How to Get Rid of Lizards in Your Garden!

Under normal circumstances, having lizards around shouldn’t be of great concern. However, if things are getting out of control, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, you’ll learn how to get rid of lizards that are infesting your personal space. There are different methods to choose from, so you can pick the one that works for you.

Why Get Rid of Lizards

Lizards are essential to maintain a balanced ecosystem in your garden as they feed on insects and other pests that represent a hazard to your plants and flowers.

In some cases, lizards can get out of control and feed on your growing plants, potentially damaging your harvest. If there are too many lizards around, inevitably, they will eventually find their way into your house. Lizards’ eggs and droppings make your house dirty, and their bodies carry a lot of germs and bacteria that can harm you, your family, and your pets.

Some people are emotionally disturbed by the presence of lizards. Finding them roaming your house, especially at night, can deprive you of sleep.

Lizards are known to carry the salmonella bacteria, which can be toxic to humans and pets. They also make your house smell, so getting rid of them is a necessity.

How to Get Rid of Lizards Fast

Despite being quite docile, it’s crucial to get rid of lizards in the house. There are different preventative measures that you can take to keep lizards at bay. There are also several potent remedies that can help you get rid of the lizards that are infesting your house or garden. Below, we’ll share the best methods to resolve your problem!

1. Don’t Leave Food Uncovered

This is probably the easiest and most efficient tip to keep lizards under control. Unless there’s something that they can eat, lizards won’t find your house or garden tempting.

If you love having your dinner outside, it’s crucial to dispose of food remnants properly and not leave them lying around for lizards and other pests. Food waste will also attract bugs that represent the lizard’s primary food source.

Exposed food is an open invitation to lizards to breed in your home. Therefore, you should always wipe all surfaces, clean dinner pots after cooking and keep garbage bins closed.

2. Make Your House Lizard-Proof

Lizards can make their way into your home through tiny openings and cracks. This is why you need to seal every door or window and make sure that all the cracks are properly covered.

Crevices and cracks can also represent the perfect hiding place where a lizard can build its nest and breed. These openings are dark and keep the lizards safe, so you’ll end up with a severe infestation if you don’t seal everything.

Cracks can be sealed using silicone, which is water, heat, and humid-resistant. You can also use weather stripping at the top and bottom of doors and other points of entrance. This will guarantee that your house will be free of insects and lizards.


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3. Grow Shallots or Garlic

Lizards hate the smell of shallots, so you can cut them or grind them and place them around points of entry where the lizards can quickly get into the house. Even hanging shallots next to a window or door can work.

If you’re worried about lizards infesting your vegetable garden, you can grow some shallots, cut some of them, and leave them for a while to keep lizards away. Garlic also works because lizards can’t stand it.

The high content of sulfur in shallots and garlic naturally repels lizards. You can also prepare a natural repellent spray made of shallots and garlic mixed with water and spray it around your backyard. The strong smell will guarantee that your backyard will be lizard-free.

4. Use Lemongrass

There are several benefits to using lemongrass as a potent way of keeping lizards away from your garden, garage, or house. You can either use lemongrass or Citronella. This is just like lemongrass, but it’s inedible and smells stronger.

You either use the actual lemongrass stalks or its essential oil around the house to control the infestation of lizards. Lemongrass is also efficient at repelling mosquitos which represent an essential food source for lizards. However, it can be toxic to cats, dogs, and other forms of wildlife that can be living in your garden.

5. Seek Help From Other Animals and Birds

Lizards are typically located at the bottom of the food chain. This means that they’re preyed upon by several animals. Birds of prey like hawks feed on lizards, and some types of songbirds and woodpeckers will also feed on them.

By making your garden or backyard more inviting to these bird species, you’ll likely see a decline in the number of lizards infesting your garden. However, if you’re looking for more control, you can keep a pet cat or dog in your house, and they’ll definitely keep lizards at bay.

Pets, especially cats, are among the natural predators of lizards, so they’ll hunt them by instinct. Lizards can keep cats fixated on them for hours until it’s the right moment to catch their prey.

However, depending on your pets to reduce the number of lizards in your house shouldn’t be the primary method you’re using to get rid of them. Lizards’ bodies carry several harmful parasites that can make your pets extremely sick. These parasites cause serious liver inflammation and can eventually lead to death.

6. Scare Them With Eggshells

Eggshells have a strong smell that the lizards can detect, reminding them of birds.

Since birds are among the lizards’ main predators, they’ll stay away from a spot where the birds are found. At the same time, eggshells contain sulfur which causes a burning sensation in the lizard’s abdomen, so they won’t feed around this spot.

If you’re using eggshells to keep lizards away, you need to replace them to make sure that they’re maintaining their strong smell. Use new eggshells every two or three weeks to keep the lizards at bay.

7. Prepare a Natural Repellent Spray

Just like lots of other animals, lizards hate chili powder and can’t stand its burning sensation. This is why preparing pepper spray will keep lizards away from your garden.

The mixture is a breeze to create, as you can mix equal parts of lemon juice and white vinegar, and then add one tablespoon of chili powder per glass of solution. This repelling spray is also guaranteed to keep other animals away, so they won’t damage your plants.

Keep the mixture in a bottle and shake it well before using it. You can also leave it in the sun for a while to make sure that ingredients are properly infused. Spray this mixture around your garden and at any points of entry that might tempt lizards to get into your house.

8. Repel Lizards with Coffee and Tobacco

The smell of coffee and tobacco will help you control the lizard population in your space. You have to prepare a paste of coffee grounds and loose tobacco after mixing them with a little water to create a special dough.

Shape this dough into tiny balls and stick them on toothpicks to prepare your very own lizard repellent. You can insert the toothpicks in the ground around your vegetables and flowers or in the house next to cracks and crevices where lizards like to hide.

The smell of coffee attracts lizards, so they will try to nibble on the tiny balls. However, tobacco is poisonous to these small reptiles, and once consumed, they’ll die.

9. Use Mothballs

Mothballs contain different chemicals that repel lizards. You can hang mothballs next to windows and doors where the lizards enter to keep your house clean.

You should be cautious while using mothballs because they come in various colors and can be easily mistaken for candy. You shouldn’t use them around the house if you have kids or pets. Moreover, mothballs won’t work if you’re trying to control the population of lizards in the garden.

10. Catch Them With Glue

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If you don’t want to harm lizards and just wish to keep them away from your space, you can create a DIY trap to catch them. Use rat glue and apply it to a piece of cardboard or the underside of a box. You can also hang this trap on a wall or next to a window if you’re suspecting that’s where the lizards find their way into your house.

You can also buy ready-made glue traps. Rat glue will keep the lizards in place, and you can either get rid of them permanently or dispose of them somewhere away from your space where they don’t represent a hazard.

This method won’t work outside the house because other animals like birds and squirrels might accidentally get trapped. If a lizard dies, you need to get rid of its body as soon as possible because the smell of the dead lizard is likely to attract other animals like rats.

11. Use Lizard Repellent Spray

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If all the other DIY methods didn’t work out, you could opt for buying a lizard repellent spray. There are different kinds of lizard sprays on the market and even electronic repellents that can be used around indoor and outdoor areas where lizards roam.

The chemicals in the spray produce a strong smell that drives lizards away. You can spray it as often as possible to keep your space lizard-free. However, most of these sprays are also toxic to humans and other animals, so you need to be careful about using them, especially if you have kids or pets around the house.

Electronic devices produce ultrasonic waves that can’t be heard by humans. Nevertheless, they can irritate other animals.

Wrap Up

Having some lizards in your garden is normal, but infestations are a whole other issue. There are several tips that you can implement including using natural and chemical remedies to prevent lizards from taking over your home and garden.

We hope this guide has helped you learn how to get rid of lizards for good!