Best Beginner Paintball Gun: Top 10 Picks

If you’re trying to find the best beginner paintball gun on the market today you’ll find yourself neck-deep in paintball guns and information about them. No one wants to process all that information just to look for a good paintball gun, so we decided to take the guesswork out of the process by finding all that information for you.

We’ve compiled the top ten paintball beginner paintball guns to make it easier for you to find the perfect one for your needs. Whether it be tackling a group game or just playing in the backyard by yourself you can be sure you’ve got the best paintball gun a beginner could want.

In a Hurry? Here’s Our Top Picks…

1. The JT ER4 RTP .68Cal Paintball Kit

JT ER4 RTP .68Cal Paintball Marker Kit Includes Goggle, 15g CO2 Jetts, Small Loader, Smoke
  • 68 caliber semi-auto paintball marker gun
  • Lightweight composite construction
  • Low profile allows for perfect CQB games
  • Low profile vertical feed port
  • Uses 12g CO2 cartridges only

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This paintball gun is a part of one of the best beginner paintball gun kits on the market today With a 68 caliber semi-automatic build this paintball gun is lightweight and low profile. It has a push-button safety feature and can hold up to 40 total paintballs which are excellent for someone whose new on the field.

It allows you to move quickly and shoot well and even comes with some gear to help keep the new paintball player safe. This is a stable solid selection for a first paintball gun which can keep on giving for years to come.

What We Like:

  • Comes with gear
  • lightweight

What We Dislike:

  • Co2 cartridge space can be faulty
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2. The Maddog Azodin

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This paintball gun, like many on this list, comes in a kit. The Maddog is one of the best beginner paintball guns available has a gravity-fed paintball loader, a 20-ounce co2 tank, and a full-fledged paintball mask, making sure your paintball player is going to be safe while they play.

This gun is a wonderful paintball gun with the no-fuss operation. The gun itself has a single piece barrel a screw-lock feed neck and a stainless steel hose for better firing. It’s easy to use, easy to maintain, and easy to fire, making it an excellent choice for a paintball gun for a new player.

What We Like:

  • Easy to work
  • Comes with gear

What We Dislike:

  • Gun can occasionally get clogged
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3. The Tippmann Cronus

Tippmann Cronus Paintball Marker Gun Player Package
  • COMPLETE ALL-IN-ONE PAINTBALL GUN PACKAGE! Tippmann Cronus .68 Caliber Paintball Marker Gun Player Package. Everything You Need to Get in the Game!
  • THE BEST CHOICE FOR ENTRY LEVEL PAINTBALLERS! High performance, low maintenance, reliability, and incredible durability make it one of the most popular paintball markers across the globe. Built with the paintballer in mind, the marker’s high-impact, composite construction is extremely lightweight and features molded-rubber grips and an internal gas line for enhanced control and maneuverability. Plus four Picatinny rails for fast and easy custom modification.
  • TIPPMANN CRONUS MILSIM STYLED .68 CALIBER SCENARIO PAINTBALL MARKER - Semi-Automatic - Adjustable from 250-325 FPS - Barrel Thread: A5 - Proven, In-line Bolt Design - Internal Gas Line - High-Impact Composite Body - Multiple Picatinny Rails - High-Performance Ported Barrel - and MORE!
  • Player Package Includes: GenX Stealth Anti Fog Paintball Mask, 200 Round Gravity Fed Loader, Maddog 20 Oz. CO2 tank (Shipped Empty), 6+1 Paintball Harness w/ (6) Standard Paintball Pods
  • TAKE THE PAIN OUT OF PAINTBALL! EASY, ALL-IN-ONE, Complete Package! This CO2 Starter Kit has Everything You Need for Field Entry.. Fill Your Tank, Add Some Paint, and You're Set! Tippmann's Cronus Paintball Marker comes with a 1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty, not to mention, Tippmann's DEDICATED Cerfified Technical Support Department Available as a Resource For You and Your Marker All Year Long!

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The Tippmann Cronus is an excellent choice if you’re looking for the best beginner paintball gun. This gun is built with a paintball player in mind, it’s high impact, composite construction and is very maneuverable. It’s also got picatinny rails which permit easier more custom modifications. Pair that with the face mask, co2 container, paintball pods, and more.

This paintball gun comes with a manufacturer’s guarantee for a year, making it easier to work with if you find that you need to replace this paintball gun. Add in a great customer service department and this excellent marker becomes even more wonderful.

What We Like:

  • Money-back guarantee
  • Customer service

What We Dislike:

  • Missing items
  • Some parts do not work
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4. The Maddog Tippmann Gryphon

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This is an excellent paintball gun to start with, the Gryphon is a protective co2 paintball gun but along with that wonderful paintball gun, you also get a kit that the majority of people may not have. With an anti-fog mask, a chest protector, a neck protector and so much more.

There is a rigid front grip a smooth trigger pull and a blade trigger design making for a smooth elegant firing. The Gryphon is one of the best beginner paintball gun options available on the market overall because of its ease of use and smooth firing power.

What We Like:

  • Easy to use
  • Smooth firing

What We Dislike:

  • Nothing!
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5. The Azodin KAOS 2

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The KAOS 2 by Azodin is an excellent paintball gun with a gravity fed loader, it’s semi-automatic and has been proven as overall quite reliable. With a twelve-inch single pieces barrel a screw lock feed, a stainless steel hose and so much more making this one of the best beginner paintball gun options.

Along with the paintball gun, you get a whole kit with a face mask, paintball holders, and so much more. Pair all that with a one year manufacturer’s warranty and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better paintball gun.

What We Like:

  • Warranty
  • Ease of Use

What We Dislike:

  • Is prone to jamming
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6. The Kingman

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This Action Village Kingman is an excellent choice and one of the best beginner paintball gun options on the market today. CO2 propelled with a large capacity loader this is a great paintball gun because of the fact that it comes as a kit. Paired with all the starting gear your beginner will need.

This paintball gun is easy to use, fires using CO2 and come with face protection to ensure that you don’t get hurt while you’re having fun. The gun makes this list because of its sheer ease of use, its great for new players, but all the extra gear is certainly a bonus.

What We Like:

  • Easy to use paintball gun
  • Lots of additional gear
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7. Maddog Tippmann

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The Tippmann 98 is a custom paintball gun specifically designed for beginners. It’s packaged well and is easy to use with a semi-automatic set up. This gun thankfully comes with a hopper, CO2 and an anti-fog face mask along with a few other odds and ends that your new paintball player will need to play well.

This paintball gun has the option to add on additional pieces not sold in the kit, making it easy to adjust and customize for maximum field time.

What We Like:

  • Easy to use
  • Semi-auto

What We Dislike:

  • May come with a defective part
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8. D3FY Conqu3st

Spyder Victor Semi-Auto Paintball Marker (Diamond/Black)
  • Air Efficient EKO Valve System (Patent Pending) shoots up to 1500 shots from a 20 oz CO2 tank-Anodized Matte Finish-All Aluminum Extruded Body
  • High Impact Polymer Clamping Feedneck-Standard CA Thread Vertical Adapter-Pull Pin Top Cocking Delrin Bolt
  • Tool-Free Striker Plug Design-10" Micro Ported Barrel-Ergonomically Designed High Impact Polymer Trigger Frame
  • No-Slip Rubber Grip Panel-Two Finger Trigger-External Velocity Adjuster
  • Steel Braided Hose Line-Inline Bottom-line ASA-Operates on CO2 or Compressed Air

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The D3FY Conqu3st is a 63 caliber paintball marker with a semi-automatic capability. The best part about this paintball gun though is its lightweight capability. It weighs just over five pounds, making it an excellent lightweight paintball gun option.

Pair that with all the repair gear and additional gear that any player could want out of the best beginner paintball gun available. It’s a great gun to start with and allows a player to learn about the game while they play.

What We Like:

  • Repair gear
  • Semi-automatic

What We Dislike:

  • Can rarely come defective
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9. The Invert Mini

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This paintball gun is an incredibly high-performance option. No hoses, no barbs, and the circuit boards have eliminated almost all of the wires, this is the Invert MINI. You can adjust this paintball gun from 250 fps to 325 fps easily pair up the multiple firing modes for even more fun gameplay. It has a pressure controlled poppet engine making your firing even better.

This paintball gun ventilates through the on-off lever making it easier to work with and one of the best beginner paintball gun options on the market today.

What We Like:

  • Changeable fps
  • No hoses

What We Dislike:

  • Nothing! An excellent entry-level paintball gun
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10. The Maddog Azoding

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The Azoding is a wonderful paintball gun to start out with, with a streamlined design and durable construction. This is a very lightweight paintball gun with a scythe trigger, mass flow valve, and more.

Pair all this with the CO2 tank, mask, hopper and more that comes with this kit as a whole and you’ve got one of the best beginner paintball gun options that’s perfect for those just starting off in the high adrenaline game. You also get a large selection of colors that some other paintball guns are usually lacking.

What We Like:

  • Color options

What We Dislike:

  • Nothing! There aren’t any issues logged about this paintball gun
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Picking the Best Beginner Paintball Gun

When you’re picking the best beginner paintball gun you can find you it’s important to take into account a wide variety of different options and circumstances. From the kind of paintball gun you’d like to the different things it can or can’t do, there is nothing that should go unchecked or unnoticed when you’re looking for the perfect starter paintball gun.


This is an incredibly important factor. New players can get rough with their paintball guns, and the paintball guns designed for the newer players are a little easier to damage than you may have thought initially.

Making sure the paintball gun you purchase is incredibly durable is essential. It ensures that you get to play safely without incident. It ensures that you won’t have any part of the gun fall apart on you or jam when you try to fire, which is essential in the field.


This is the feet per second that the paintball can travel, and of course, there are regulations that must be abided by manufacturers. There are also rules depending on where you go to shoot your paintball gun, most of the time you’ll have to be under a specific limit when it comes to how fast your paintball can travel.

There isn’t a lot of fairness if your paintball travels faster or slower than others so it’s usually required to be around the same rate of speed. This is why you should get a paintball gun that can either adjust the fps requirement or lands at around 200-400 fps in total.

Additional Gear

Adding on extra gear can be a challenge when you’re looking for a new paintball gun but that safety gear is essential. If you are shot in certain spots in the neck or in the eyes you could have serious damage though there is nothing life-threatening you could risk blindness and hospitalization.

Having safety gear is a must and a large majority of these paintball guns come with the gear you’ll need to play paintball safely. Some gear can even be customized making for even more fun. All the additional gear not only makes it safer to play, it minimizes the feeling of the paintball against your skin, helping you come home with fewer welts and bruises.


Q: Can you bring your own paintballs when you play?

A: That depends on where you play, some places have rules for or against using your own paintballs, or even your own paintball guns. This means you should research in-depth any place you would like to play.

Q: How many paintballs will I need for three hours?

A: That depends on your trigger finger but the average player will go through 250 to 300 paintballs

Q: How long do games of paintball last?

A: That depends, they could be as quick as a minute or as long as 24 hours depending on the kind of round you pick.

Q: Do I need a photo ID to play paintball?

A: Yes, regardless of age you will need a photo ID, if you’re under the age of 16 you’ll need to have parental consent.

Q: Do paintballs really hurt?

A: It’s common to feel a sting when you get hit, like being firmly flicked in the arm, but it usually fades quickly and most wounds are insignificant. It can hurt more depending on where it hits you, how fast the paintball is going, and the distance it travels to get to you.

Final Thoughts

When you’re looking for the best beginner paintball gun you can’t go wrong with those on this list. Each of them has its pros and cons, and many of them even come in a beginner kit to help you or your new paintball player play safely and effectively. From repair kits to face masks to the actual gun, you can’t get better options for starter paintball guns.

When you’re trying to get into the game, safety, and fun are the most important things, and all of these paintball guns, and the gear they come with, provide exactly that, plenty of safety, and plenty of fun.