springfree trampolines tout that they are the safest trampoline in the world. According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, there were an estimated 91,870 emergency room-treated injuries resulting from trampolines in 2001.

Between 2002 and 2011, more than 1 million people went to emergency departments for injuries related to trampolines. For these reasons, many trampolines use padding over springs and enclosures. The Springfree trampolines have a soft edge mat, a flexible net, no springs, and a hidden frame.

We will take a closer look at four differences between the springfree vs. regular trampoline. These major differences are the enclosure net, frame, springs, and cost.

The Four Main Differences

Springfree Trampoline Vs. Regular Enclosure Net

Almost all trampolines these days come with an enclosure net. These nets are an important safety feature as they help to prevent falls from the trampoline that may result in broken bones. Both the springfree and regular trampolines come with tightly woven safety nets.

You will want to make sure it is a no-climb net, meaning fingers cannot fit inside the holes of the net. Regular trampolines typically use steel poles that are wrapped in foam to hold up the net. The folks at Springfree trampolines decided this was not safe enough and created a flexible net. There are no steel poles for the jumper to land on or jump into.

Springfree Trampoline Vs. Regular Frame

The frame on a traditional or regular trampoline is outside of the springs, but still visible to the jumper. The frame on a springfree trampoline is completely hidden far below the jumping mat. Both frames are made of sturdy steel. Springfree trampolines are double-powder coated galvanized steel.

Springfree Trampoline Vs. Regular Springs

To achieve bounce, a springfree trampoline uses glass-reinforced plastic rods underneath the jumping mat perimeter. A regular trampoline uses steel coil springs. Springs contribute a lot to the bounce o a trampoline. According to consumers the bounce on a springfree trampoline and regular trampoline are comparable.

Springfree Trampoline Vs. Regular Cost

If you have researched the cost of a springfree trampoline vs. regular, you will have noticed the significant price difference. Expect a springfree trampoline to cost around triple the amount of a similar-sized regular trampoline. Part of the reason for this is the durability of the springfree trampoline.

Overall Pros and Cons of Springfree Trampolines

Springfree Pros

  • Flexible net enclosure with no steel poles
  • No springs
  • Frame hidden below springs

Springfree Cons

  • Cost
  • Assembly is a little different and can be difficult

You can also check out this in-depth Springfree trampoline review to give you a better idea of how they differ from regular trampolines and just how safe these guys really are:

Springfree Trampoline Buying Guide

Here, we’ll be taking a look at some of the best springfree trampolines on the market today.

1. Springfree 13-Foot Jumbo Trampoline

Springfree Trampoline - 13ft Jumbo Square With Basketball Hoop and Ladder
  • Jumbo Square 13' Springfree Trampoline - Jumper weight rating of 330 pounds, structural load capacity of 1100 pounds
  • The SoftEdge mat is 30x more shock absorbent than pads and eliminates hard edges at the jumping surface. The frame is positioned underneath the jumping surface where it’s impossible to fall on.
  • Our flexible safety enclosure cushions jumpers and prevents falls to the ground. Flexible net rods remove the need for hard metal poles that can cause injury. Made with the highest quality materials to give you safety that stands the test of time.
  • Leave your trampoline outside year round. Our trampolines all have double powder coated galvanized steel frames for long lasting use, UV resistant polypropylene nets & mats, composite fiberglass rods
  • 10 Years Warranty On All Parts! From net to frame to mat, we've got you covered.

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Springfree is the original makers and designers of the springfree trampoline. Springfree takes Dr. Keith Alexander’s trampoline research and puts it into their trampoline product. The springfree trampolines can be purchased in round, square, or oval shapes. They do not currently have any rectangular models. You can purchase any size from 8 ft to 13 ft.  The largest trampoline available is the Jumbo square trampoline, 13 ft. x 13 ft. This will give the jumper 155 square feet of jumping room.

The price will start around fifteen hundred and go up from there. The jumper weight rating is 220 lbs. with structural capacity of 1100 lbs. Springfree trampolines are built to last with durable materials. They have a 10-year warranty of all parts including the net, frame, and mat!

This trampoline has a flexible net, hidden frame, no springs, and soft edges. Flexible composite rods are used instead of steel coil springs. Expect to look up a youtube video on how to install a springfree trampoline. The installation will likely take around 3 hours if you have a partner to help.

What We Like:

  • Springfree design using glass-reinforced plastic rods away from the mat
  • Flexible net with no steel poles
  • Soft edges-no hard edges on the jumping mat
  • Different shapes available: round, square, oval
  • 10-year warranty on all parts
  • Original springfree trampoline and winner of Australian Design Award in 2009

What We Don’t Like:

  • Cost-most expensive than a regular trampoline of the same size
  • Installation can be tricky, read and follow directions carefully

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2. Reliant Sports Free Jump Trampoline

Reliant Sports Free Jump 15 ft Trampoline for Kids & Adults with Safety Enclosure,Patent Pending Springless Quick-Easy Assembly Design
  • SAFETY SPRINGLESS DESIGN - NO Springs! Our Trampolines Feature High Tech Aviation Grade Aluminum Rods Instead of Springs. Our Unique Rods Provide the Strongest Support System on the Market. They Provide an Incredible Balance of Strength and Elasticity for a Completely Different Jumping Experience Compared to Trampolines with Springs.
  • 100% JUMPING SURFACE - No Hard Edges! Our Jumping Mat is Designed with100%of Jumping Space Surface Area with No Dead Spots or Hard Edges for Maximum Jumping Potential.
  • QUICK Assembly&Disassembly - Patent Pending Design! Our Proprietary Patent Pending Rod Fastening Buckle Locking System is a Game Changer when it Comes to Assembly Time. Our Unique System will Support You Assembly it by Yourself and Save You Almost Half of Assembly Time Over Other Comparable Products in the Market.
  • SAFE SMART CONSTRUCTION - Peace of Mind! The Hidden Metal Frame Design is Located Below the Support Rods at the Bottom of the Product and Concealed Far Away From the Jumping Mat. So That There is NO Chance a Jumper can Accidentally Land on the Hard Steel Frame.
  • FLEX STRETCH NET - Sturdy 5ft above Jump Mat The Flexible Net Enclosures Forgiving Design Stretches and Expands to Give Jumpers a Soft Dependable Barrier that Prevents Falls From the Trampoline.

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Reliant Sports has built its own version of a springfree trampoline that is slightly different than the official and original Springfree company’s trampoline. The structural design is basically the same with a few minor changes. They call their trampoline the Free Jump trampoline.

Reliant Sports builds their jumping rods from aviation-grade aluminum instead of the glass-reinforced plastic rods. Just like other brands, the jumping mat does not have any hard edges.

One of the bigger differences that you are going to find with the Reliant Sports springfree trampoline is the rod fastening buckle locking system. Whew! That is a mouthful! This system supposedly will be a game-changer for assembly of the trampoline. The company claims you will be able to assemble the trampoline in half the amount of time it would have taken to assembly another similar product.

The trampoline still has a lowered frame and a flexible net. If you are looking for a larger trampoline diameter than is offered by the Springfree brand, this may be your ticket. The Reliant Sports springfree trampoline has a 15 ft. jumping mat diameter! This is the largest springfree trampoline available on the market. Although it is a larger trampoline, the Reliant Sports springfree trampoline is cheaper than the 13 ft. Springfree trampoline.

Upon research, we found that this company did not have a company website under Reliant Sports, but did have one called Free Jump Trampoline. No reviews have been posted for their product. This can be that they are a relatively new company. Customer service may be difficult for this product. Proceed with some caution if you choose to go this route.

What We Like:

  • Springfree design very similar to the original
  • Easier set-up with a buckle system
  • 15 ft. size, largest springfree trampoline available
  • No hard edges on the jumping surface
  • Flexible enclosure net, no steel poles

What We Don’t Like:

  • Cost is more expensive than comparable regular spring trampoline but cheaper than the original Springfree trampoline

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3. Zupapa Regular Trampoline Review

Zupapa 15 14 12 FT TUV Approved Trampoline with Enclosure net and Poles Safety Pad Ladder Jumping Mat Rain Cover, Blue (12)
  • FREE EXTENSION WARRANTY: Considering Christmas is coming and trampoline is rarely used during winter, Zupapa launches FREE EXTENSION WARRANTY plan.
  • If your order is placed from October 1st, 2019 to March 31,2020, your warranty date will start from May 1st, 2020. That's to say, your warranty will be extended much longer time ranging from 1 to 6 months automatically.
  • Thanks to the upgraded techniques and technology, Zupapa provide unbeatable WARRANTY: Ten Years Warranty for Trampoline Frame. Two Year Warranty for Jumping Mat & Safety Pad Net & Springs; A replacement for any defective part will be supplied free of charge.
  • All Zupapa trampolines get TUV certified. No.: K6160379756004. Which is more authoritative and totally different from some trampolines declared TUV tested. Product total weight, box is NOT included, 15FT: 192 lbs. 14FT: 184 lbs. 12FT: 164 lbs. Heavier product weight means more steel is used for strength and durability.
  • The 2020 newest upgraded Zupapa trampoline with the Safer Unique No-gap Jumping Mat Design, which eliminates gaps between the jump mat and spring pad, makes Zupapa safety higher than TUV standards.

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Zupapa Trampolines are a popular brand for good reason. Zupapa trampolines come with some of the highest safety ratings. They are also TUV third-party certified. So, if you are looking for a safe trampoline that is more budget-friendly, then check out the Zupapa brand.

Zupapa has a wide selection of sizes in their trampolines from 10 ft. to 15 ft. The upgraded trampoline has a no-gap design that prevents the hazardous spring landing. The net enclosure helps to prevent falls from the trampoline and keep the jumpers safely on the trampoline. The trampoline is manufactured well using hot-dip galvanized steel to create a durable frame.

Zupapa has a 10-year warranty on its frame only. The jumping mat, safety pad, net, and springs only have a 2-year warranty. This means you may need to buy replacement parts after two years.

What We Like:

  • TUV certified for safety
  • No-gap design: springs are outside the safety enclosure
  • Cost: significantly cheaper than a springfree trampoline
  • Size availability: sizes available from 10 ft. to 15 ft.
  • Weight limit up to 375 lbs.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Only 2-year warranty on most parts, 10-year on the frame only
  • Foam covered steel poles in enclosure net

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4. ORCC Regular Trampoline Review

ORCC 14FT Kids Trampoline, TÜV Certificated Yard Trampoline with Enclosure Net Jumping Mat Spring Pad Wind Stakes Rain Cover and Pull T-Hook, Best Gift for Kids
  • [TÜV Certified Trampoline] ORCC trampolines approved TÜV certification, the trampoline safety is higher than most of other trampolines. TUV certification is a comprehensive test of the chemical composition of the material and the structure design of the product to ensure its safety.
  • [Heavy-duty Steel Frame] 1.66Inch (Diameter) X 1.5mm (Thickness), rust resistant galvanized, much stronger than other trampolines. There are 108 springs for ORCC 15FT trampoline, 12 springs more than other sellers'. It makes our trampoline stretch and dye-in-the-wood, more comfortable, more secure.
  • [Higher Quality & Super Bounce] The heavy gauged 7 inch galvanized springs provide superior bounce and rust resistant. Jumping mat is made from heavy-duty, UV protection polypropylene for strength and durability. Blue PE+PVC FOAM pad, thickness: 0.8 Inch , PROTECT YOU FROM HURT and more durable, longer service life, 13 Inch extra wide fully covers spring and frame.
  • [UV Protection Jumping Mat] Provide longer service life and much more superior weight capacity (375LBS weight capacity). Pole-sleeves, the enclosure poles are padded with 10mm foam, can protect your kids from banging against the steel pole. Enclosure netting made of high-quality polyethylene material for increased durability and UV protection.
  • [One Order Gets all Accessories] Heavy-duty galvanized steel ladder, safety enclosure, rain cover, U-shaped Wind Stake. Easy to assembled - NO DRILLING REQUIRED! NOTE: Trampoline comes in 3 boxes.Trampoline assembly video:https://youtu.be/UbhUyO24SQQ

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The ORCC brand trampolines are another popular brand. They are a TUV certificated safe trampoline. Read more about certifications for trampolines here. The product is manufactured using hot-dip galvanization. The trampoline comes with everything you need to assemble the trampoline including a spring pull tool, wind stakes, and a ladder. This product does include a safety enclosure net, but the net is currently situated on the outside of the springs. The price for an ORCC regular trampoline is significantly less than a free jump or springfree trampoline. This brand is also more budget-friendly than the Zupapa brand.

What We Like:

  • TUV Certified
  • Hot-dip galvanized steel frame
  • All equipment needed to set up is included
  • Cost-cheapest of the trampolines reviewed

What We Don’t Like:

  • Springs are located inside the safety enclosure
  • Foam covered steel poles in enclosure net

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Tips to Create A Safe Spot For Your Trampoline

Doing a few simple things as you prepare to install your trampoline will ensure a safer experience. Here are a few tips to create a safe spot for your trampoline.

  • Find an area in the yard that is free from potentially hazardous objects including fences, hedges, washing lines, and trees.
  • Rather than placing the trampoline on concrete or another hard surface, place it on an energy-absorbing ground. Good energy-absorbing materials are wood chips, sand, or rubber matting.
  • Use wind stakes to hold the trampoline in place during jumping and storms.

Safety Tips For Trampoline Use

There are many safety tips and common sense ideas when it comes to trampolines. We have rounded up a few to keep in mind whether you decide on a springfree trampoline vs. regular.

  1. Only have one person bouncing at a time. The decision to have more than one person bouncing at a time will significantly increase the potential of injury from collisions.
  2. Use the safety net enclosure. Safety net enclosures come with trampolines for a reason. Some of the most common injuries on a trampoline result from falls off of the trampoline. Help prevent broken bones and other potentially life-threatening injuries by using the safety net!
  3. No flipping. Inexperienced jumpers and those not trained on the trampoline should refrain from flips. Neck injuries from failed flip attempts are just not worth the risk!
  4. Adult supervision. Always supervise children on the trampoline. Jumpers should never be left unattended on a trampoline.
  5. Inspect regularly. Before jumping on the trampoline, always inspect it for defects, flaws, and weaknesses. Be proactive on checking the condition of the trampoline. This will prevent injuries of potential equipment failure.
  6. Keep it clear. Never store anything under the trampoline. Children and jumpers may not know it is there! Always keep underneath the trampoline free of objects that may obstruct the bounce. Instruct young children and pets to not run underneath the trampoline.


If you are risk-averse and want the safest trampoline on the market no matter the cost, then the springfree trampoline for you! Many regular trampolines have stepped up to make their product safer such as using a “no gap” design. Regular trampolines are safer than they have been in years past and many go through safety testing and certification.

However, the springfree trampolines were designed to be the safest trampoline product on the market. Springfree trampolines have a flexible net, soft edge mat, a lowered frame, and no springs (glass-reinforced plastic rods are used instead). Expect to pay a significantly higher price for a springfree trampoline vs. regular.

If peace of mind and safety are on the top of your list for a trampoline, then you need to decide if the price is worth paying. Many buyers of a springfree trampoline are very happy they made the purchase and avoided the traditional trampoline.