How To Make A Tree Stump Planter

Use that annoying tree stump to your advantage. Turn it into a highlight in your garden by creating a planter box for colorful flowers. Repurposing your stump is a great way to spruce up what is otherwise considered an eyesore. It also offers other handy benefits. As the wood decays, it will nourish plants with additional nutrients. You can create a fabulous focal feature in your garden if you allow your imagination to run wild with ideas for tree stumps.

Tree Stump Into Planter – Steps 1 to 4

  1. Be sure to wear your safety gear when turning your tree stump ideas into a reality. Wear safety glasses to protect your eyes from flying wood chips as you chip away to hollow out the planting bowl. Use the pointed end of a sharpened ax or pick.
  2. As the hollow grows larger, switch to the broader end of the ax. Work toward the edges of the stump, creating a hole four to eight inches deep. Leave a border of at least three inches.
  3. Drill drainage holes into the side of the trunk that slope toward the ground. Use a ⅜ to ½ inch wide auger bit to get the job done. These holes help the stump last longer and prevent possible issues with root rot later on if plants become overly saturated.
  4. Add some free-draining material, like gravel, top it with a mix of 30 percent compost and 70 percent potting soil, and fill the planting hole with some eye-popping blooms.

Designing Your Tree Stump Planter

If you enjoy DIY projects, explore the myriad options for putting your tree stumps ideas into action. A hollow stump planter is the most common method. You can plant directly into the stump itself. To do this, you need to hollow out the planting bowl with some sharp tools. Using an auger bit has proved a useful way to break up the central wood. Tools needed for your work include a splitting ax, wood chisel, hammer, battery-powered electric drill, gloves, and safety glasses.

Explore every nook and cranny of your tree remains and use every inch you can to showcase your flowers and plants. Have fun planting. You can opt for a classic one bloom beauty or a lush combination of blossoms that fill the entire space.

A thin tree stump would provide excellent shelter for several small flowers or a single plant, while a broader, more extensive tree stump might comfortably shelter larger shrubs or even a young tree.

Tree Stump Planter Ideas

You can transform your yard into a beautiful display with minimal effort if you work with the stump style in your yard.

● Turn each cut section of a twisted triple stump into a large planting hole for colorful flowers.

● Even a small, reasonably plain stub can be transformed into a fairy grotto that can keep the kids entertained for hours.

● Freshly stripped stumps, with their smooth surface all around, have a certain sophisticated appeal and can be moved around to create the perfect look.

● A sizeable overgrown planter tree can look quite natural and provide an incredible display of color with an array of different plant life growing from it.

● Combine artificial and natural resources for a unique and inspiring feature. For example, sand down and stain your trunk with gloss.

There are no wrong choices regarding what plants and flowers to use in your finished product. You can splash color around with petunias, nasturtiums, pansies, wildflowers, and marigolds. Ferns are excellent choices for foliage, and succulents are always stunning.

If you don’t want to make a planting hole, you can stand pots on top of the tree stump. Add some mood lighting for night time viewing.