How To Get Rid Of Noisy Frogs From Your Backyard

Though frogs are generally harmless, they can be a nuisance. Which is why you may be asking yourself how to get rid of frogs from your backyard. Unfortunately, they’re everywhere, so you’re definitely about to have your hands full with the task of removing them.

Frogs, though they can be very helpful when you’re trying to get rid of bugs, can be noisy and difficult otherwise. If there are enough of them in your backyard, that may even disrupt your sleep.

Thankfully, there are several ways you can go about frog removal, especially if there’s an overabundance of them. We pulled them together so that you don’t have to ask about getting rid of those frogs ever again.

Know What Species You’re Dealing With

Different kinds of frogs live in different kinds of environments. It’s important that you know what kind of frog or toad (such as the cane toad) you’re dealing with so you can accurately change that environment.

Frogs are in your backyard because it’s comfortable. The first step to take when you’re asking how to get rid of frogs from your backyard is to make your yard uncomfortable.

Knowing what kind of frog you’re dealing with helps you do that with ease. If you don’t know what you’re dealing with concerning your frog infestation, you can only take a generalized approach to the tiny invasion of croaks.

Don’t Do Anything Illegal – Check Your Laws!

Some species of frogs are illegal to kill. Killing those frogs, even if you didn’t know it was illegal, can leave you in quite a bit of trouble depending on your laws.

So check to see if it’s illegal to move or even kill the frogs in your area. They may end up being an invasive species that needs to be removed for your area, or an endangered species that needs to be protected at all costs.

If you are dealing with an endangered species and you harm them, the repercussions can be severe. These frogs have very limited numbers, so every life counts.

If you’re dealing with an invasive species usually killing them is encouraged. They harm the population of native frogs while being a big nuisance to homeowners. If the frogs are invasive, it’s a free for all. They aren’t supposed to be in the area, and though you can kill them, try to do so humanely.

Basic Methods to Try First

If you haven’t tried to get rid of the frogs yet, your best bet is to start with some more basic methods of removal. These methods are pretty straightforward and simple, and won’t take much time or effort to carry out.

We suggest you start with these smaller methods instead of just jumping to killing everything. Usually, frogs can be repelled, which lets them live and still gets them off of your yard.

We’re going to start with these basic methods and work our way up to some more drastic measures.

1. Take Away Shelter and Food

A native frog won’t go where there isn’t a safe place to hide (like tall grass) and some food, like a yummy insect. If you can change the conditions of your yard you should be able to make the frogs go away on their own.

Frogs love wet yards with standing water to romp around in and have their tadpoles, and if you have plenty of bugs that’s just a plus. Having a food source and a wet spot to hang out is ideal for these slimy, noisy creatures.

Bugs also like to hide in the long grass, and frogs will always go where they are.

A yard that is dry with no bugs in it does not attract frogs, but that isn’t all you can do. It would also be wise to get rid of some other frog attractants, as well.

2. Get Rid of Other Attractants

Other frog attractants include weeds and debris, which they can hide under, and lights which draw in the insect population. All three things end up giving frogs a place to hide and food to eat, which makes getting rid of them difficult.

Cleaning up your yard doesn’t just look nice, it helps you keep the frogs away. So plan a nice day out in your yard to tidy up. Get rid of debris, and cut the grass – you never know how much a little lawn work may help with your frog problem.

3. Limit Access to Water

Frogs need to be wet to breathe, it’s a part of their daily survival needs.

If you removed the abundance of water from your yard, the frogs are going to leave to find water somewhere else. They need the water, it’s a requirement, and if it’s not met, they can’t stay.

Of course, if none of these methods work, there are always more drastic steps that can be taken.

Humane Methods We Prefer to Use

Frogs can be persistent, noisy creatures, making them difficult to get rid of so don’t be frustrated if the basic methods above didn’t work for you. There are still plenty of other things that act as a frog repellent if you’re still wondering how to get rid of frogs from your backyard.

Though there are methods that end with the frogs dying, we prefer to try methods that deter them before using deadly approaches. This helps maintain a positive ecosystem, lets the frogs live, and keeps them out of your yard.

4. Natural Predators are Everywhere

One great way we recommend to get rid of frogs is to release natural predators into the area. Frogs aren’t going to want to stay around if snakes and other creatures that see them as dinner are roaming your backyard.

Instead, they’re going to stop coming around or get eaten, which is a very real possibility with so many predators around. Some of these animals you may not want in your backyard though, so be careful and selective about those you attract.

You may not like snakes for example, but owls are interesting, and a nocturnal creature you may want to attract. They make less noise than frogs, and you don’t normally see them out and about during the day.

Those are just two potential predators to bring in though, there are others you could attract depending on where you live. Always be careful about the kinds of predators you bring into your yard though, as some of them may not be so pet or people-friendly.

5. Fences Aren’t Just for Big Animals

If you really don’t want to put down snakes or attract other natural predators, it’s a good idea to put up some kind of fencing. You should place it around a water source, such as a fish pond, and then around your property.

This is going to keep the frogs from being able to access your yard, or your water sources, such as a koi pond.

Pair this with physically removing the frogs from your yard which we mention later, should give you a calmer, and less slimy yard in no time. This does take some time, and you will need to ensure the fence has a fine mesh to keep the smaller frogs out.

If for some reason this fence doesn’t keep out the amphibian in your area, then you may have to take a slightly more drastic step.

6. Other Boarders

Frogs aren’t very big, and some of the frog species in this world can’t climb even small barriers. If you’re planning on putting up a small wall anyway this may be a great way to keep the frogs out.

This depends again on the species you’re working with. It won’t work on tree frogs for example because they’re excellent climbers.

If you’re working with one of the kinds of frogs that can’t climb at all then this might be a quick, efficient, and overall appealing addition to your yard.

7. Natural Repellants Can be Your Friend

There are natural chemical repellents that make frogs run for the hills, without actually hurting them. These repellents are straightforward and simple to use and as long as you don’t put them directly on the frog, you can keep them away without harming them.

For example, putting coffee grounds, or salt if you don’t have plants out, around the areas the frogs congregate, will encourage them to leave and not come back. Salt and coffee both can seriously hurt frogs, so they tend to avoid these two substances whenever they can.

Also, if you have some vinegar and water, you may be able to get them to go away on their own.

One part distilled vinegar and one part tap water sprayed on the areas you don’t want frogs to make them head for the hills. It makes their feet feel like they’re burning, so they want to get away from the sensation as much as they can.

This won’t harm them any further beyond making them feel a burning sensation. It doesn’t actually burn them or harm them at all, it just makes them think they’re being harmed.

8. Snake Repellent Repels Frogs

This kind of repellant kills two birds with one stone. Snakes aren’t great to have in your yard, either, and snake repellent does a very good job at repelling frogs.

This is usually used in a spray form and is applied around the areas that frogs like to inhabit. This should encourage them to leave and keep them from coming back.

Be careful when using it, always read the directions, follow them closely, and wash your hands after you’re finished using it. These chemicals can have a nasty surprise for those that aren’t careful and the last thing we want is for someone to get hurt or become ill.

9. Frog Repellents Work, Too

If for some reason your frogs are unfazed by the snake repellent you can always try frog repellents outright. These repellents can come in granules or other forms and specifically target frogs.

Once you put these around your property, frogs will try to avoid them, and therefore avoid your property as a whole. They’re more expensive than coffee grounds or salt, but they also have a much higher rate of success.

This should work, but if you’re not ready to use chemical repellents just yet take a look at some of the more straightforward ways to get rid of frogs from your backyard.

10. Physically Removing Frogs

This one can get to be frustrating, but if you pair it with the fence idea or any of the other gentler ideas, it’s sure to work. Catching the frogs with a net and physically removing them from your property will ensure that you’re going to have a yard void of frogs in no time.

For this method, all you need is a little patience and time to tackle the frog removing. Once you get them out of your backyard, as long as you have a way to keep them out, you won’t have any more issues.

If for some reason frogs still pop up you may want to start looking for their baby tadpoles.

11. Gather and Kill Tadpoles

Tadpoles are the offspring of frogs, and they need water. If tadpoles, or the sacks that they’re laid in dry out, they die.

These critters can very easily turn into hundreds of frogs, and if they’re in the water in your yard you’re about to have a bigger problem. Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to remove them before they become an issue.

We don’t normally condone killing frogs or tadpoles, but sometimes drastic measures need to be taken. You can collect the tadpoles easily with a net, in a bucket or other kind of bin with some water in it.

From there you can either move them to a pond off of your property, so they can live, or you can dump them out onto the ground. The tadpoles will pass quickly without water, and you can avoid a plethora of frogs on your property.

If getting the tadpoles out still doesn’t work, it may be time to think about killing the frogs if you legally can.

12. Set Traps

This is another method we don’t particularly like, but it does work. Mousetraps catch more than mice and do a swift and efficient job of killing quickly and humanely.

Mousetraps are usually quite cost-efficient as well, which means you can likely get many traps at once. Setting them up around the places frogs like to hang out makes it easier to dispatch large amounts of them.

You will need to be careful of these traps when you’re out and about in your own yard. Keep a careful eye on any pets or children.

If these traps for some reason still don’t help you get rid of the frogs you may need to hire a professional to give you a hand.

13. Hire an Exterminator

Another valid but unpleasant route is to hire an exterminator. This way you get to pass the problem along to another individual, whom you’ll have to pay, and they will solve the problem from there.

Some exterminators even have the option to use more humane methods, so this route does not always end in death for the frogs. Usually, though, chemicals are involved that may harm the frogs or other critters in the area.

Always consult multiple sources when you’re looking to hire an exterminator. You want to use a reputable, well-known company in your area.

So What Does All of This Mean?

When an abundance of frogs invades your yard you naturally ask yourself how to get rid of frogs from your backyard. From simply making it difficult to stay to taking drastic measures, there’s always an answer to solve this problem.

Always check the laws in your area before even attempting to remove frogs from your backyard. It may not be legal to remove them from an inhabited zone, and could certainly be illegal to kill them.

Thankfully, there are plenty of humane ways to get frogs out of your backyard. All of these methods are wonderful ways to get frogs out of your backyard.

Take your time and figure out which method works best for you, and your yard. You never know how simple it could be to get rid of all those noisy croakers.